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November 26, 2021

Past Life Tarot Spread: Discover More About Yourself


Is it true that the majority of the world believes in reincarnation? Over half of the world’s population believes that we all have more than one life, which is incredible but accurate. Past Life Tarot Spread can also reveal the most crucial lifespan for us right now! As humans, we’re always looking for answers. We’re curious as to why. The study of past lives, in the hands of experts, provides an answer to that demand.

Something in every one of us yearns for a second chance, for a feeling of a comprehensible Universe, for a sense of continuity, which is why the concept that we all have several lives is so widespread over the globe. This is a fantastically detailed reading that reveals many facts about your former life as well as parts of your current condition and destiny that might help you comprehend the “larger picture.”

After this reading, most people feel like a lot of things make more sense. It’s as if you could see deep beneath the surface and put light on the matter that was previously unseen but had a tremendous effect on you. Delving into hidden memories or reviewing your natal chart is just as important as knowing the stories and absorbing the lessons of your former lives. Curious to know more?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Confronting past lives with the past life tarot spread
  • Efficiently getting to know your own past life
  • Harnessing your life power spread through your tarot cards
  • Gain insight on the important information tarot spread

The Significance of the Past Life Tarot Spread

Your past lives are a piece of you, and they still have an impact on how you experience and react to your surroundings and the people you meet along the way. One of the esoteric tarot’s “secret teachings” has always been reincarnation. Numerous writers have associated the Fool with themes of life, death, and rebirth over the generations.

The Fool is frequently associated with Kether, the crown, and “The Origin of Life” in Kabbalistic traditions, implying the Fool’s descend from the world of possibilities into the world of purified physical bodies. Many readers think of the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) Fool’s pack as a repository of memories and wisdom gathered over the course of past lives.

When given a number, the Fool’s number is almost always zero, a number whose shape symbolizes unending cycles. There are also the Majors, who acquire the unity and enlightenment indicated by the World before embarking on a new adventure.

Reincarnation, therefore, appears to be knitted into the contemporary esoteric tarot’s framework. This fact, along with the tarot’s unique capacity to tap into long-buried ideas, memories, and tales, makes the deck a potent tool for studying former lives.

past life tarot spread

What to consider before doing the past life spread

  • Exploration of past lives is a significant undertaking. Efforts to see into past lives should be treated with caution. Continue with this practice only if you have a strong desire to connect with a past self.
  • Not every past life has been good. Repressed memories (whether they be from this life or a previous one) are frequently hidden for a purpose.
  • In many cases, past incarnations do not “act on command.” You may choose to investigate a certain incarnation as a result of contemplative regression. The information gleaned from this exercise could be related to that existence or it could be from somewhere else. Be receptive to whatever revelations come your way.
  • William Shakespeare may not be for everyone. Although you may fantasize about being the “world’s greatest dramatist,” you may recall a more ordinary past. A successful incarnation is not always accompanied by notoriety. The insights you gain as a poor merchant may be more valuable than those gained in a former life with higher prominence.
  • This basic but effective technique of examining one’s past life. We suggest that you only conduct this investigation if you have at least one hour to devote to it; or else you may skip steps and miss critical findings.

Steps to Confronting Past Lives through the Past Life Spread

#1: Prepare yourself

Prep for this session by grounding and aligning yourself according to your own spiritual path. Phones, televisions, and other sources of distraction should all be turned off. Do everything you can to keep this task from being interrupted. You can do the experiment in any location, however dimming the lights, lighting candles, playing relaxing music, or burning incense may be beneficial. After doing all this, you should feel comfortable, confident, and secure.

#2: The Fool (Meditation)

Remove the Fool from your preferred deck (or its equivalent). Take the card in both hands and focus on the artwork after you’re seated comfortably on the floor. Make an effort to clear your head. Recognize distracting thoughts and tell them, “I’ll deal with this later,” before returning your focus to the card.

Your concentration will weaken with time, and your eyes will become tired. Allow your eyes to close as this happens, but keep the image of the Fool card in your head. Consider this image to be a single frame of film. When you’re ready, ask your “inner projectionist” to flip the card’s “film.”

If you’re using the RWS Fool, the young person in the picture will move backward slowly. The skies above him will begin to fade away toward the distance. Then the rose in his hand will change from blossom to bud. The white dog at his feet will turn around and prance in the opposite direction.

As the Fool fades from your frame of view, keep your eye on him. Let the picture of the card fade to darkness until you can no longer detect him.

#3: The Tarot Reading

Open your eyes slowly. Shuffle the deck after replacing the Fool. Deal 8 cards into a vertical column, starting at the top: 3 cards above, 2 crossing cards in the middle, and 3 cards beneath.

  • The first card is your gender. This card contains information about your gender in your previous life. Don’t get hung up on the character’s presumed gender in the image. Though this may indicate your past gender, the more crucial issue is: what gender do you believe the card symbolically represents?
  • Your Family is the second card in the deck. This card represents a significant aspect of the family in which you were raised. The Ten of Cups may allude to a spacious, pleasant, and loving setting. On the other hand, the Justice card could represent a strict, sterile family where rules took precedence over freedom. The Eight of Cups could represent anything from “an absentee parent” to “life as an only child,” and could indicate that something was lacking from your home environment.
  • Personality/Identity is the third card. This card gives you information about your basic identity from a prior life. In this scenario, a Major denotes a behavior, belief, or point of view that dominates this life. The Lovers, for instance, may signify that you’ve spent your entire life looking for your partner or the fact that romantic relationships have always been difficult for you.
  • The fourth and fifth cards represent a grave circumstance. These cards provide a glimpse of a significant occurrence that occurred in your past life—an “Instamatic moment,” if you will. The two cards depict two energies, forces, or persons whose interactions resulted in a life-altering denouement. If you find the Eight of Wands and the Four of Coins together, you can conclude that your past self had a startling understanding (Eight of Wands) that caused him to save money and food (Four of Coins) in anticipation of a tragedy.
  • Reaction is the sixth card. This card indicates your critical response to the catastrophe depicted by cards 4 and 5. The Devil in this position could indicate that the man in your earlier example kept his resources for himself; but, the Six of Coins could indicate that he attracted himself to others by generously giving his resources.
  • Life Lesson is the seventh card in the deck. This card represents the life lesson you acquired throughout your time on this planet. Anticipate this card to allude to the catastrophe depicted in cards Four and Five, as well as the response depicted in card Six. The Tower in this placement, for instance, may represent that you learned to break free from the prison of intense self-interest as a byproduct of being prompted to aid others.
  • Influence on Your Current Life is the eighth card.  This card will show you how the existence illustrated in this spread influences your current ideas, feelings, emotions, and decisions. In this placement, the King of Swords could indicate that your calm resolution of a past-life catastrophe equipped you to be a current-day leader. The Two of Wands, on the other hand, could indicate that today’s unwillingness to persist to a path of action is built-in self-doubt carried over from a past life.


Final Word:

Getting to know your past self is to get to know your current self better. We hope that the past life spread will help you discover more important things about yourself.


Did you manage to get in touch with your past lives through this tarot reading?

Let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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