Juno Retrograde, what is Juno-Retrograde?

April 15, 2021

Juno Retrograde 2021: How will it affect everyone in the next few months?


Whenever a retrograde happens, everyone in the astrology community throws hands. Now, everyone is bracing for the upcoming Juno retrograde’s impact.

A question now looms in everyone’s minds: what will happen in this year’s Juno retrograde? How do you even survive this thing?

Read on to find out!

But first, who is Juno?

Juno is one of the foremost gods in the Roman pantheon and the queen of the heavens. She is Jupiter’s wife and oversees marriage, family, and women.

She is quite a headstrong goddess. Juno’s husband is a serial womanizer. Because of this, she developed the reputation of making his mistresses and illegitimate children miserable.

But the goddess is also a fierce protectress. She brings down her godly wrath to people who dare harm women and their children. Eventually, she extended this guardianship to the entire Roman state.

So, what happens during a Juno retrograde?

Despite her husband’s shortcomings, she remained faithful to him. Thus, the asteroid named after her came to be associated with agreements and contracts.

During a Juno retrograde, questions about our partnerships and agreements will come to light. Concerns such as the validity and sincerity of those involved are suddenly under scrutiny.

Business partnerships are under investigation because of the potential lack of benefits and deceit involved. Personal relationships start to feel suspicious because people don’t seem to live up to their promises.

Worst of all, Juno tends to push all these relationships to their breaking point. If anything, a Juno retrograde embodies the trust issues that everyone is having and amplifies them.

People whose partnerships with others are already suffering will surely take the most hits. This season will be the most challenging for them. It might prompt them to end their agreements and break promises because of exhaustion.

But this event also has a silver lining: it shows the gaping holes and loopholes hiding in plain sight the entire time. If taken in a more positive light, the Juno retrograde makes us confront the red flags we have been ignoring.

If you are willing enough to address your relationships’ problems, then this astrological event may be the right time to fix it. With the right amount of communication, compromise, and sincerity to patch up things, everything may turn out a little bit better.

How long will Juno retrograde 2021 last?

According to this astrological events compendium, the Juno retrograde will start on April 12, 6:13 AM EST. It will position itself 24 degrees off Sagittarius and finally move directly to the said Zodiac on August 2.

The length of time that Juno will retrograde is just enough for people to address whatever problems they have. Whether these may be professional or personal agreements and contracts, making good use of this period can spell the difference between chaos and order in your life.


How will the Juno retrograde affect my sign?

Seeing that Juno loves commitment, while Sagittarius is the free love type, things can get pretty hectic. Add to that Mars in Gemini opposing Juno on April 13, and everything is about to go as chaotic as a street brawl.

But there will also be some differences here and there. Here’s a breakdown of the things that each sign will experience during this Juno retrograde:


Your relationships would take brutal hits during this time. You will need to address serious things such as red flags, especially those concerning your romantic partner.

It would be wise that you won’t let your fiery temper get the better of you, as it may potentially worsen the problem. With both Sagittarius and Mars exerting their influence, you need to make sure that you keep your feelings in check.


The instability that you are currently experiencing in your relationships has indeed shaken you to the core. As someone who craves security in this kind of thing, you are undoubtedly desperate to find ways to fix the mess you’re in.

Your course of action now entails talking to the person you have beef with. Express your fears and concerns, and work together to address and resolve the problems that you’re having.


Being a bit wishy-washy with your relationships has fired back. Now, you are lost and confused and clawing your way into finding something long-term for yourself.

Before you proceed in your love hunt, though, it would be best if you assess yourself first. Try to see if you are genuinely ready to commit; when you already are, set a plan of action to guide you in your journey.


As a family-oriented sign, the current troubles that your family is having have stressed you out. As the seemingly endless fights drag on, you try to hold onto something to keep everyone together.

It can get complicated, but you must become the peacemaker of the group. Help your family calm down and address the root of your problems. Remind them never to lose sight of the fact that it will always be all of you versus the problem and not versus one another.


All the relationship troubles that you’ve been having have certainly made you lose your sense of control. Now, you may be on the verge of losing it and go wild.

A word of advice: don’t. It may be tempting to throw things around, but it would be better if you take deep breaths and talk about the problem. As much as possible, try not to be dramatic and be direct to address your concerns more directly.


You may not mind much about your standing in your relationships, but this time, you have to. Being too much of a martyr would only make people take advantage of you.

As Sagittarius’ boundless energy prompts you to do more of your usual charity work, you also need to stop and reevaluate things. See where you stand in others’ lives and act accordingly.


The peace and harmony that you constantly crave in your relationships are no doubt disrupted. It isn’t too far off to say that you are willing to do whatever it takes to regain your peace.


Sagittarius’ and Mars’ combined influence might tempt you to do otherwise reckless acts. But you need to maintain your composure and think things through. Let your inner diplomat take charge of things and keep your rationality intact.

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You value your relationships a lot, so it isn’t much of a surprise how you reacted violently to these trying times. Heck, you may already have done things you think would keep things going!

But it would be best if you also remember that not all relationships are to last long. You will need to let go of some people, especially those who do not have your best interests at heart. It can be painful, but it is necessary.


Seeing that the retrograde is in your sign, things might go a bit easier for you. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you will not experience trials, too.

You may be the kind of person who chooses to be mostly happy-go-lucky in your relationships, but it’s not advisable this time. Do not let your inner wild child be the reason that you will lose your lifelong partnerships.


Being serious and committed in your relationships is your top priority. However, this season isn’t being cooperative and tries to test how long you’ll hold on to keep certain people in your life.

This season will put your composure to the test, what with all the dominant astrological interactions occurring. You must keep your level-headedness and stick to reason to avoid more conflicts.


Sticking to your idea of free love may be enticing, but there might come a time when you have to settle down. Ask yourself: do you need more freedom, or do you want more from your partner?

It is time for you to sit down and talk things out with your significant other. Do talk about your needs and some differences to clarify what the two of you want.


Having your head in your clouds may render you more focused on your daydreams rather than your relationships. This season now calls on you to recalibrate and give some time to the people who matter.

Do make yourself aware of whatever concerns that the people around you have about your relationship with them. Try to see things from their perspective to help improve your connection with these people.

Final Word on Juno Retrograde

Partnerships and relationships are just some of the essential aspects of our lives. Ensuring that they stay strong is a big responsibility that many end up overlooking.

This year’s Juno retrograde now makes us confront three questions: how are our relationships with others? Are we doing enough to keep them intact? Are these relationships even worth saving?

We must now heed Juno’s call in ensuring that our personal and professional relationships must stay solid and intact. Yes, achieving this goal is often difficult, but necessary to maintain a peaceful existence with people who matter.


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