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January 17, 2022

Angel Number 355: Leveraging Skills to Deal With Change


It may mean nothing the first time you see it, but the repeated appearance of a certain number in your life means the guardian angels want to communicate with you. 

These numbers are called an angel number. 

They carry special messages from up above, so when you see them, act quickly. 

Learn their meanings, ponder on what’s between the lines, and reflect on how you can apply them to rise above your current situation. 

There are different angel numbers. In this case, what does angel number 355 mean and what should you do if you keep seeing it? 

Angel Number 355 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of this angel number?

Angel number 355’s spiritual meaning comes from the combination of single-digit angel numbers 3 and 5, along with their variations. 

When the guardian angels mix digits in a sequence, the process results in more appropriate advice on what you’re currently going through. 

Also, to understand angel number 355’s core message, it’s best to look into the individual meanings of the angel numbers that comprise it. 

Angel number 3 is a sign of communication, creativity, confidence, and charisma. It’s a reminder from the guardian angels to be courageous in expressing your authenticity to the world. 

Not everyone will get you, but as long as you are being true to yourself, your opinions will never matter. 

Number 3 is also relevant in Christianity

It symbolizes the Holy Trinity, namely God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, who may have different personas but are ultimately one and the same God. 

On the other hand, angel number 5 signifies positive changes, freedom, and optimism. It’s a reminder that for you to stick to your goals, you need to make decisions that align with your soul’s mission. 

And since angel number 5 repeats twice in this sequence, its influence is also doubled. It emphasizes the fact that positive changes are coming soon, so you should be ready for them. 

Combining them all, 355 angel numbers’ spiritual energy roots from powerful angel numbers. It is a reminder to fulfill your soul’s mission by using your strengths and paving the path that aligns to it. 


Is it a good sign? 

Angel number 355’s bears the divine message from the guardian angels. 

You’re embarking on a spiritual journey, and to make the most out of the way, you need their guidance from time to time. 

When you’re feeling confused, down, or in a slump, call unto the guardian angels for help. They may not answer you directly because of your limitations as a human being, they will continue to send divine signals. 

Before the shifting tides sweep you off your feet, angel number 355 is a reminder to do the necessary inner work first. 

Self-development doesn’t only come by building better routines and creating valuable work. It’s also about unlearning your preconceived notions about yourself. 

More importantly, it’s having the grace to forgive yourself for the mistakes you did in the past. 

Lay your grievances down. If you want to see a future with peace in mind, leave your excess baggage behind. 

There’s no manual on how to live life. As long as you exist, you’re bound to make more mistakes, but so what? 

Trial and error are what makes you human. Recognize your vulnerability and accept life’s unpredictability. 

The divine beings can only guide you on the right path. 

It’s you who has to walk on it. 

Is 355 a lucky number?

Angel number 355 is a simple angel number that serves as the guardian angels’ message. 

Though there’s no connection whether the message is unlucky or not, you can consider its appearance as a lucky part of your life. 

Time has seen how people associate meanings to different things, and numbers 3 and 5 are not special cases. 

For example, there are contradicting beliefs about whether number 3 brings good or bad luck. People believe that the third time’s the charm, and at the same time, they also believe that good luck comes in threes. 


But for angel number 355, the guardian angels are reminding you that it’s your responsibility to create your own luck. 

If you’re straying away from your life purpose, this angel number’s appearance is a bad omen. 

But don’t lose hope! 

Now that you know this, take it as another chance to turn things around. 

Get back on your toes and become stronger. 

Keep in mind that everything is temporary, such as this rough patch. 

You’ve already gotten over rough patches before. This one will not last long. 

On the other hand, if you’ve been religiously following your soul’s mission, be grateful for this sign. 

Your hard work is paying off. Prepare for all the opportunities coming your way. 

What does angel number 355 represent?

Angel number 355’s meanings are full of serious implications that you can’t just disregard. 

First, it’s an encouragement to pursue an authentic life. 

You see the world in a different way, but not everyone understands your perspective. This doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. 

People just look in the direction they want. And that has nothing to do with you. 

The guardian angels are telling you to find the courage to share a piece of yourself to the world. Use your communication skills well and let your creativity shine.

Second, be on the lookout for major changes happening soon. 


There’s no telling when and how, but you can start by doing conscious internal changes as a preparation. 

Focus more on the brighter side of things, but don’t let it consume you. 

Challenges, hardships, and trials are natural parts of life, but so are happiness, pleasure, and positivity. Don’t skew the balance by putting more weight on each side. 

Too much negativity will make you susceptible to depression while pursuing pleasure will make you a shallow hedonist. 

Third, angel number 355 is telling you to focus on your progress. 

Moving forward is not always a linear line. Sometimes, life pulls you down before it launches you into projectile motion. 

It’s easy to feel like you’re plateauing, but in reality, you’re just settling in to adjust before you reach another milestone. If you catch yourself fixating on the details, zoom out to see the macro view. 

By sending you this angel number, the guardian angels are essentially showing their support. 

Angel Number 355 and Love

In romance and twin flame relationships, angel number 355’s meaning points towards the importance of freedom. 

Whatever relationship status you’re in, it’s important to cultivate a healthy sense of freedom and dependence. 

If you’re in a relationship, keep in mind that you don’t need to make your partner your world.

For example, it’s fine if you engage in hobbies that they’re not interested in. 

It’s fine to explore new things to strengthen your individuality as long as you discuss the context with your partner so they don’t feel taken for granted. 

And if you’re single who’s thinking of going into a relationship, evaluate if you’re ready for a serious commitment. 

Know what you’re truly looking for before jumping into one. 


A relationship isn’t all about rainbows and butterflies in your stomach. It’s also about compromises and meeting halfways. 

Since this angel number also tells about change, expect some changes in your love life. 

If you’re genuinely ready for love, get yourself out there. The energy you release is the energy you attract, so be sure you’re getting all the right intentions in what you’re looking for. 

The right person will come to you at the right time, but you also have to do your part. 

Put your walls down. Entertain new people. 

If you’re in a relationship, the shifting tides can alter the direction of your sail. 

The guardian angels didn’t intend for this to be a bad warning. It only means that you and your partner have to make some adjustments to keep the relationship afloat. 

Extend your patience. 

Show some grace. 

You’ve overcome changes before, and you’ll overcome this now. 

Why do I keep seeing angel number 355?

The guardian angels intended for you to see angel number 355 because, at one point in time in the past, you asked for their help.

This angel number is their answer. 

It may appear while you’re doing mundane things like driving, scrolling Instagram, or looking at the clock. But the common denominator is you’re drawn to this number without knowing why. 

Angel number 355 is just one of the signs that the guardian angels are sending you. 

If you want to receive more of their messages, strengthen your spiritual connection with them. 


Continue to reflect on your inner self and how you can apply this angel number’s meaning to your life. 

Final Word

Angel number 355 is a special message from the divine beings that carries their wisdom for your current situation. 

Among all the angel numbers, they chose this unique sequence. And among all the people they could’ve shown this to, they chose you. 

You’re a fortunate person. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. 

The guardian angels are always supportive of you. 

Keep in mind that they’ll help you in any way they can. 

Did 355 angel number’s message speak to you? 

What kind of changes are you looking forward to? 

Share your thoughts with us! 

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