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August 11, 2022

Big Three Astrology: Unraveling your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign


There is a good chance somebody has inquired about your “Big Three Astrology.” In astrological jargon, this expression refers to your sun, moon, and rising sign, also known as the ascendant. The sign of the sun is symbolic of our ego, and the impulses that drive us, the moon’s sign represents our emotional make-up, and the sign of the rising sign describes the energy that we send out into the world. 

According to astrology, when put together, these signs summarize your personality in the form of a blueprint. To summarize, your zodiac sign doesn’t tell the whole story about who you are. A natal chart is a diagram showing where the planets are located when a person is born. They are virtually indistinguishable from one another, much like thumbprints. 

People are born at various periods; even identical twins have charts that differ. It is essential to have an insight into your personality by becoming familiar with the positions of the sun and moon and ascendants in your birth chart or zodiac chart. You will need a zodiac calculator to find out your Big Three Astrology. Curious to know more about your Big Three Astrology?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Learning about your Sun Sign in your Big Three Astrology
  • Getting to know your Moon Sign in your Big Three Astrology
  • Understanding the essence of your Rising Sign or Ascendant
  • Mastering your Big Three Astrology and their Significance to your life

What is your Big Three Astrology?

#1: Sun Sign

Your being exudes warmth and light like the sun. What you show to the rest of the world is the most crucial aspect of who you are. It represents the vital energy that drives you toward discovering the most authentic and most genuine expression of who you are as a person. Your zodiac sun sign reveals how you answer the question “Who am I?” as well as how you handle the challenges of life and how you express your individuality.

You notice that you are thinking about these things during your meditation practice. It also symbolizes the energy necessary for you to have a sensation of renewal. If you want to understand how you prefer to express yourself and recover from difficult situations, learning the element related to your sun sign can be helpful.

If your Sun Sign is an…

  1. Air Sign – If you were born under Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you have a passion for intellectual self-expression and frequently find that you recharge in social settings. What about getting in shape with a bunch of your friends?
  2. Fire Sign – If you were born under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you get your drive from inspirations and aspirations. Refuel yourself by engaging in physical activity (like a virtual workout) and working toward your objectives.
  3. Earth Sign – If you were born under Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you are driven by the desire to satisfy your material demands and be as practical as possible. You get your energy back by engaging with the physical world, being productive, and indulging your senses. 
  4. Water Sign – If you were born under Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you are driven by profoundly felt desires and seek replenishment through emotional experiences (you might find that practicing mindfulness and meditation helps) and close personal connections with other people.

#2: Moon Sign

The moon represents the core of who you are and what makes you tick. Your subconscious is the part of yourself that you typically repress and ignore, and it is also the portion of yourself that serves as the motor that propels your emotional responses. Your moon sign affects how sensitive you are to feelings of pleasure and pain, as well as happiness and sorrow, and it can also shed light on how you tend to nurture and recharge yourself.

Your overall level of happiness will almost certainly change as a direct result of utilizing these strategies. The Moon is the hub at which your little universe revolves. To give just one illustration, knowing the element that corresponds to one’s moon sign can be beneficial in gaining insight into one’s internal environment and the typical responses one has when confronted with trying emotional circumstances.

If your Moon Sign is an…

  1. Air Sign – If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, your response to shifting circumstances is marked by discernment and objective judgment. When you let your ideas out into the world and engage in conversation with others, you have the most profound sense of connection to your true self. 
  2. Fire Sign – If you were born under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you respond to new experiences by taking decisive action and getting excited. When you exude confidence, eliminate negative self-talk, and demonstrate strength, you will experience the most significant degree of alignment with your true self.
  3. Earth Sign – If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you have a steady and stable reaction to changing circumstances. A strong core can help with that. When you are being productive and progressing toward a goal, you experience the most significant degree of alignment with your inner world.
  4. Water Sign – If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you respond to new experiences with sensitivity and feeling. When your feelings are involved to a significant degree, you experience the greatest degree of alignment with your true self. However, don’t forget to put your love for yourself first!

