“Pallas in Pisces” is one of the most important astrological transits. It is a time of mental stimulation, and one of the more highly-anticipated events in the astrological community.

But what is Pallas in Pisces? Why is it significant? Read on to find out!

What is Pallas in Pisces?

This event happens when the asteroid Pallas transits and “stays” inside a certain Zodiac for a time. In this case, the celestial body has been hanging out in Pisces ever since entering the region last March 7, 2021.

This event will last until February 14, 2022.  As a celestial body, Pallas symbolizes intellect, wisdom, creativity, diplomacy, and strategy. Because of her traits, astrologers consider her as the divine embodiment of social justice. 

Pallas is aware of the extent of her abilities. Because of this, she works for and with the people who need her the most. She fights for what is good in this world, but like a true and seasoned warrior, Pallas chooses her battles.

Now that she is in Pisces, Pallas adapts to this seemingly wishy-washy and goes with the flow Zodiac sign. She stimulates the mind to help people achieve their goals.

According to expert astrologers, Pallas in Pisces will enhance a person’s intuition. They will seem to have a knack for what is happening and are not afraid to use it to get what they want.

However, this can be a rather tricky time, too. Many people will have the impulse to use manipulation to get what they want.

These traits may render a person cold and heartless. This is because they might put mind over matter in what they do.

Outside of this, though, Pallas in Pisces wants us to reflect on kindness and compassion. She calls us to be more understanding and gentle towards others.

Empathy, then, is the essential value that Pallas wants to imbue to all of us. She wants us to be aware of our place in this world. Only by doing this can we truly become one with ourselves and with others.

What does Pallas in Pisces mean for my Zodiac?


Being a reckless doer helps Aries a lot when faced with challenging situations. However, they also need to step back and think before they act. This trait could cause more harm than good!

Pallas in Pisces now calls on the ram to clear their minds of all their potentially harmful plans. Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture can help them realize the gravity of their actions.

In turn, this can help Aries reconsider what they are about to do. This simple act can help them make their otherwise ill-thought of activities turn out for the better.


Achieving their goals and enjoying the comforts of their success gives Taurus pleasure. Yet, considering all that is happening globally, their great plans have been impeded.


Pallas in Pisces gently reminds the bull that it is not yet the end. The present may not be as favorable as they’d hope; yet, it also prepares them for the long-term victories they are yet to experience.

Taurus must then take this time to reassess themselves and their goals if they are viable. When the opportunity presents itself, they must get up and pounce on it- there is simply no time to waste!


The sociable and likable Gemini goes around like the social butterfly that they are. Yet, despite this, not all people who befriend them have pure intentions.

Pallas in Pisces now asks these questions to the twins: do you genuinely know the people whom you value? Have you distinguished the people who have your best interests from those who don’t?

As Gemini reflects, they must become aware of the relationships they have with others. It can get complicated, but it is essential to let go of the people who couldn’t care less for their well-being. For that, you’ll need healing crystals to guide you through! 


Being calm and at peace with themselves allows Cancer to enjoy caring for others. They give their all, especially when they perceive someone as worth the time, effort, and attention.

Pallas in Pisces now nudges on the crab to continue what it is doing. At the same time, they must open their minds and immerse themselves in their place in the greater scheme of things.


The Zodiac’s diva has gone through a lot to gain the spotlight they deserve. And let’s be honest, these people thrive on the attention that everyone gives them!

Pallas in Pisces knows how much effort the lion has placed for them to achieve their goals. The former would then make some reward come out to remind this sign that they have done a job well done.

Yet, this “reward” went through Leo’s way because of their never-ending effort to become the best. What Pallas did is present it to them in recognition of their inner greatness.


The ever-selfless Virgo always puts others first. As such, they block their road to self-discovery because they want to serve without any hesitation.

Pallas in Pisces now gently calls the maiden to take this intuitive time to look within them. Yes, they have done so much for others, yet, what have they done for themselves?

When Virgo is finally aware of their identity, they become fully aware of their place in the world. When this happens, they can finally find the fulfillment that they seek in their acts of service.


Balance is key to living a happy life. Yet, there will be people who want to destroy the inner peace that Libra seeks.

Pallas in Pisces now asks those born under the scales a critical question. Is your graciousness towards others reciprocated? How sure are you that the people around you are loyal and will help you preserve your peace?


While being civil towards everyone is a given, true friendship is a different thing altogether. All these considered, Libra must weigh in who are the “real ones.”


Being fierce and brilliant in strategizing are Scorpio’s natural traits. Sometimes, though, they may get a bit too carried away and end up harming others.

Pallas in Pisces reminds the scorpion that destruction isn’t the only way to protect their interests. Rather than cause irreversible damage, they must reflect on their actions and look at their current situations.

Scorpio must understand that they don’t have to resort to violence to get what they want. All they need is to search within themselves and look at the world in a different light.


The active and unbridled Sagittarius might find this time quite exhilarating. There seems so much to do!

Pallas in Pisces will only affirm the centaur’s restlessness even further. So many things are bound to happen; they won’t just stop coming! Yet, in between all these events, Pallas still sends a gentle reminder to stop and reflect.

Simply charging on to whatever opportunity won’t do Sagittarius a favor. Changes are exciting, but some things are worth planning to maximize benefit.


Being hardworking and focused motivates Capricorn. However, this trait can also prevent this sign from adapting to this ever-changing world.

Pallas in Pisces gently calls on the goat to take things easy. They have to learn how to adapt to life’s sudden transformations. They shouldn’t be so hard on themselves, though, or else things might go south.

Accepting the reality of change and allowing oneself to go and grow along with it is essential for Capricorn. It is only through learning how to utilize these developments can one succeed in life.


Aquarius has been going through a calm journey of rediscovering themselves for some time now. They have been looking further within themselves to understand their purpose.

Pallas in Pisces now soothes the water bearer’s uneasy mind. It tells them that they are in the right direction; they just have to trust themselves and their intuition as they go along.

The journey to self-discovery isn’t easy, but Aquarius is on the right path. A little touch of madness and obeying their inner voice will surely go a long way.


As the sign highlighted by the event, Pisces’ go with the flow attitude towards everything will be put to the test. The changes that they will be experiencing through the season are nothing short of extraordinary.

Pallas in Pisces encourages the fish never to fear what comes next. These transformations only guarantee that the sign’s future is brighter than ever.


While going along with the flow is good, Pisces also must learn how to take matters into their own hands. There is no room for hesitation- they must act in the here and now.

Final Word on Pallas in Pisces

This unique event promises so many things to all the signs. Knowing oneself better, understanding the bigger picture, and getting ready for what comes next are just some examples of these.

Indeed, things can get scary, but isn’t that normal when we venture into the unknown? With the gentle and stimulating presence that Pallas in Pisces has in our lives, why must we hold back in our journeys?

Listen to the voice within you. Let the gentle call of the cosmos guide you into discovering what you can do for yourself as you step out into the vastness of this universe.