crystals for emf protection

May 19, 2022

Crystals for EMF Protection: A Fundamental Guide


Modern technology makes us both masters and slaves in the 21st century. Wires, satellites, cell phones, and security cameras abound in our homes and in the world outside our windows. These technologies can sap us mentally and physically, which is why EMF protection is important. Do you know what else is important? Crystals for EMF protection!

The hidden power of EMF protection crystals keeps your natural spirit grounded and free. An electromagnetic field (EMF) is sometimes known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). All of our electronic devices emit invisible energy waves that ripple through our bodies and cause minor adverse effects.

Though it may sound like EMF is a new-age concept, it is backed by science and is detailed on your electricity provider’s website. Without a doubt, EMF is a very significant issue in today’s environment. This is why it is more than imperative to use natural crystals to expel negative energies from your life. Are you ready to find out which one is perfect for you?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Expelling negative energies using natural crystals
  • Learning how to properly use emf protection crystals
  • Finding out why there is a need for emf protection crystals
  • Wielding your healing crystals to your advantage for emf protection

How are electromagnetic fields (EMF) harmful to you?

Signals, towers, and plug sockets all emit electromagnetic fields, and it is inherent in our modern makeup that there will be waves in our world. There are two types of electromagnetic fields in this world: high-level EMFs and low-level EMFs. High level is a term that refers to extremely powerful waves that can be generated by the sun or by advanced medical equipment such as X-ray machines or even radiofrequency radiation.

The low level is caused by all of our electrically powered household items and electricity lines. People’s neurological and psychiatric problems have been linked to frequent exposure to low-level non-ionizing radiation, such as that found in our household items, according to research. Cell phones, on the other hand, have been linked to an increase in the number of Gliomas (brain tumors) in the brain.

When you are exposed to electromagnetic fields on a regular basis, you may experience symptoms ranging from exhaustion to poor libido, depression to anxiety, headaches, sleeping issues, irritability, memory loss, a change in appetite, nausea, and skin tingling. You could be suffering from a variety of these issues, or you could be suffering from just one.

The point is that there appears to be a legitimate risk connected with EMF exposure, which is why putting even a little degree of protection in place makes perfect sense in this situation.

How can EMF Protection Crystals help you?

Since ancient times, crystals have been employed as a protective force against sorcerers, evil vibes, and electromagnetic fog, which is slowly engulfing our once-pristine environment. Do all crystals with healing properties can keep you safe from EMFs?

Nevertheless, particularly those with high iron content, have the ability to successfully block and protect the body, mind, and soul from external electromagnetic interference. Selections of crystals, in addition to having high iron content, also have enhanced purification properties.

This means that they will connect to and align the chakras, lend their radiant energies to improve the Feng Shui of your space and absorb the toxic properties that are traveling around from EMF, catching them before they pass through the body.

Which EMF Protection Crystals are for you?

#1: Hematite

When it comes to emf exposure, it takes a lot of strength to defend yourself from EMF smog and radiation, but this lovely dark mineral crystal certainly does its job. Soldiers used to stud their armor with hematite, according to legend, on the battlefields of ancient Rome, as a type of protection from the elements.

Hematite is also referred to as “The Blood Stone” in some circles. The reason for this is that it has abundant blood cleaning capabilities, which can also aid in the removal of toxins from your body. This crystal, which is high in iron, is ideal for keeping next to your workstation or anywhere else where you have a lot of technology.

#2: Black Tourmaline

This midnight black stone is one of the most protective crystals on the planet, and if you want to wrap yourself in a force field of the highest level of protection, this stone is the best talisman to keep you safe. This is very useful when it comes to warding off negative energy.

Along with being a powerful grounding factor when it comes to personal energy, the Black Tourmaline stone is also skilled at cleansing away the EMF fog that seeks to infiltrate your environment. Black Tourmaline jewelry is a highly perceptive and absorbent stone that may also be used to block bad energy and transform them into positive vibrations.


#3: Shungite

Shungite is a powerful stone that has been around for thousands of years. This 2-million-year-old stone is supposed to be so powerful that it can stop anything harmful to human health in its tracks, as well as completely absorb and dispel bad energy.

When it comes to EMF protection, how does Shungite manage to reach such high notes? This stone is composed of a mind-boggling 98 percent carbon, which means that it has a significant amount of weight to work with.

#4: Pyrite

As a result of its metallic element, Greek name, and undeniable affinity for protection, Pyrite has earned a reputation as a life-saving stone when it comes to shielding you from environmental and even emotional waves of negative energy.

As well as being effective at cutting through the issues produced by EMF, Pyrite is also effective at providing an energetic boost, making it a perfect stone to keep in your home office or anywhere else where you need to be able to operate fast with technology.

#5: Citrine

This vibrant and powerfully exploding gemstone is directly associated with the root chakra as well as the solar plexus. Citrine is extremely beneficial to have around since it aids in the healing of the body after exposure to EMFs and may also be used to mop up negative energy as necessary. Also, Citrine, which is abundant in iron hydrate, is at its most strong during the warm, bright, and damp seasons.

#6: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a powerful protecting energy that appears soft and graceful on the outside, but is strong and thoroughly cleansing on the inside. The process of clearing a space of EMF energy can also draw in positive energy alongside negative energy. Rose Quartz can assist in re-infusing positive energy into an area once it has been cleared of EMF energy.

It is a beautiful crystal for keeping your blood circulation moving, which in turn helps the body to drain out all that is poisonous and leaves you feeling fully rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

#7: Smoky Quartz

This dark and enigmatic stone is a potent healer with a wide range of applications and therapeutic properties. Those who struggle to let go of old patterns, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can consider Smoky Quartz as a crystal to use. Smoky Quartz is a stone of transformation.

It is known to bring pure light energy from the crown chakra down into the root chakra, assisting you in grounding yourself into the earth’s energy field. In addition to helping with overall well-being, smoky quartz is also believed to aid in the release of undesirable emotional baggage, the surrendering of old wounds, stability, and grounding.

How do you use EMF Protection Crystals?

Whatever EMF protection crystals you choose, it is important to understand how to use them properly as a shield against the damage and negative effects of EMF and radiofrequency radiation waves.

One of the most straightforward methods to benefit from the therapeutic properties of these gems is to wear EMF protection jewelry. You will always be safe no matter where you go if you wear the appropriate kind of crystals on a daily basis, as indicated above.

When it comes to EMF, wearing bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and anything else that comes in close contact with the skin will be a game-changer. Additionally, you can just set your EMF protective crystal near the areas of your home where you use the most technological equipment.

However, you should exercise caution while working with crystals that have strong magnetic qualities when they are in close proximity to your laptops and external hard drives because they can have an impact on your data recordings.

Quartz crystals should also be handled with caution when placed in close proximity to electronic devices since they can act as semi-conductors of energy and can even amplify electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

We recommend that you resort to crystals such as Rose Quartz in an effort to heal from EMFs rather than placing them next to your electronics as a kind of protection.


Final Word:

Crystals for emf protection are very important for you to have for the sake of your peace of mind and overall health. If you really did value your well-being, you would consider making use of the precious gemstones the earth has to offer.

Which one of the crystals caught your eye the most?

Tell us through the comments down below!

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