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August 20, 2018

August 2018 Taroscope: What Secrets Will The Tarot Reveal For You?


Hello August!

Well, we are officially two-thirds of the way through the year which is crazy since it only seems like it was January yesterday!

To make sure that we kick off the last third of the year in the most fabulous way possible, we’ve introduced new daily tarot readings – a canny and somewhat magical way to understand what might be necessary for your zodiac sign (according to the tarot card meanings) for August.

Here we go…


You can expect to find yourself enjoying the good times with family and friends during August. This month you will enjoy every moment spent with those you love, so why not make the most of it and book up a few social occasions. Make an effort to visit a long distant friend or relative and really appreciate the love and connection that you have with the people who are important to you.

Your numerology number for August is 3.

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You’ll either desire or attain a sense of balance and deep inner peace during August. This energy will not be subtle although you may take it for granted. Take time to notice how your creative endeavors have progressed into fruition, or how a challenging situation, even conflict, has calmed. Right now, the balance in an important area of your life is perfect so if you can appreciate that it might stop you from striving un-necessarily in the pursuit of the balance that is already right in front of you.

Your numerology number for August is 5.

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You might not be feeling on top of your game during August, this could potentially be because you are feeling overwhelmed with too much emotion, or are feeling blocked emotionally which could cause you to harm yourself with your own words, and push others away or vice versa.

The problem you have during August will always come down to the manifestation of harmful thoughts, words and blocked emotion which is not good for high esteem!

It’s so important for you to protect yourself from yourself this month! Don’t allow your thoughts, or the impact of your words cause you further problems. Nip them in the bud, allow the energy to pass and don’t take anything that is said or thought during August as to how it really is because it’s not the case at all, next month will be much better for you.

The problem is, is that you can’t see your beauty, or emotional and mental intelligence or you are rejecting it. This time will pass, but it’s important that you take good care of yourself.

Your numerology number is 2


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There’s some strong energy around you during August that may come from a male figure of authority or from a man who is important to you. The trouble is that the communication from this person will seem a little harsh, or misdirected. Don’t allow yourself to feel hurt by this energy from another person. Instead, choose to notice how it affects you and if it does hurt start to work on fortifying your self-esteem and sense of self so that the miscommunication of another person won’t have the power to hurt you – the person involved certainly doesn’t intend for you to be hurt – remember that!

Your numerology number is 1.

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If you’ve been feeling a little hurt, or have been working on healing past wounds, you might find that you’ll make a breakthrough this month. Because things are on the mend. But remember, it’s up to you to choose to let things go now, and talk about letting go, it’s well worth considering what else you can let go of from your past – it’s the perfect time to do it!

Your numerology number is 3.

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Some things just aren’t sitting right with your right now. Maybe you feel unsettled about things that you’ve done or haven’t done in the past that are now playing on your mind, or that the consequences of are showing up in your life. You might even feel that it’s a little unjust that you have these feelings! Instead of feeling like things are undeservedly getting on top of you in August, why not listen to the messages and turn them around into something positive? You are hard on yourself Virgo, and that makes accepting the injustices you may have caused very hard. But all you need to do is accept, learn from the experience, forgive yourself and move on, and in doing so, you’ll correct any misaligned energy that is keeping you and those involved stuck in a moment that has now passed. It’s time to put the past to bed.

Your numerology number is 9.

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Libra you might be feeling pretty in control and on top of your game this month, and so you should. Since you love balance and all things fair and just, you’ll be delighted that justice is indeed on your side. If you have been trying to attain closure of something that involves fairness and just behavior you may well see it conclude this month. Things are going to work out exactly as they should – fairly! And you’ll like that very much.

Your numerology number is 9.

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Something tells me that you won’t be suffering fools gladly this month Scorpio, your charitable supplies have dried up and in your opinion for good reason. Perhaps you believe money hasn’t been spent wisely, or that situations should be set up to create a more sustainable source of supply of something important. Whatever it is these issues will be important for the sustainability of projects that are important to you, and they will be manifesting in your life in August in every way. So you might want to pay attention to the way that you create sustainable supplies too – you will either need to, or you have the potential to handle more if only you’d heed your own advice.

Your numerology number is 6


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Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is true and what is deception, what is fact or what is a myth. You’ll probably feel challenged by the mystery of the unknown to you this month. Maybe you suspect a lie, or you don’t trust your own judgement or are not sure about the facts that support the foundations of an important decision. Whatever it is, it’s best not to do anything about it this month because the air of mystery and the unknown is surrounding you. Instead, wait until the energy has passed, or until next month and assess the situation again. If you can delay decisions until next month, it would be worth it.

Your numerology number is 7.

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August is offering you the opportunity for a fresh start, and it’s shining all of the gifts that you’ll need under the sun to make it a good one. All you need to do is, do the right thing, stand by your true values, fortify your confidence and esteem and charge through your fears with all your might and when you do, well, you might find that something magical occurs.

Your numerology number is 1

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Things are going to feel quite calm during August, you won’t be lacking in material needs that’s for sure, and you’ll probably quite enjoy time alone to build on your knowledge and wisdom as you complete another project (or make another spiritual breakthrough!). Enjoy this month Aquarius; you don’t need me to tell you that you have earned it!

Your numerology number is 9

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You may have been feeling as though you have been waiting for something, maybe you can’t quite put your finger on what it is though, but there’s something that needs to happen. The right energy needs to be present to help you move forward in your life in some way, at least that’s what you might be feeling. But you need to realize that the energy has arrived, and has been waiting for you to move the self-imposed blockages that you have put in the way. All you need to do is take one step forward into the direction you desire, and if you can’t find the direction just do three things differently, and you’ll find it. If you manage this, before the month is out, you may find yourself in a much more inspiring place!

Your numerology number is 3.

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