the Outlaw Archetype

June 4, 2022

The Outlaw Archetype: Everything You Need to Know


You will discover that, as the Outlaw Archetype, you are someone who is naturally blessed with the ability to critique. By using both your wit and your conduct, your goal is to coerce other people into humbling themselves and questioning the very realities that they accept without a doubt. This will make them into more admirable human beings.

In addition to that, you have a strong sense of who you are as a person. You have a profound understanding of the reason you were sent on this earth, and the force of your convictions is bolstered not just by your innate brilliance but also by your determination to turn conventional wisdom on its head.

People who honestly hold themselves to high standards in order to better the world are the kind of people you want to see in the world. You don’t simply want a world of obeyers; you want a world of questioners. Also, you have the ability to make other people better, and you do so in a manner that is entirely unique to you. Are you ready to know more about this?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know more about:

  • Outlaw Brand Archetypes’ Status Quo
  • Outlaw Brand Strategy and its Archetypal Framework
  • Outlaw Brands and Brand Examples (rebellious nature)
  • Outlaw Brand Archetype and its Genuinely Revolutionary Aspects

The Outlaw Archetype or Outlaw Brand

The Outlaw is a force that is inherently disruptive, and its goal is to shake things up in some way, whether for their own benefit or for the benefit of others. When the Outlaw experiences a personal offense, it is likely that they will become enraged. This represents the more negative side of the archetype.

It is not bothered by the fact that other people fear it since it understands that fear is a sign of strength. Outlaws are nearly always represented by extremist groups. On the bright side, the Outlaw is successful in making people uneasy with the current order of things in the hopes of provoking change.

Many civil rights advocates, for instance, participated in nonviolent demonstrations; nonetheless, they are still manifestations of the outlaw archetype in action. The Outlaw is a countercultural force that is capable of releasing society’s taboos, and it achieves this by tapping into the more sinister side of human nature.

Outlaw culture refers to any brand that strives to free itself (or others) from repression and break away from the culture that is currently prevalent and dominating. Look at figures like Robin Hood, Malcolm X, Harley-Davidson, MTV, Howard Stern, and Miley Cyrus to see examples of the outlaw archetype.

The Outlaw Brand Archetype Significance

During the status quo, you can see that outlaw brands or outlaw archetypes are getting in touch with their rebellious nature to radically transform. The Outlaw Archetype or Outlaw Brands have a core desire to push the boundaries of an existing system for their own personal gain.

Whether it is to break free from whatever it is that is holding them back – an existing system – or to affect change with a rule-breaking, socially adept personality. The Outlaw Archetype is a rule-breaker that lives for the shock value and fights for fresh perspectives that evoke change.

An Outlaw Brand Archetype can radically transform to affect change in the status quo. Outlaw Archetypes and Outlaw Brands are what we refer to as a “rule-breaker” because of the way they are socially adept enough to evoke change with their independent streak.

The Outlaw Archetype: Strengths and Weaknesses


As an Outlaw, you are inherently daring. You have a thirst for excitement, and you are willing to do all in your power to satiate it. Also, you see the sensation as the most authentic expression of personal freedom and the doorway to progress in your life. Anything that falls short of excitement ultimately results in complacency and deterioration.

You are able to consistently think outside the bounds of other people’s stereotypes since you have a natural tendency to look for things that people haven’t tried yet. As a result, you are the individual to whom everyone comes for amusement, innovative ideas, and inventive approaches to solving challenging challenges.

Having said that, achieving this goal might not be possible until you clear up any misconceptions that other people may have about who you really are.


The outlaw archetype must, by their very nature, be a decisive person. After all, if you continually give in to doubt, you won’t be able to disobey the rules very easily, will you? You are aware that there is a measure of luck and fate involved in life and that in order to take advantage of these elements, it is sometimes necessary to let go of your own personal limitations.


Not only are you able to make up your mind quickly, but you also have a propensity to make decisions that include some degree of risk. In point of fact, you may sometimes act in this manner for no other reason than the fact that you wish to cope with the hesitance that you are already feeling on a deeper level. This, of course, indicates that there is a side of you that is open to adventure and enjoys playing with your imagination.


You never stop finding something to complain about, which is to be expected of an Outlaw. You may find that you have a tendency to simply take the opposing viewpoint in disputes simply because you want to test the boundaries of the other position. This may be because you have a habit of doing so. You are able to perceive things that the majority of others do not see because of your search for the truth in a manner that is both persistent and fairly forceful.

In a similar vein, you make it a point to better yourself in original and creative ways on a regular basis. For instance, when you find a hole in your skillset, you have a tendency to fill it with something even more impressive than before. As a consequence of this, you will be able to compete with others despite the fact that you have substantially less experience or seniority than they do.


The depth that the Outlaws possess is yet another essential quality that can be deduced from their turbulent and rational nature. You, on the other hand, are not content to merely consider things on the surface level. If you have a strategy, you won’t only be thinking about the specific means you employ to put it into action; you’ll also be considering the theory behind it and how ethically it should be applied.

Not just that, but you also have a profound understanding of the human being that you truly are at your core. Because you are filled with a purpose that you can only explain to yourself, you wind up hesitating a lot less than you otherwise would have. People are drawn to your site because they are interested in learning how you were able to achieve such a stage in your life because of the self-wisdom that you possess.


Because of their inherent need for excitement, outlaws, despite being confined to one location and when forced to do so, frequently show their discontent by becoming even more hostile. You despise the concept of remaining in one place for an extended period of time and will actively work against it by engaging in odd behaviors such as running in place or becoming too fidgety.

