Angel Number 1331

July 26, 2022

Angel Number 1331: A Heavenly Sign to Start Having Faith In Yourself


Because of our natural limitations as humans, there are layers upon layers of reality that we can’t perceive. One of these is communicating with the guardian angels. 

Fortunately, they made the effort to convey their messages to us through special symbols called angel numbers.

These numbers can vary from a single digit to a sequence of numbers, but the common denominator is the fact that when the guardian angels send them, we start to see this number more frequently. 

Their meanings are specifically geared for you to gain insight on how to move forward with your life.

So, if you frequently see a certain number, like angel number 1331, start moving. Look into its meaning, and learn the best you can.

Angel Number 1331 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of this angel number?

Angel number 1331 is made out of two equally powerful angel numbers and their variations — 1, 3, 13, 33, 133, and 331. The repetition of these two digits doubles the urgency of this message, but to make its meaning more significant, there’s also a master number that influences the whole thing.

Angel number 1 signifies that you’re born to be a leader. 

It’s also a signifier that you are at a turning point in your life. This period is going to be important since the divine beings have decided to give you a second chance to make better decisions in the near future.

Angel number 3 is the sign that fosters imagination and creativity. It also emphasizes the importance of communication. 

Since 33, also called master number 33, appears in this sequence, you are about to experience spiritual growth and expansion as well. Among all the master numbers, 33 is the most influential. 

As long as you continue to nurture your spirituality, angel number 1331 is an encouragement that you will grow immensely.

In Christianity, 1 and 3 also have significant meanings. 1 represents the oneness and holiness of the Lord. Despite the numerous religions and beliefs, there is only one God. Meanwhile, number 3 symbolizes the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Therefore, 1331 angel number meaning is to encourage you to hone your skill. Be more confident in yourself and work hard towards your dreams.

Is it a good sign?

You can view change as good or bad, depending on the perspective you choose. However, for the spiritual realm, change brought upon by angel number 1331 is for the better.

At this sensitive time, the guardian angels are showing you their full support. Even if you cannot see them, you can always call them for help.


Change will test your character and strengthen your faith. Trust that the guardian angels will not allow you to go through trials alone. 

It’s also an affirmation that despite all the mistakes you’ve made in the past, you are still worthy of a second chance. You’re capable of being accountable for your actions, learning from the things that didn’t work, and correcting yourself in the future.

Do not allow yourself to be defined by your past. Truth be told, you can never move forward if you deliberately push yourself down. 

Acknowledge that you are not perfect. 

You will never be. 

But there is beauty in imperfection, and that’s what you should look into.

Is 1331 a lucky number?

As you continue to grow in the spiritual journey, will angel number 1331’s meaning prove to be good or bad luck?

Since this is a message from the spiritual authorities, it also holds their divine insight. It’s an assurance or a warning, depending on how you are living your life right now.

Angel number 1331 is telling you that your strengths are more than enough to help you succeed in life, but you should learn how to handle your cards well. Evaluate what you want to do in life and go after it with all your being.

When faced with a problem, you find the most out-of-the-box answers. 

Not everyone can understand your level of creativity. 

After all, there’s a fine line between genius and madness. 

Don’t waste your time on people who cannot see you for who you are. When they give unsolicited comments about you, don’t hesitate to brush it off as noise.

For people who prefer looking back to the past rather than looking forward to what lies ahead, 1331 angel number meaning can be a sign of bad luck

It’s a warning that they will undergo difficulties when their current situation is tested. When they continue to choose inflexibility, this angel number can easily be regarded as a harbinger of bad luck.


What does angel number 1331 represent?

Angel number 1331 meaning is a hopeful promise from the guardian angels that they will always have your back.

It is encouraging you to be more trustful. Have faith on yourself, on your confidants, and on the guardian angels. 

Uncertainties, worries, and anxieties are always out there to get you, but you have the power to control your mindset and now allow yourself to succumb to these negativities.

Instead, set your eyes on your goals. Focus your efforts in meeting them and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Although there is still a possibility of failing a few times before you get to the top, living a life geared towards pursuing your passion is such a meaningful life.

Angel Number 1331 and Love

When it comes to love, angel number 1331 is encouraging you to focus your attention inwards.

