May 20, 2021

Your May 17-22 Weekly Horoscope: Discover your Fate NOW!


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Aries May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

So much is going in your life that overwhelming is and understatement. It is fair to say that you can’t even make heads or tails as the week kicks off and there’s so much to do!

Your love life prompts you to be honest with yourself and others. So much has been left unsaid that it’s already harming you and your loved ones. This week is the perfect time to open up to them, even if you are unsure.

Your career is full of opportunities, though the stress of it all can make you feel isolated from others. It is essential, then, that you carry on with pride and resilience to get through it all.

Lastly, your dating life will be full of surprises and events that are unexpected. You may be a passing observer, or the star of the show. No matter your role is, though, you will definitely have experiences like no other.

Love Horoscope Weekly

Your heart has long been accustomed to setting up barriers around itself. It has been forever trying to protect you from getting hurt, which can be a defense mechanism from all the unpleasantness of your past experiences.

But this week offers a chance for your heart to trust in love again. On May 17th, your North Node will conjunct with your third house, paving the way for you to become even more open and expressive, and help you get ready for the emotional rollercoaster on the 18th, where you will have to confront whatever past traumas you have and help you heal from them.

Be wary, though, of May 22nd. On this day, Mercury will square with Neptune and prompt untruthfulness to surface. You have to trust in your gut during this period, as it will lead you to whoever and whatever is out to deceive you.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Even the weekends will not be kind to you. There is simply so much work to do, that by the end of this week you will be spent and will barely even have time to chill properly.

Nevertheless, your productivity will still be off the charts. Be aware, though, that you might have to make do with working alone. It may be because you are the only one willing or capable enough- and there is nothing that you can really do about it.

This is the perfect time for you to fully channel your inner ram and power through your tasks like they’re putty. With your iron will and inner strength, no job will be difficult for you to overcome. However, do not forget to take things slow when they get too much. After all, self-care is still very important.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

Going out with someone new can be quite the rollercoaster for you this week because of the incredible frustration you will feel. They may not be as sharp as you expected, or perhaps they are just a little bit uninformed. Nevertheless, your time with them will be fun, and can potentially be one of those experiences worth remembering.

Something major will happen over the weekend, and you can bet that you will get the front row seat! Whether you will be the lead actor or have a supporting role, the things you will be experiencing will definitely be one for the books. 

This won’t be as big of a bombshell week for you, but still, it can bring the fun and enjoyment that you have been craving for some time now.

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Taurus May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

So many things are going on in your life this week, and there’s just so much that you can do. Nevertheless, this is the time when you should shift your focus to yourself, regardless of what you are doing.


Your love life wants you to exercise self-love everyday. Though it is understandably hard, using this week to slowly grow accustomed to it is a healthy way to find fulfillment and happiness without needing validation from others.

Your career may not be as chaotic, but your finances will be. This week is your learning period into getting to know how you can channel your innate desire for material things, while also making sure that you’re not jeopardizing your well-being.

Lastly, your dating life reminds you to take things slow and chill for this week. Don’t mind others too much, this is your “me week” and if there’s someone that you should be taking out on a date, it’s yourself.

Love Horoscope Weekly

Confidence is everything, and you will be (re)discovering your positive outlook of yourself this week. As Venus conjuncts with your North Node on May 17th, you are called to remember that you are worth every effort and love in this world. The next day, May 18th, Venus’ sextile with Chiron will bring you the emotional healing that can help you reconnect with your inner self.

This only means that the love this week wants to emphasize to you is self-love. Remember, you can fall in love with someone without falling out of love with yourself!

As you regain control, you will find the world starting to favor you. On May 21st, Jupiter will square your second house and finally give you the chance to shine as bright as you could.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Living the good life is characteristic of a Taurus. Now that financial instability is on the horizon, you are definitely panicking by now. There is simply so much for you to do yet so little time to arrange things and ensure that nothing goes amiss.

This week will leave you conflicted on whether or not you should be a bit more stingy or be card swiping happy. Either of the said behaviors can be problematic, and can affect your well-being in the process.

It is then essential that you learn how to be financially savvy without making sudden and drastic changes to your lifestyle. While enjoying yourself is important, it is also vital that you are able to sustain yourself for the long run. 