#3: Rising Sign/Ascendant

Your Rising Sign, also known as your Ascendant, represents your social identity. It has to do with how you portray yourself to others when you were born with your zodiac sign on the Eastern horizon. Your rising sign represents your physical body and how you present yourself to the rest of the world.

By visualizing your inner and outside worlds, you may determine the harmony between your seven dimensions. Knowing the element of your rising sign, for example, might help you better understand the type of energy that stimulates your physical body and your overall outlook on life. When we meet new individuals, we frequently wear a mask that represents our persona.

The best way to think of it is as an automatic reaction to one’s surroundings. Furthermore, the ascendant displays our natural defenses and how we deal with day-to-day obstacles. Furthermore, the energy and situations linked with the ascendant sign are most visible to others.

If your Rising Sign is an…

  1. Air Sign – If you were born under Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you are cognitively agile, pleasant, and curious, and you prefer to express yourself vocally. You approach life frequently with the need to comprehend the significance of what or who you encounter, and part of achieving this goal involves moving purposefully.
  2. Fire Sign – If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you are direct, self-assured, and focused on taking action. You often possess a great deal of vitality and physical energy, mainly when working hard to make your mark on the world. 
  3. Earth Sign – If you were born under Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you tend to be practical and center your attention on the material world. You tend to have a steady approach to life, which can be a stabilizing influence (especially during times of increased stress) for many other people.
  4. Water Sign – You are sensitive, empathic, and readily swayed by your surroundings if you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Know that you frequently have a perspective on life that has its origins firmly planted in your emotional constitution.

Mastering your Zodiac Signs

#1: Aries

As the only zodiac sign containing the Cardinal modality and Fire element, Aries is regarded as the most eager starter of all the signs. They have almost no fear, along with their adventurous spirit, which enables them to overcome the fears they face. They lead from the front without any uncertainty or hesitance because they are leaders in their own right. Their unadulterated vitality inspires others to emulate their example and attracts others whose goals align with theirs.


#2: Taurus

Taurus’s sign, known for its consistency and reliability, may be the most patient of all the zodiac signs. They become either slothful or obstinate due to your patience with them. Despite this, Taurus is the sign of the zodiac that is known to be the most reliable and stable. When the earth element is present, it has a calming effect and gives the other signs a sense of stability and confidence. The zodiac sign of Taurus searches for purpose and comfort in the material world. It is common knowledge that it offers protection and assurance to everyone.

#3: Gemini

They are the most unpredictable of all the signs because they are the first mutable sign and Air element in the sequence. If you look at the symbol for Gemini, a pair of twins, you’ll understand what I mean. Because of this unpredictability, they can fully use the creative powers the cosmos provides. They are intelligent, but because they are mutable, they are highly unstable, which frequently results in their being misunderstood. On the other hand, as mutable signs, they have little problem adapting to the constantly shifting winds.

#4: Cancer

The Cancer zodiac sign is highly perceptive and can thrive in environments such as land or water. Cancers can use their feelings and spirituality to understand themselves better, others, and the world around them. Because of this, they can link with the other various signs. They are capable of recognizing the intrinsic hostility of the Fire element, the unyielding determination of the Earth element, and the whimsical nature of the Air element. Also, they can capitalize on new trends and explore areas that have not been explored before because of their innate intuitive abilities, which make them Cardinal signs.

#5: Leo

The fire element and the fixed modality are two aspects that appear to be in direct opposition to one another in Leo. Because of this, people born under the Leo zodiac sign tend to be authoritarian because they crave security and control. Leo, like the monarch who rules the jungle, derives significance by guiding others along the road they consider the correct one. On the other hand, this may also make Leos relatively rigid in their thinking. This indicates that other signs need to be willing to take on a position of adviser to the Leo to prevent the Leo from being too autocratic.

#6: Virgo

The unusual combination of mutability and worldliness characterizes the sign of Virgo, which is symbolized by the Maiden and is associated with agriculture and prosperity. Consequently, people frequently long for the pleasures of the outside world and strive to achieve stability while remaining open to new experiences. 

