Spiritual Gifts

August 25, 2022

Spiritual Gifts: Embracing Life & God’s Blessings


Learning our spiritual gifts is delightful because it allows us to discover something new about ourselves. A spiritual talent is something God has chosen specifically for you so that you can serve and use your distinctive aptitude to help advance the church on earth. God has chosen people to carry out his mission. 

He selected this path for reasons only he knows and comprehends. From a human standpoint, we may question whether this was the wisest move. After all, the sky is the limit regarding what God could have accomplished. But he chooses to bestow upon humanity numerous spiritual gifts to understand and spread his word. 

Alternatively, God may have established a distinct class of messengers who would never fail him – a “sin-proof” instrument that faithfully broadcast his Word. God could have popped his head through the skies and shouted, “I am God!” But God has chosen men and women to carry out his mission among humanity. Ready to find out what are the spiritual gifts in the Bible?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Learning about the spiritual gifts from God
  • Understanding the divine gifts or Christian gifts
  • Unlocking what each of the Spiritual Gifts has to offer
  • Mastering the Spiritual Gifts God has given to the people

What are Spiritual Gifts to you?

Everyone’s journey with God is unique. God’s expression through His disciples can vary. God’s purpose for each person’s life fits into His overall plan to reveal Himself to the world.  God’s spiritual gifts are part of His plan for people’s lives. Each of His followers receives His Spirit. He knows each person exactly; therefore, He knows which gifts He’ll use through them. 

Not all His disciples gain spiritual powers. All of the spiritual gifts the Bible outlines are important and work best in a Christian society. Talents are different from spiritual gifts. Specific abilities, like piano or sports skills, or talents. Hard labor develops talents. People without the Holy Spirit have numerous skills, including the ones above. 

But they can’t use the Holy Spirit‘s enabling power. As a Christian grows spiritually, so may their gifts. God utilizes circumstances to help you understand and use your skills. You can’t earn a gift by working harder. Grace is something God offers us that we don’t deserve or earn. Grace gives spiritual gifts. 

God grants spiritual talents to His people for the Christian community. “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good,” states a key Bible verse on spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:7, NIV).

What do the Spiritual Gifts entail in your life?

 #1: Enables us to grow in our understanding of Christ

Some individuals become distracted by spiritual gifts to the point where they become more preoccupied with the gifts than with Jesus. The believers start going after the signs and wonders, rather than the other way around, where the signs and wonders follow the believers. This demonstrates a lack of maturity on a spiritual level. 

The acquisition of spiritual gifts is not the objective; instead, they are the doorway. They are not toys to be played with; instead, they are instruments to build and weapons to engage in conflict with. If we use them for the glory of God rather than for our benefit, we will see increased productivity.

#2: Spiritual Gifts are to be Utilized

It is possible not to take advantage of a gift given to you. You are disobeying God by doing this and robbing the church of a blessing. Because of this, we must use the gifts he has provided for us. It must be an affront to God for us to devalue some gift God’s Holy Spirit has bestowed upon our lives by claiming that it isn’t significant enough to be put to good use.

#3: Each Spiritual Gift Has a Special Place in Christ’s Body

There is significance in every gift that God has given to the church, which is the body of Christ. It may appear that some spiritual abilities, like preaching, teaching, and professing, are more significant than others, such as hospitality or service. On the other hand, God has bestowed all of these gifts to edify his church. There is no reason to make light of these presents or treat them flippantly.

What are the types of Spiritual Gifts?

#1: Administration

The capacity to assist in guiding the church or a ministry toward the achievement of God-given goals by utilizing skills in planning, organization, and monitoring. This ability is essential for any Christian leader.

#2: Apostle

A person who is dispatched to new locations to spread the gospel. You may be familiar with the concept of apostles, missionaries who go to other nations to help spread the Christian faith. In addition, an apostle can offer guidance on questions about religion and spirituality.

#3: Discernment

The discernment to differentiate between truth and untruth is correctly determining whether a particular action or message is from God or another source that is not godly.


#4: Evangelism

The capacity for effective communication of the gospel message, particularly to those who do not believe in it.