Dating Horoscope Weekly

While jokes and pranks made in good faith can be fun, you better watch out for those who are out to make you snap. As much as possible, avoid people who just can’t help but be total a-holes to you; you don’t need their negativity in your life!

At the same time, make sure to have some time with your loved ones. The positive energy that they will be giving you can help recalibrate your mind and soul, reminding you that you are deserving of all the good things and people that this world can offer.

This is not the time to rush, and it is best if you let things flow in the right direction during this period. Have a feel for those who show interest in you, and take your time to get to know them better. Above all, remember to prioritize yourself.

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Gemini May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

Finding your direction will be the theme of your week. With so many options at your fingertips, making the right choice can be a bit of a tall order sometimes.

Your love life calls on you to finally consider taking the first step to lifelong commitment. Indeed, while there are so many things to factor in, finding and keeping the right kind of love is essential to keep things going.

Your career might not be as merciful to you, what with all the deliverables that you have to meet. Nonetheless, your resilience will go a long way despite everything.


Lastly, your dating life will be full of craziness for this week. It pays to be emotionally ready for whatever comes next! Just remember to take a breather when things get a bit too overwhelming.

Love Horoscope Weekly

While your sign may be known to be a bit wishy washy at times, this is the perfect time for you to explore the world of lifelong commitments and emotional depth. May 17th will be a good day for doing this, as the sun trines Pluto and thus, encourages love that is more heartfelt and relies more on actions than on words.

This day will also be good in reinforcing your relationships with your loved ones. With the encouragement of Venus’ conjunction with your North Node, this is an excellent opportunity to remind yourself of the  value of falling in love and staying in love as you grow and mature.

While the good days may keep on coming, May 22 will not be as kind to you. As Mercury squares Neptune, you will be left feeling lost and confused on what to do with your life. Your best course of action, then, is to stay put and simply appreciate what has happened to you so far. This moment of self-reflection will surely help you power through whatever may come your way in the near future.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Tension and anxiety run high in your workplace as you try to make sense of the tasks at hand. The pressure to deliver quality work can get to your nerves, and might even prompt you to behave inappropriately.

The best way to handle this will always be to calm down first and organize things. Before you overwhelm yourself with everything that is happening in the office, you need to first make sense on what should be done, and which of these you should prioritize.

You will find yourself a little bit more efficient as you go through all that needs to be done. By the end of the week things will be a bit more bearable and you can finally give yourself that well-deserved rest after everything has been done and dusted.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

May 17th is indeed your day. Heads up: something big is happening that you won’t even be able to anticipate whatever it is! It can get overwhelming though, so be sure to take some rest when you can.

The midweek will be a fine opportunity to take things slow and allow everything to sink in so you can recover from all the reeling you’ve experienced from the changes that just happened to you. Just be extra patient with people who may not have gotten the memo that you are resting and not in the mood for any shenanigans.

There will be more things in store for you, especially when the weekend comes. Someone will be out to distract you from these, though, and it is crucial that you stay focused and not let anyone sidetrack you from what is happening in your life.

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Cancer May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

This week won’t be all rainbows and butterflies for you. It may seem that all the negative energies have started to build up, and it’s now up to you on how you will dispel it.

Your love life can be a bit confusing this time, what with all the emotions that would be bubbling out of nowhere. If you want to push with whatever romance agenda that you have, you need to stay strong and power on.

Your career brings another kind of stress in your life. The lack of opportunities and projects that you will be undertaking during this time indicates how much of a mess you are in. You can still find your way out- but you also need to watch out on who you should rely on.

Lastly, your dating life will not be as smooth sailing, especially by the presence of some people who are out to ruin your day. Take deep breaths; encountering them doesn’t mean the end of the world, and there are still people who are worth your time.

Love Horoscope Weekly

Some kind of tension is brewing in the horizon- and it’s not the bad kind! You may not know it, but you might be developing feelings for a certain someone whom you just knew. As the sun trines Pluto on May 17th, the universe gently pushes you to try and get to know this someone. Perhaps that person is the one meant for you!