 What is it that your heart truly desires?

If you’re single, there can be some pressure from peers and family for you to find a partner before you “run out of time.” 

Don’t let their opinion get to you.

You’re living your own timeline and you shouldn’t rush into a relationship until you’re ready. Premature commitments will only lead to a heartbreak for both you and your partner.

If you are in a relationship that’s going downhill, angel number 1331 is telling you that through mutual effort, there is still hope in saving it. 

Be open to compromise and meet halfway for the relationship to work. Since your current set-up is no longer working, look to implement change.

If you’re in a loving relationship, take angel number 1331 as a chance to take things higher. In this case, change can strengthen your partnership and deepen your love for each other. 

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do together, but never had the time for it? 

The appearance of this angel number is a sign that you should pursue it now, whether it’s getting married, starting a family, or moving in together.


Why do I keep seeing angel number 1331?

The guardian angels are showing you the 1331 angel number because they believe that you can reflect a lot from its meaning and apply it to your life.

There are plenty of places wherein you can usually see this number, be it in the street, on the internet, in your dreams, or even on the clock. If you keep catching the time at exactly 13:31, it’s called a reverse mirror hour.

It’s a challenge for you to take your spiritual journey more seriously. If you feel like you’re being called by divine beings to do something you don’t want to do, search your heart for the reason. Is it merely stubbornness or is it because you’re scared of facing the challenge?

Keep in mind that living a life that’s opposite of what you’re called to is like going against the currents. Once you lose all your energy from restraining, you’ll eventually be swept away.

Have courage and use your leadership skills. Your potential is endless, but you have to put in the work as well.

Final Word

Even though you cannot see them, your guardian angels are always there to keep you safe, deliver you from harm, and light your path. 

Sending you angel number 1331 is their attempt in communication, so when you see this number, be quick on your toes. 

Set aside your preconceived notions, open your mind, and do your best to read between the lines. There are so many lessons you can gather, but you need to go beyond reading and understanding it. 

You also have to apply it in yourself.

1331 angel number meaning carries so much hope. You are so lucky to be shown this powerful angel number that bears an immensely strong connection with the spiritual realm. 

Aside from being a good sign, it is also serving as good luck for people who are continually following their spiritual path.

Because you are called to grow in your spiritual journey, spend more time nurturing it. Feed your mind and soul with activities that will help you grow close to the divine beings. 

Open your minds and listen to your gut. Your intuition is highly connected to them.

Lastly, this angel number is reminding you that as you face new changes and challenges, don’t forget to call unto the guardian angels for help. 

Are you ready to experience the fulfillment of this number’s meaning? Share your thoughts with us.


21 thoughts on “Angel Number 1331: A Heavenly Sign to Start Having Faith In Yourself”

  1. I am already stepping to my business the angels has been there all my life, it when people harm me with spells, I had to first find help I prayed and seek assistances now I am here talking to you

  2. Wow I keep seeing this number alot these past 3 days.
    And when I am playing on my sweeps game I am always inclined to pic 13 and then 31 and then 1 and 3 weeird! Thank you for enlightening me.

  3. Why is this so hard ? I have been through so much in the last two weeks it’s unreal, I don’t think people have any idea .set back after set back , and I feel like that nothing I do is right ! And every time I check my emails, it’s something I’m not doing right or I’m not aligned. And last week I went to save my neighbor’s life , and he died ! , then my whole family turned their back on me , my own mother doesn’t believe in me and we’re not talking, then my car repossessed, I have no income, I’m really trying, and everyone wants me to purchase something that I can’t. And I should believe that something good will happen, and I will be wealthy one day ? I have nothing ! No friends because they were not really my friends, and this just makes me wanna do drugs to numb myself, I don’t know what my gift are . This is a cry for help!!!

  4. I am wondering how I can improve my health, so my confidence also gets better and I will have the ability to eradicate my shaking hands and ask Sara to have dinner with me. I fell in love with her 80 years ago when I first saw her riding her tricycle on the sidewalk. I hid behind some bushes, so she couldn’t see me watching her. Now, 80 years later,I have Parkinsons’, Heart Disease, bad back (5 Herniated disks), Diabetes, and Hypothyroid Condition. It is all I can do to keep my pill box in order and maintain my condo by myself. Then too, I have dental surgery this month How can I begin to approach Sara for a date in my condition? She is so beautiful and she was always beautiful.

