Venus in Pisces, what is Venus in Pisces

April 23, 2021

Venus in Pisces: What This Means For Your Relationships


If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about your relationship and what is Venus in Pisces..?

How close are you to the people you know right now? How many of them can you call your friends or partners who will stay by your side? Does your significant other really love you?

These questions weigh heavily on most people, especially you, because these are the people you call upon for help. If nothing else, you rely on them emotionally. And with COVID 19 breaking relationships apart, you can never know for sure what to expect.

Thankfully, astrology can make this a bit easier. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  1. Venus in Pisces in a nutshell
  2. What to do when things become too intense
  3. How to manage your relationships more smoothly

Venus in Pisces: An Overview

To understand what Venus in Pisces means, you have to understand what Venus and Pisces are in their separate order. See, astrology relies on the inherent movements of planets to partially explain how things are going to happen around us.

These movements don’t often tell us everything, but they do allow us a glimpse as to what could happen in various areas of our lives. From how poorly our day might go to your own attitude, celestial bodies will have something to say.

Now, according to astrology, the planet Venus is the planet of socialization, love, and morals. It is the planet that partially defines how scrupulous you are, relative to your existing qualities.

In addition to this, it actually promotes love whenever it travels to each sign. However, as with all other things, some signs are usually more receptive to socializing than others. This then impacts how well it will synergize with every sign it lands on.

Finally, Venus is also a planet of pleasure. Contrary to some signs that favor discipline and devotion, this is a sign that measures happiness and positive energy. Thus, it best works with signs that are outgoing and have more scruples.

In other words, the more in line this planet is with your birth chart, the more defined your capacity for love becomes. This works just as well, because Pisces is a sign that thrives on the emotional aspects of social connection.

Pisces may at times fail to establish social connections in huge quantities due to their insular approach. However, each relationship is qualitative. This means that whenever they make friends, they usually do so in the long-term.

We may also note that Pisces is ruled by the generous Jupiter. In this sense, the ruling planet serves as a gracious host for the wayward and fun Venus. This ensures that for the rest of Venus’ stay, Pisces will have positive energy to work with.

During this time, Pisces will also find themselves thriving in social situations. Whether doing business transactions or simply engaging in romance, they will find themselves blessed with certain abilities.

These can be augmented further with a positive attitude and an ability to stay open-minded. For the emotional Pisces, therefore, this is both a sweet time for love and a taste of your analytical skill.

A good application of both things will be essential for this period, because both your mind and spirit will allow you to do well socially at this time. In other words, learn when to hide, and learn when to show. Be yourself, and be ready to mingle.


Now, the last known rotation of Venus unto Pisces began on February 25. It has since ended and moved out of Pisces on March 21.  Venus has since already left Pisces for now. However,  this information should nevertheless help you out for the next rotation, so pay attention.

A Period of Great Intensity

Venus may be known as a planet of love, and its transition of Pisces may be in many ways a good thing for this sign. However, don’t fixate too much on the benefits. After all, staring too much at bright things can burn your eyes.

And indeed, this is an apt metaphor for the problems that Venus might present you. See, being the planet of love, it effectively brings Pisces’ emotional faculties into overdrive. Think about the first time you fell in love with someone, for example.

During those moments, you must have felt all kinds of intense emotions. You likely felt a massive sexual urge, and your heart must have been flying everywhere at that point. You were likely mesmerized by how your partner looked, and you just wanted to have time with them.

If you’re familiar with these feelings and sensations, then beware. What you felt then is a pittance compared to the things you might feel now. Each encounter you may have with others can be difficult to assess because the surface can seem so enticing.

You may get a job offer and think to yourself: “Wow, this is such an opportunity,” only to realize that things may have been better if you’d let the moment pass. In other words, while it is a period of positive emotion, Venus in Pisces can also prove disastrous in certain ways.

It plants within you a particularly lethal kind of positivity: false hope. For one, you’re never aware that it is there, and when you do catch on, it’s usually far too late. You’ve already committed to it. Your only choice moving forward is to at least mitigate the damage.

This time around, however, you’ll not be doing that, for now is a great moment to learn about how to deal with the intensity of your own emotions. Note that you are particularly vulnerable here because you are a Pisces. Your whole schtick and trade is your emotional faculty, so you must temper this with the use of your mind.

Before making a choice and giving in to your intense feelings, analyze what you’re getting into. If it’s a business deal, don’t just listen to the other person. Do your own research, make projections and see whether the risks are worth the reward. 

If necessary and possible, buy as much time as possible. If you know someone with respectable business acumen, ask for their opinion first. Only once you have made a perfectly viable assessment should you commit or cancel.

When it comes to love, apply the same tactic. The situation may sometimes not give you much time to prepare, but try to be judicious anyway. If you’re on a dating app and eager to find a date before this year ends, thoroughly evaluate the person first.

Don’t just go around swiping right based on looks or agreeing to a meetup. Plenty of people can get burned after a poor first date, after all. Buy some time and check their attitude under pressure.

In fact, you can even make them stew a little bit, just to see if they are willing to commit to you at all. This tactic should work well for you because you tend to like being alone to a degree. Use this well.

If you’re already in a relationship, then you should likewise make sure that things don’t get too heated. Don’t take things to the next level without observing the situation first. Ask yourself if your feelings have increased, or if you’re ready to make the move.

And with your friends, treat them with a healthy amount of care. If you think you’re being pressured, be honest with them. Avoid living only to please them, and instead look out after yourself. Be generous and loving, but be careful in your judgments, too.


Above all else, take some time to meditate behind closed doors. If you’re not sure what to do, take a break and get a feel for yourself. Know yourself better. What do you wish to achieve, and how do you want to achieve them?

Your choices will be full of impact due to Venus entering Pisces, so choose wisely.

How to Make Your Relationships Smoother

In astrology, the phenomenon of Venus going to Pisces is also a challenge. There are so many things that could go wrong amid the flow of positive energy that it can be dizzying.

However, what you need to remember is that you can handle things only if you find your inner balance. Think of the Libra, for example. As a sign, it is symbolized by the scale, and that sign directly explains their behavior.

They are judicious and always willing to analyze things on an objective level. No matter which sign you are now, this is a lesson you can definitely use! Find the balance within yourself, and everything will fall into place for you.

Do not immediately engage in relationships or commit to things on the slightest hint of positivity. There are better ways to approach life, so approach the air of positivity this phenomenon brings with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Final Word

This article has shown you the positives and negatives of Venus in Pisces. As an astrological event, it’s a joy to behold.

Ultimately, however, it is your input and your perspective that will put everything into place. How will you approach this event the next time it comes into your life?

Will you seek the path of least resistance, or will you risk everything for the rousing emotions of the day?

Whether you go YOLO or approach things more cautiously is up to you, but remember: find your balance first. Know and love yourself. Make sure your choice is an informed one.

And lastly, may the Universe guide you.

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