May 19th will further reinforce this, as Venus trines Saturn. Your budding relationship with this certain someone will bring with it loyalty and commitment if you choose to push forward with it. Now is not the time for fear to win over; loving entails courage, and you need to live up to it!

But May 22 brings another story. As Mercury squares Jupirer, be left lost and confused by your emotions as you may be overwhelmed by what is going on in your life. It would be best to take it easy for a while before your emotions can get the better of you.

Career Horoscope Weekly

You might find your career to be on the rocks during this week. It may be because of your past actions, or simply because of wrong intuition, but your superiors will not be entrusting too much work to you. This indicates that they have lost their confidence in your capabilities and are starting to consider having you get out of the picture.

This is the time when you must regain their trust in you by working twice as hard. This is a tall order, yes, but your career will not advance if you allow this negative feeling of theirs to fester and affect your future prospects.

Avoid talking out of hand with your workmates, especially with those whom you do not know well. They might be taking advantage of your current status, so be wary of whoever you are going to trust!

Dating Horoscope Weekly

As the old saying goes, “the will is strong, but the flesh is weak.” Take a rest during the first few days of the week in preparation for all the things set to happen as the week drags on. 

You might meet someone who would check all the boxes in your “ideal person” list. However, the joys of loving may not be as pleasant as it seems, because of a certain someone who is out to ruin your day. You need to exercise caution, and be a bit more patient as you might end up hurting someone unnecessarily.

The weekend will be kinder, though, and you can use that time to catch up with your loved ones. You might even bag some time with that person whom you’ve been eyeing for some time now!

leo sign career horoscope weekly

Leo May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

Too many things will be happening in your life this week, and the number one in your to-do list should be to take things slow. No sense in overwhelming yourself, you’d only wear yourself down because of stress.

Your love life encourages you to see love in a different light, and to forge deeper connections with the people who matter to you. You need to sort out whatever it is that you feel towards some of them, though.

Your career will have to undergo some challenges but nothing that you can’t overcome. The skills that you have right now are sufficient enough to get you through everything that has to be done.

Lastly, your dating life will herald the coming of a new person who can potentially change your life. How they will do it may not be what you expected, but a welcome change nonetheless.

Love Horoscope Weekly

May 17 marks the day when Venus conjuncts with your North Node, prompting you to activate your social butterfly mode. Connecting with others, both old faces and new, will allow you to feel the genuine love and concern that people have for you. 

As Venus sextiles Chiron on May 18th, you will come to realize that love isn’t just about romance. The bond you have with family and friends will reinforce this idea, and offer a new perspective in the concept of loving.

May 21 will be a rollercoaster for you, though. The sun will square with Jupiter, around the same time that Mercury squares Neptune. Both these phenomena may prompt for your emotions to go haywire and confuse your feelings of platonic love and friendship for that certain someone. It is best that you think things through, before disaster strikes.


Career Horoscope Weekly

So many changes are bound to happen in the office, prompting you to rethink things and adapt a more flexible working style. These can range from minor updates to major revisions to your projects, so you have to get your arsenal of skills at the ready.

It is best if you prioritize your work first before anything else to ensure that everything will go the way that they should be. Focusing your mind on whatever you have to do will help you achieve your goals faster and in a more efficient manner.

When everything is done and dusted, that will then be the time that you take a deep breath and exhale everything out. You will have the weekend to yourself, just be patient enough so that you can do things with ease.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

Something has been burdening you for some time now, and you need to let go of it before it’s too late. As early as Monday, you will need to slowly loosen your hold onto whatever grudges or fears that you have so you can ease your mind and pave the way for the better things to come.

A new person will be entering your life, and you might be left in awe of the wisdom and insight that they have. Listen to this person, as they may be the key to you changing your life for the better.

However, you may also need to be a bit more cautious in your actions too. Over the weekend, you might find yourself a bit more irritable than usual. It is best to calm yourself down before doing things so you won’t do something you will end up regretting.

Virgo May 16-22 Horoscope

While not a week of major bombshells, this is still a time when so many things can happen all at once. They can take you by surprise, and if you’re not careful, can spell disaster.

Your love life tells you to work things out with your loved ones. There are still so many things that you need to talk over, and it pays that you and them are able to communicate effectively on the things that have been potentially harmful to your bond.