    Can Angel 1331 help? If yes how? You said I was special. I haven’t discovered just how I fit that description yet. Perhaps Angel 1331 can help my research in that area. I have been Emailing all the “useful and insightful” daily information about our corrupt government, UFOs, spiritual and all associated subjects, such as our belief systems especially those of GOD to approximately 150 people, and growing, usually daily. I don’t get much sleep. I used to manage computer application systems developments at a major Health Insurance Company. I did have 4 children that I am very proud of. That is sort of special to me but it’s just the American way. That isn’t special on a worldly or spiritual basis – is it? Just how special am I anyway? I so hope you can help.
    Your mortal (and special) friend.

    Ed Brown
    2520 Big Bear Ln
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46217

  5. Thank your for sharing this with me. 33 is a number I always look for. I don’t necessarily see it, but I look for it, because Jesus was 33 when he died. (My Dad died when he was 39 and I miss him terribly). Thank you again.

  6. Mr. Arlen H. Proffitt

    I am a no nonsense, yet joyful, person. I crave knowledge about everything Earthly and far beyond. I believe in God, but question that has been written by Man. I strive to decipher what is really written into the Biblical works. I especially delve into the meanings of the Native American First Peoples’ stories about their Spirits, their Creation Story, and the connectedness of all things tangible and intangible on this Earth and beyond.
    Throughout my life, I have joined many social and special groups, been elected to government positions, and been active in volunteer organizations. In short order, I have been elevated to positions of leadership in all of these. I did not ask for these positions but was asked by the others to be their leader.
    I went to war as an Infantryman and avoided serious injury or death in instances where I saw other soldiers receive serious injury or death in the same instances. I was given special Squad weapons, Squad positions, and was promoted quickly. I was chosen the one out of many to receive special privileges. Coming back stateside, I was given the command of a tracked vehicle, an Armored Personnel Carrier, and a Squad of soldiers even though I did not have the required rank for either. Our Squad worked very hard to make us and our “track” one of the best on the Post.
    I always got well-paying jobs shortly after I applied for them, when others waited years to get these jobs. I was given more intense training than others and advanced much quicker than others. I was asked to do jobs other than my assigned job. I studied everything I could get my hands on about all of these jobs.
    I was married to a lady preacher who preached at 2 churches every Sunday. I was usually asked to be the Liturgist, because the congregation told me they could hear and understand me better than others. Many times, I had people tell me that the wrong person of this married couple is a preacher.
    I tried to be just a regular “sidelines” participant in several prestigious organizations, but I felt as though I was being useless to the organizations by doing this. I was not happy unless I was in a position of leadership. I was not an authoritarian leader, but I strived to help the members to be more effective in their working towards the goals of the organizations. I often would sit down with the members in an informal situation and explain the bylaws and goals of the organization. I would also try to explain the environment and mores of the people they were endeavoring to assist.
    Finally, I suffered burnout from being always a leader. I resigned all of my positions of leadership and membership in all of the organizations I was involved in. I have basically been a hermit for 10 years, now, but something has been stirring within me for a while. I have a feeling that I must get away from my current urban location and relocate to a sparsely populated part of my state. Not to be bragging, but I have a feeling that the people there need my type of leadership skills to help them. I am heeding this almost overwhelming urge and am planning for the move. Also, I have been offered a nice house much larger than my current apartment and for a lesser rent price than my current apartment.
    The Good Lord and the Angels have gently pushed me forward and protected me from serious harm my entire life, and for this I am eternally grateful.

  7. Louisemaureenhanrahan

    Some of that was interesting I’m many ways thank my guardian angels for me even thought I can’t cee them 🥰🙏

  8. Thankyou beautiful angels and the devine for guiding me towards a much better life with love and light coming in every day…I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY BEAUTIFUL SOULS OF MY ANCESTORS TOO. AMEN ❤✨🎇🙏🙏🙏

  9. Thanks very much is amazing how it makes all and more sense to me I’m am set to increase my connection and awareness to the higher realms guidance 🙏❤️😇




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