Venus in Taurus?, What is Venus in Taurus

May 19, 2021

Venus in Taurus: How to take time and Make your Relationships Better


Our relationships have never been more in doubt ever since COVID-19 hit us hard last year. You’ve probably come here asking questions, wondering whether you can find some way to rekindle lost flames.

Some of you may still wonder whether or not it’s worth forging relationships at this time. After all, we now have to socially distance ourselves; we can’t hug each other in public, we can’t eat outside in groups.

Despite this, however, there’s always hope. Astrologers have predicted a wonderful time for love and social connection this year. On the 14th of April and until 7th of May, Venus shall land straight on Taurus. 

The synergy between the planet of love and the sign of empathy is naturally enormous, but their union will make things even better, so buckle up. In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What it means when Venus enters Taurus
  • What you can do to bolster your relationships
  • Things you should avoid doing to keep relationships stable

What Happens When Venus Enters Taurus

Venus, the planet of love, mixes well with signs that are naturally sociable. This is because love is a social thing at its core. Without the social aspect, love is almost completely impossible to achieve. As they say, “it takes two to tango.”

In fact, even loving yourself requires a measure of social interaction. After all, self-love often works best when accompanied by mantras or self-assuring thoughts. When you say positive things to yourself, that’s self-love. In this case, both your mind and spirit are in complete harmony. This is what gives you the confidence to address the world.

Taurus, on the other hand, is a sign governed by Venus. This resembles some strong resonance with Taurus’ desire for earthly love and sensuality. Since the bull loves to take things slow and appreciate it for what it is, this newfound perspective brings freshness and beauty of all sorts. 

Once Venus enters Taurus, therefore, love in its truest, most social form begins to manifest. It may seem odd to some, considering Taurus can also be introverted. However, the weaknesses of the sign are cast aside to facilitate this most wonderful union.

Thus, no matter what the sign is, they are bound to at least be more able to socialize with others. This may not seem like much, but the fact that it can penetrate even more prickly and rebellious signs like Aquarius suggests that there’s no one who won’t listen to what you have to say.

All the other signs this month will come to understand that this is a special season of love, and they will therefore conduct themselves appropriately. This is also a time for intimacy, meaning this event will work best on those closest to you.

If you have a family member you don’t get along with, for one, now is the time to talk to them. Due to the positive vibes of Venus and Taurus, your defenses against each other will drop briefly and allow you to talk on a more human level. Amplify this correctly with the right behavior, and you might even share a hug!

This is also a time of forgiveness and letting go of past grievances. In the past, you might feel repulsion for thinking about forgiving your enemies, but this time, the experience will be liberating. The reason is that not only will you free yourself from past burdens, you can even see things which you couldn’t have in your anger.

Whether it’s between you and a past rival or some relationship that went awry, this is truly a time of putting things to rest. Revenge, resentment, and unhappiness will make way for joy. Nevertheless, however, remember that it is you who still has to open the door to your personal freedom.

How to Make Relationships Better During This Season

Venus in Taurus undoubtedly helps with social interaction and communicating feelings with other people. It also inspires you to do more and move forward. However, this can only take you so far. Without the right mindset and actions, these blessings will be for nothing. 

As such, here are a few things you’ll need to remember for this period:


#1: Manifest, manifest, manifest

In self-development, there’s a reason why the word “manifest” is often thrown around. “Manifesting” involves the kind of aura or energy that you personally emit as a person. Think of it as the “vibe” that you give off around certain people.

Take, for example, having a positive vibe. Manifesting positivity often means doing things that other people find pleasing. For example, people love it when you speak with tact. When you watch your words, people see you a s someone who’s smart and articulate.

When you do these things enough times with the same people, their impressions of you may change accordingly. As such, it’s important to manifest the kinds of things you want other people to see.

If you’re after having a romantic partner, it’s not enough to have the feeling of love. You also have to show it through your deeds. As you do better things, more positive vibes will come out, making your relationships better.

#2: Widen your horizons

To pave the way for love, you also have to broaden your mind. This is because having a better grasp of the bigger picture allows you to appreciate what other people think. Remember that we exist in larger contexts behind us and that disagreements are inevitable.

The best that you can do in this situation is to prepare for such inevitabilities. You can do this by reading books, meditating, and reaching out to your divine spirit. The better your grasp of this process is, the wider your grasp of love will be. If nothing else, think of what this means for your sign.

As mentioned earlier, Taurus represents sensuality and worldly connection. To empathize with something is to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and look at the world as they do. This doesn’t mean you have to make their perspective yours. However, being able to open your mind means you can directly improve the world in the process.

This is exactly why it will help your relationships. Only with an open mind will you truly be able to form bonds with others. Thus, you should use your spare time to meditate on yourself and other people’s perspectives.

#3: Love yourself

This is perhaps the most important advice you can ever obtain from an astrologer. If there’s anything that astrology teaches us, it’s that we’re imperfect. We are imperfect because we are part of something larger.

As such, to embrace your imperfections– and yourself– is to unleash your inner potential. We should note that among all the signs, it is Taurus that exhibits the highest forms of beauty. This is partially the reason why they sometimes ignore reality in favor of art, illusion, and creativity. Even then, they may still cater to feelings of self-doubt from within. 

That being said, it’s wrong to think of it as just weakness. After all, if you are able to conquer self-doubt, you’ll become truly happy with yourself. At first, it will seem disheartening. However, being able to forgive your weaknesses will help you become even better.

What’s even better is that this self-love will trickle down to your relationships. Once you learn to love yourself, it becomes much easier to love and understand others. This is because you know: they’re just like you. They’re imperfect, too. And that’s beautiful!

Thus, you should use this period in astrology to focus on your self-love. Unlocking your inner potential will be worth the wait; this we promise.

Beware of False Love

Even in positive moments, there’s always a caveat. In this specific period, that happens to be an obsession. Here, we must remember that Venus is the planet of love while Taurus is the planet of sensuality. This also means that feelings of obsession can also become stronger during this period.

Imagine having a first love, for example. Ideally, you should be over that person by now. But for some reason, you can’t help but think about them. You want to know what they’re doing, even after all the signs the Universe has sent you. You’ve likely asked for a relationship with them and failed. You took your chances, and it didn’t work.


This brief period may force you to also think about it. As such, you should prepare yourself. If you start feeling any past obsessions, remember that the best tool you can fight it with is forgiveness. 

Remember that what happened in the past is the past. Your failure is simply the prologue to a great romantic life. Channel that fact and turn it into faith and hope, for you will find someone better. Move forward, and you will feel better during this season.

Final Word

Venus in Taurus is often a rollercoaster of emotions coupled with crossroads. Most of it is positive, but if you’re not careful, the experience will be negative. As early as now, therefore, you need to think about a few things.

How much do I love myself? Am I helping the people around me or hurting them? Do I still have any hung-ups I have to work on? 

These questions will require you to dig deep, and answering them can be hurtful, but don’t lose hope. The light of Venus will be waiting right outside the tunnel.

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