Your career on the other hand will be pretty chill during this week. Nothing will be out of the ordinary, and you can expect that everything will still turn out alright by the end of this period.

Lastly, your dating life will be experiencing a transformation unlike any other. There is no telling on what can happen next, and the best thing that you can do is to anticipate all the possibilities.

Love Horoscope Weekly

You may be fearful of love and commitment, but now is the time for you to open up to it. As early as May 16th, the sun will form a trine with Pluto, pushing you to go past the comforts of familial love and venturing to the uncharted waters of romance. 

May 18th will be a good day for you and your significant other to come closer and work out the bumps in your relationship. Aided by Venus sextile Chiron, you will be able to grow past your fears and worries and start looking forward to a shared future together.

But May 21 will cause you to feel all sorts of negative emotion towards your significant other. You will have to resist whatever it is that the sun squaring Jupiter will bring into your life; you are supposed to work with your partner in making things work, and not compete with them on who is a better person.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Nothing much will change in your career during this week. Everything will still go the way they should be, thus easing much of the already heavy burdens that you have been carrying for some time now.

As always, there is nothing better to do than to carry on with your work the way that you always do. Alternatively, you can use this time to double your work effort so that you can work on the things that need your attention.


Be nice to your colleagues when you encounter some of their mistakes. While your perfectionist nature might prompt you to critique them, take a step back and reassess whether or not you would end up hurting others. It is best if you simply choose to be objective and give them constructive criticism to avoid any more complications.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

Something new is happening in your life and you need to prepare yourself for its coming. The changes will come so fast, it might get overwhelming, but as always, everything will turn out right in the end.

You will also find yourself having to confront some unfinished business with your closest friends. Be mature in handling this so that you can avoid falling out with them. If you will be able to hold your tongue and stop yourself from provoking chaos, this talk may even turn out productive and beneficial for all parties.

To cap this week off, it is best if you take some time off and have some me-time. Recalibrate yourself after everything that has happened so that you can prepare yourself for what may occur in the coming weeks.

Libra May 16-22 Horoscope

This week is a bit slow, yet still productive. With the amount of events coming up in your life, you can be assured that there is something new waiting for your immediate attention, despite most things working out the way it should be.

Your love life will give you subtle signs to slowly pick up the pace and take matters in your own hands. This can be quite a daunting task, but if you are decisive enough, you can turn things in your and your partner’s favor.

Your career life will be productive, owing to the presence of workmates who are as committed as you are. The close relationship and professionalism of your team offers a glimpse to the possibilities and potential that all of you have.

Lastly, your dating life will slowly escalate with the arrival of certain people. It can get pretty hectic, so you need to calm down and recalibrate before things go out of hand.

Love Horoscope Weekly

May 17 will be a good day in getting you and your partner closer to one another. As the sun trines Pluto, you will find yourself warming up to the idea of long-lasting commitment with your partner. This will be further reinforced by Venus conjunct North Node, who will guide you to a possible path that your relationship can take.

May 18th to 19th will bring new things in your relationship which can help strengthen it. The former will have Venus sextile with Chiron, while the latter will prompt Venus to trine with Saturn. Both events nudge you to find fun and exciting things you can share as a couple and to go out of your box, so to speak.

But these events might get into your head that by May 22 you might find yourself lost without any sense of direction. Mercury square Neptune will open doors to the more practical side of life, prompting you to rethink your plans and choices with your partner.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Work will be a bit more bearable with the presence of your workmates. Their reliability will make everything in the office run smoother, and your team is as efficient as it can get. There is also an equal distribution of tasks, allowing everyone to focus on their work without being disrupted by anything or anyone.

This is because you have a close working relationship with everyone. You may not know it, but all of you implicitly trust one another that you can perform better every time. It is a good behavior to have and you should keep it up to assure maximum productivity.

There is still so much for you and your colleagues to do, but with all your combined forces, all of you are sure to overcome whatever challenges that may come in your way. Keep up the good work!

Dating Horoscope Weekly

While there’s nothing wrong in sticking to the basics, it can certainly get repetitive. Find new things that you can incorporate to your routine to make things a little bit more enjoyable than usual!