#5: Exhortation

The ability to provide someone with encouragement, comfort, and support assists them in becoming all that God intends for them to be.

#6: Faith

People with this talent have such incredible faith in God’s power and promises that they can remain steadfast in their faith regardless of what others may do to try and dissuade them from it. They can defend and advance their faith in addition to standing up for the church and the beliefs they hold dear.

#7: Giving

Those who are blessed with this ability are exceptionally generous, both in terms of their willingness to share their resources and their ability to do so with joy and without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

#8: Healing

A power that God exercises to restore others in some way, whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

#9: Help

Someone who possesses this talent can provide members of the body of Christ with support or assistance to focus on ministering to other people.

#10: Hospitality

A natural capacity to make people feel welcome in one’s own house or church as a method of discipline or serving those people. This includes the ability to make outsiders feel at ease.

#11: Knowledge

Someone who is deeply committed to learning more about the Bible would give you this gift. It’s possible that this person also enjoys analyzing biblical passages.

#12: Leadership

A person with this ability can stand in front of a church, directing the congregation with care and attention and inspiring them to work toward accomplishing the church’s objectives.

#13: Mercy

This is the distinguishing characteristic of a person with a great deal of sensitivity toward individuals in pain. It reveals itself through acts of compassion and support, as well as a passion for providing aid in a tangible form to those struggling.

#14: Prophecy

The power to convey the message that God has for others to hear. Foresight or visions of what is ahead may sometimes be necessary for these situations. It is recommended that you only utilize this ability to either encourage or warn others.

#15: Serving

It is a skill in determining what needs to be done for the body of Christ and how best to accomplish those duties with the resources at hand.

#16: Speaking in Tongues

Having the miraculous capability to communicate in a different heavenly language (one that has not been learned).

#17: Teaching

The ability to teach from the Bible and effectively express what one has learned so that others might comprehend it and improve their spirituality.

#18: Wisdom

The ability to go through several pieces of information and conclude about the church’s most pressing needs.


What happens when you find you possess a Spiritual Gift?

It’s easy to lose sight of Jesus while pursuing your spiritual gifts. They can become idols to us sometimes; don’t let this distract you from being the only one who matters. Furthermore, once we identify the gift or gifts we have, we can become stereotyped within them. You should not be a pastor just because you have the talent for teaching! 

Each gift has various applications, and your mentors, friends, and church leaders may assist you in determining how to apply your remarkable God-given abilities. You may discover that your abilities alter over time. 

For example, you may discover that you will be given the gift of faith as your faith grows. This simply means that you are growing in your faith in Jesus and are becoming more confident in sharing your beliefs. 

However, as we age, gain insight, have new experiences, and travel further with the Lord, we all change, and our spiritual gifts may also change. Consider it a software update from God!

What should you do with your Spiritual Gifts?

Once you’ve determined your gift(s), begin using them to praise God. Volunteering your spiritual gifts in a ministry or around your church advances the Kingdom of God. That is true regardless of how minor the task appears. Find a place to serve (volunteering is frequently referred to as “serving”) that allows you to use at least one of your talents, and you’ll be shocked at how blessed your time will be. 

You may be surprised at how easy it is for you; God has given you a heavenly ability that you are innately good at and flows naturally! You might be amazed at how much you appreciate exercising your new gift muscle. Start in your church; ask a leader where volunteers are needed and see what would fit for your gifting. 

For example, a hospital or jail ministry may be the place for you if you have the gift of mercy. If you have a natural sense of hospitality, meeting new people or setting up for events may be a good fit. Your talent of exhortation could make you an invaluable asset to a prayer ministry. 

Remember that your gifts can be used in various ways, so don’t feel obligated to do something simply because it appears to be ideal for your gifts on the surface. If an assignment isn’t making you happy, look for another one. If a task makes you happy, it’s a positive sign you’ve found your expertise.

Final Word:

Spiritual Gifts are meant to be used for the glory of God and His people. You’ll find that you may possess one or more of the aforementioned spiritual gifts.

Which of the spiritual gifts do you believe you could possess?

Share with us your answers in the comments down below!

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