In addition, if you feel restricted in any manner, you will look for new activities to engage in while you are in this situation. When you are in the company of powerful people and are fully aware that you are being constrained by them, this vulnerability just becomes more pronounced.

Any attempt to restrict your movement will only result in dissatisfaction on your behalf because you frequently like the freedom that moving around and experiencing new things affords you. The Outlaw Archetype despises being ordered to do things like obeying rules and discipline, and the only way you’ll ever appreciate or obey something is if you have some say in the matter.


Individualism is ingrained in outlaws by their very nature. As a consequence of this, they are completely self-centered. You have a tendency to see anything that comes from the outside as an imposition on you and your free will as a human being, and as a result, you refuse to subject yourself to anything that is contrary to what you feel on a fundamental level.

This is because you see everything that comes from the outside as an imposition on you and your free will as a human being. Any idea that you may help other people while at the same time limiting yourself is immediately disregarded and thrown out the window. As a result of this, you are strongly encouraged to at least temper your individualism and selfishness, particularly in situations where it is relevant.

For instance, if you are forced to pick between friends or coworkers and yourself, you should at the very least make an effort to give some serious consideration to the implications of throwing them under the bus and what it may say about you as a person. Even if it’s easy to understand why you’re so self-absorbed, it’s hard to argue with the fact that this entire globe isn’t just yours; it belongs to you and everyone else as well.


In their natural state, outlaws are confident in both themselves and the decisions they make. As a consequence of this, individuals could start to feel overconfident about the breadth of their knowledge and develop an unnecessary air of superiority. They may be impacted in two distinct ways as a result of this.

First, this hubris can make it difficult for them to recognize flaws in their own plans, which frequently results in those plans gradually falling apart in front of their eyes. This has the potential to have devastating effects on a person’s life. For instance, you may have feelings for someone, but due to the confidence you have in yourself, it’s possible that you won’t recognize that they don’t feel the same way about you until it’s too late.

Furthermore, this attitude might cause the outlaw archetype to become estranged from both friends and family. The Outlaw Archetype may develop a dread of expressing their ideas about you out of concern for how you will react, which may result in decreased engagement.


Strangely, the intricacy of your own thoughts can sometimes be the one thing that drags you down into the void. This is due to the fact that if you give yourself too much time to reflect on your place in life or on the nature of life itself, you may find yourself experiencing an existential crisis. This may cause you to question your own purpose in life or to wonder if you are actually living for something wonderful or amazing enough to be worth living for.


Spending too much time thinking along these lines may cause your perception of the real world to become increasingly distorted over time. You can look out at a beautiful world and see nothing but death and decay, and while everyone else is rejoicing over the fact that they have been given the gift of life and happiness, you might be cursing the world for driving you farther into the shadows.

Types of the Outlaw Archetype

#1: Rebel

The Rebel is a rule-breaking and risk-taking individual. The Rebel is someone who, fed up with the norms of society, pushes the boundaries in order to bring about social change, a new point of view, or a reawakening. However, because the Rebel has the ability to be fueled by anger and negativity, it must be careful not to cross too many boundaries in its pursuit of reform.

#2: Activist

An activist is someone who advocates for a cause with the goal of bringing about a significant change in some economic, political, or social structure. This sub-archetype has faith in the capacity of the general populace to bring about change and works to enlist the support of others for its purpose. An activist fights for whatever it is they strongly believe in.

#3: Gambler

The Gambler thrives off of taking chances. The gambler’s willingness to risk any amount of money has no bounds, which can easily develop into addiction and compulsive behavior. Nevertheless, this particular sub-archetype is skilled in social interaction and possesses strong intuition.

#4: Maverick

The free-thinking Maverick is opposed to being categorized or constrained in any way. Also, the Maverick is someone who goes against the norm and demonstrates intelligence, assertiveness, and fearlessness while doing so. Their streak of independence is a mile broad.

#5: Reformer

In comparison to, for example, the free-wheeling Maverick, the Reformer’s approach to bringing about change is often a little bit more reserved and methodical. The Reformer is someone who, rather than attempting to entirely overthrow the existing system, takes on the role of a watchdog or whistleblower and searches for methods to improve it.

The Outlaw Brand or Outlaw Archetype in the Real World

Unregulated companies have the potential to either uphold morals that are open to debate or bring down authoritarian governments. These companies rely on marketing strategies that put an emphasis on taking risks and breaking away from the mundane status quo. This can be accomplished through the use of imagery that is either gloomy and destructive or daring and revolutionary.

There is frequently some element of shock value, which may take the form of something severe or even a joke that is particularly astute or unexpected. Often, brands that represent relatively “healthy” or “normal” products or services will call upon the Outlaw in a lighthearted manner; using marketing cues to recommend their brand is appropriate when people want to feel just a little bit dodgy or set apart from the status quo.

This is done in order to suggest that their brand is appropriate when people want to feel like they are breaking away from the norm. Employees of Outlaw companies have a tendency to self-identify as Outlaws, and the enthusiasm they possess is evident throughout the work that they produce. As a result, the organizational culture of Outlaw brands is frequently fairly revolutionary in and of itself.

Final Word:

The Outlaw Archetype plans to change the status quo in the most chaotic ways possible. As a result, if you are an Outlaw, you frequently have very lofty aspirations and objectives for the individuals in your immediate environment.

As an Outlaw Archetype in the status quo, which sub-archetype of an Outlaw do you think you are?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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