Things can also get hectic midweek, so you need to take a deep breath and take things easy. Add to that occurence of something major involving you and a certain someone, and you need to make sure that you won’t easily get overwhelmed by everything.

As the week comes to a close over the weekend, you can then take a deep sigh of relief and take some time to relax. The craziness in your life is far from over, so you need to chill! Prepare your comfort food and hole up in your comfiest pajamas; take this period to enjoy life’s small pleasures.

Scorpio May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

Having good decision making skills is crucial for this time. Many things will demand your attention, and you have to be wise and prudent as you go through each one of them throughout this entire week.

Your love life will prompt you to rethink what you truly want in your relationship. With so many options open, you need to assess yourself inside and out on what is best for you and your significant other and what should be the steps that you are taking next.

Your career life will set off alarms on your current financial status. You don’t have to panic, though. However, it is still crucial that you implement some major changes if you still want to keep your wallet and sanity intact.

Lastly, your dating life will prompt you to dig a bit deeper about certain people who might’ve been acting suspicious for some time now. Perhaps, you can even strategize ways for you to know what is actually going on without resorting to extensive Twitter stalking.

Love Horoscope Weekly

The sun will trine Pluto on May 17th, prompting you to be a little bit more curious than usual on what’s going on in your partner’s head. Take this time to find out more about them, and try to find out if they truly are the one.

May 19th will bring a sense of comfort to you through your relationship. Venus will trine with Saturn, and you will find yourself confronting the question of how you can up your relationship. Indeed, you want commitment, but how will you make this commitment last for the rest of your life.

Towards the end of the week, you will be feeling the effects of sun squaring Jupiter. You might even be inclined to do some spicy things with your significant other. Make sure, though, that this feeling will not tip over and result in obsession, especially that Mercury will square Neptune during this time, too.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Financially speaking, things aren’t looking up for you. Your current lifestyle is a bit too pricey for you to keep up with, so you might need to do a complete overhaul to keep yourself afloat.

On the other hand, though, new opportunities will open up to you this week. Most of these won’t be announced out loud, though. You need to keep your eyes and ears on high alert so that you can act on them ASAP.

Thus, this week calls on you to make wise decisions regarding your work and wallet. Your long term plans will not realize itself; you have to make sure that you don’t overshoot your budget or let yourself be constrained by one career path if you truly want to achieve success.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

Something is off during this week, and you initially won’t be able to pinpoint what is happening to you and the people around you. You will eventually be able to figure out what’s wrong, and might even find yourself hitting it off with that person you’ve been eyeing for some time now.

This is also a good time for you to engage in social projects, especially those that involve volunteering for good causes. This way, you can make use of your time and energy into something that can result in bigger and better things in this world.

If that isn’t your cup of tea, then you can opt to hangout with someone. Have them take a pick on the things you can do together. Who knows, it might bring you even closer than before.


Sagittarius May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

“Growth” is the one word that best describes this week for you. With so many things and opportunities for you to focus on, you are called to go beyond your usual chaotic self and be more mature in all aspects.

Your love life is a clear example of this. This week is the perfect time for you and your significant other to sort everything out and take your relationship up another notch. After all, true love is founded on mutual understanding and commitment to help each other become better.

Your career life will also be a testament of your road to maturity. The way you will be approaching the work that you will be undertaking will be a bit more serious this time- a far cry from being the chaotic, unorganized person that you usually are.

Lastly, your dating life will encounter some unexpected but welcome events. The changes will come gradually, and by the end of the week, you will understand what is actually the universe’s grand scheme for you.

Love Horoscope Weekly

On May 17th, Venus will conjunct with your North Node. This will help prompt a relationship that is founded on maturity and is mutually concerned for each other’s personal growth. This is a good time for you and your partner to let go of your childish notions of love and find your peace in one another.

Venus will then form a trine with Saturn on May 19th, encouraging you to be a bit more open and unfiltered towards your significant other. Though it may seem awkward at first, this is essential in ensuring that you can be with someone who is aware of your quirks, inside and out.

But as Mercury squares Neptune on May 22nd, you might find yourself questioning your own feelings and what is the point of it all. Bear in mind to be a little bit more patient with yourself and your partner so that you won’t end up doing things that you will eventually regret.