Because of this, they are not only exceptionally brilliant but also extraordinarily aware of the world and everything in it, particularly mankind. A tremendous asset to anyone’s life, Virgo can spread out across multiple spectrums thanks to its expansive abilities. They can anticipate potential challenges and adapt their behavior appropriately, much like crops can provide humans with food throughout the entire year.

#7: Libra

Libra is a symbol of astuteness and agility, and its name means “the wind of change.” Because of its Cardinal traits, Libra is a sign that prioritizes action. It performs efficiently, being aware of the importance of pacing. By analyzing the possibilities, Libra can achieve the most favorable results. In addition, being in their presence is invigorating since they exude an air of assurance. 

This is relatively uncommon, even compared to all the other zodiac signs. They may go through several transitions, but the fundamental aspects of who they are will never alter and will always be stable. This helps to explain why they are so passionate about maintaining balance, a trait inherently associated with the Air zodiac sign and the cardinal modality.

#8: Scorpio

This sign can understand the complexities of how others feel while also acting as a guiding light that brings people together. Scorpios are a relatable and comforting figure for people of all other signs. As a consequence of this, they are frequently the sign that is the most emotionally charged. 

Scorpios have a better grasp of themselves and the people around them, even though this may appear to be a negative perception. Their feelings can get the better of them at times. Such power, however, also grants them the ability to resonate with and genuinely care for those around them. Scorpios are always willing to lend a helping hand to those around them to save them from falling into their emotional pitfalls.

#9: Sagittarius

The Fire element and the Mutability modality are both associated with the sign of Sagittarius. The figure of an archer frequently represents it. To be successful in reaching one’s goals, just like the archer symbol, one needs to have imagination, precision, and the ability to change. They are born with an innate emotional ferocity and a genuine thirst for the hunt in their bodies. 

Their accuracy ensures that nothing is overlooked, and their precision demonstrates that they are unwavering in their commitment to providing the highest quality work. Because of this, Sagittarians can thrive with innovation and change, which enables them to use both powers in ways that are complementary to one another.

#10: Capricorn

Capricorn is a sign that represents the capacity to successfully navigate both the material and emotional realms, just like its symbol, the Sea Goat. You should know that Capricorns are thinkers who are grounded in reality. They have an innate comprehension of the costs and benefits of their activities, which assists them in grappling with the ethical repercussions of their choices. 

They are goal-oriented and will not make sacrifices or view other people as puppets in the “game of life,” as some signs would. Capricorn is the only sign except for Taurus and Virgo that symbolizes this ability, which is what sparks their cardinal attributes. Despite this, Capricorns never lose their insatiable appetite for advancement and pleasure. This can be evident when they decide to commit to achieving their goals and become driven in doing so.

#11: Aquarius

Because Aquarius is a Fixed sign, it is preoccupied with its capabilities. They are typically aggressive to the point that they listen exclusively to their points of view, placing a heavy emphasis on reason and logic in their decision-making. This gives them an air of detachment that is generally associated with thinking in ivory towers. 


Although Aquarius may have the most insightful viewpoint, their incapacity to understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others makes them challenging to collaborate with. Their pride tends to eliminate any possibility of their working together. Even still, given how likable and delightful they are as a person, it is rather challenging to pick up on this aspect of them.

#12: Pisces

Many believe that Pisces is the zodiac sign with the most insight. It is correct to say that a season-ender indicates that they have amassed such expertise and incorporated it into their actions. They frequently have firsthand experience with life’s most challenging and joyful aspects. Because of the depth of this wisdom, they serve as a source of logic and comprehension for all of the other signs. 

Pisces is the most enlightened of all the zodiac signs, which enables those born under this sign to make the most of their intuition and become closer to their true spiritual selves. Their profound understanding of the world’s inner workings does make them more emotionally vulnerable, however. Therefore, it could be difficult to cheer them up if you attempt.

Final Word:

You must know your Big Three Astrology as it can give you much insight into who you are. Also, you must get on a zodiac calculator and find your sun, moon, and rising sign.

What are your Big Three Astrology? Do you find that you got to know yourself better as a result of knowing them?

Share with us your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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