Career Horoscope Weekly

You are currently in the middle of a career overhaul, and you know it! Everything is in order, and this week will be the start of your peak productivity era. Yes, a Sagittarius is usually labelled as chaotic and unorganized, but your work performance for this week will shoot down that stereotype!

There are so many things left for you to do, but this week’s energies assure you that you can accomplish them right on time and without much difficulty outside from the usuals.

As you power through your work this week, make sure that you will be able to keep up with this energy beyond this period. Rest assured that more opportunities will come your way if you will be able to keep the momentum of your productivity going.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

You will be able to catch everyone’s attention with your spontaneity and quick wits. It helps that you are innately creative, so make the most out of making yourself known and having the spotlight trained on you!

There will be a major loss on your part as you approach the midweek, but you will be able to recover easily. Your strength of character will help you pull through, no matter how tough times can get.

In terms of your love connection with someone, watch out for the signs! They will be subtle, and you might even miss it, but if you are patient and vigilant enough you still have a chance to take things up another notch as you go along with them.

Capricorn May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

Changes aren’t your forte, but this week will dump so many that all you could just do is sit down and think about how you can adapt to them all. There’s nothing to fear, though. If there’s anything constant in this life, it’s change and you must welcome it with open arms.

Your love life will finally find its way towards stability. This is good, especially if you have plans to make things permanent with your significant other.


Your career life is in the midst of a major overhaul, and the changes will be overwhelming. It is important that you emotionally prepare yourself; so many things will happen and you need to keep up no matter what.

Lastly, your dating life will have a bit of excitement. This will help you power through everything- just make sure that you still keep your rationality intact.

Love Horoscope Weekly

May 17th will bring new possibilities as the sun trines Pluto. This will prompt you to find meaning in the feeling of falling in love, and may even help you see the beauty of it all, despite the possibilities.

The Venus trine Saturn on May 19th will also be the start of you finding stability in your various relationships. As you go along with your loved ones, you might even find yourself being grateful for everything that has happened and find love in all kinds of things.

However, May 22nd may not be as kind towards you as Mercury squares with Neptune. You might find yourself easy to sway by empty words and not by concrete actions. Take a deep breath; clear your mind so that you can be a capable judge of character no matter what happens.

Career Horoscope Weekly

So many changes are bound to happen this week that by the time you’ve finally caught up all you’re gonna be able to do is just sit in a daze with pure confusion. Don’t worry, though, everything will still work out right in the end!

Take care that you do not exhaust yourself amidst the chaos that is happening in your life. You might be pushing yourself just to keep up with deadlines, but this might have you compromise on the quality of your work.

Proceed with a little bit more caution as you go through your tasks for this period. It will be quite a roller coaster, but it’s nothing that you can’t overcome. With your innate resilience and robust work ethic, surviving this week will be a breeze.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

The start of the week may not go the way you’ve planned, so you might as well take it easy before plunging headfirst into any future activities that you have planned.

You might feel like the clock is running a bit faster this time, thanks to the seemingly lethargic disposition of those around you. Take this time to push yourself to do things a little bit faster and better so you can have more time to yourself when the weekend comes.

The dating department will also be a bit nicer to you in terms of finding someone whom you can have a bit of a fling or a relationship with. Just keep in mind to think straight, or else you will be tripping all over the place!

Aquarius May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

Your personal life will be undergoing some crazy things this week. It’s been foreshadowed for quite some time now, though, and all you can do is sit back and enjoy as the world unfolds its plans for you.

Your love life will be at its peak during this period- and you need to make the most out of it! Enjoy everything, and learn all that you could about your loved ones. This will definitely bring you closer and make your bond stronger.

Your career life will be taking things slow, giving you a safe space and breather amidst everything that is happening in the world. Focus in the work that you have; it is a great anchor to keep you sane and grounded.

Lastly, your dating life will be a mixed bag of craziness and calls for you to chill out. Let yourself enjoy what is happening, you are in no pressure to speedrun things, anyway.


Love Horoscope Weekly

The urge to forge closer and stronger emotional connection will be undeniable this week as the sun trines Pluto on May 17th. As you go along, you will find yourself and your significant other become a bit more intimate with one another, especially when it comes to knowing one another fully.

Venus will then trine with Saturn on May 19th, offering a chance to fully experience love without any kind of drawback for once. The love that you will feel may be a bit overwhelming, but at the same time, it can help  ensure that the love that you have for yourself and others is genuine.

But being too in love can make things go a bit haywire. On May 21st, the sun will square with Jupiter and prompt you to forget yourself in the process of loving. This will get worse on May 22nd with Mercury square Neptune making you indulge in your daydreams. Be wary, and keep your heart guarded, nonetheless.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Maintaining a good working relationship with your colleagues is one of the hardest things to do, but this week will assure you that everything is still in working order. With this, productivity will still be on optimal levels, and you might even find the time to relax in between breaks.

Nothing much will happen this time, though. With just a few hitches here and there, your work week will not be hectic and crazy. In fact, it may even help you catch your breath after everything that has happened in your life recently.

Chill out and do your best in your work. Although nothing fancy is bound to happen, the ability to find peace in one’s job is quite rare. Make sure to make this moment last!

Dating Horoscope Weekly

A sense of thrill will be all over the place as new discoveries about yourself and your love interest will prompt you to act decisively. It can make your heartbeat a little bit faster, but make you feel alive all the same!

This is also the time when you have to slow down on your self-indulgences and try thinking about the future that you wish to have. It won’t be easy, but you have to keep in mind that too much YOLO won’t do you any good.

Your weekend escapades may also not be as exciting as you want it to be, but they will nonetheless help you be a bit more productive. Take this time to spend some time with yourself or your significant other; it will make things a little bit easier and happier.

Pisces May 16-22 Love & Career Horoscope Weekly

This week will bring a unique mix of chill and serious into your life. Overall, your experiences aren’t as hectic, but will still bring some kind of variety that will make everything exciting. 

Your love life will prompt you to think about the more long term and therefore serious things with your partner. Incredibly, you will also come to a mutual understanding on what it is that you truly want for yourselves and your future together.

Your career life will take things easy for you. It will be a time of “no problem, just vibes” and create a healthy atmosphere that can stimulate your mind in the process.

Lastly, your dating life can get pretty hectic. But don’t worry! Things won’t have to be messed up all the time. Find the time to enjoy yourself; life is too short for you to wallow in negativity.

Love Horoscope Weekly

The sun will trine Pluto on May 17th, promoting mental stimulation for you and your significant other. The two of you will start to confront the more serious side of life, especially the question of how you will face this increasingly chaotic world together.

A feeling of home, safety, and security will be dominant on May 19th as Venus trines Saturn. The spiritual connection that you have with your partner will find itself strengthened, as you come to a deeper understanding of yourself, each other, and the world.


But May 22nd might bring some challenges to you and your significant other with Mercury squaring Neptune. Both of you will be a bit more sensitive during this time, and susceptible to the outside pressures brought on by your family and friends. Be patient, you can weather through this together.

Career Horoscope Weekly

Being wishy-washy might be your thing, but this week will find you incredibly focused and organized as you proceed with whatever you have to do in work. With that said, you will take things a bit easier thanks to your foresight.

Going with the flow of your workplace is also a good idea during this period. There is no sense in going insane over things that you cannot change, might as well enjoy everything as it happens!

Take a deep breath and work the best that you could. Good things are bound to happen, as long as you don’t overexert and pressure yourself while you do your tasks. Let your brain juices flow naturally, and you might just be surprised at the things you will be able to do.

Dating Horoscope Weekly

Your feelings will be all over the place as you try to figure out whatever it is that you feel towards that certain someone who has been confusing you endlessly for the past few weeks. It is important, though, that you will be a little bit more patient and attentive so that you won’t miss out on the possibilities that are ahead of you.

There will also be a major happening within your social group over the weekend, and you need to be there to know what’s happening. Don’t worry though, it will all be good fun, and you will certainly enjoy yourself in the festivities.

The weekend will also be a time for your brain to go through some questions that you have been asking yourself for some time now. As you go along through your routines and activities, you will finally find the answers that you have been seeking all this time.

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