October 20, 2022

Crystals for Psychic Protection: Raise Your Vibration to Achieve Freedom


Energy is constantly arriving at us from all directions; it could be the leftovers of someone else’s poor day, toxic sentiments and thinking patterns, misfortune, or even the stars or planets performing strange things. Considering that energy is everywhere, keeping oneself protected becomes even more essential. Hence, the need for crystals for psychic protection.

Protection stones can assist you in maintaining a positive forcefield of light around you. These crystals for psychic protection are high in brilliant vibrations and frequencies, providing a protective coating that makes it difficult for harmful vibes to penetrate. Protection Crystals not only keep you safe and well-protected, but they also keep your chakras wide open

Some protective gemstones provide safety by hiding you, while others deflect negative energy and transform the energy around your place from dark to light. Crystals for safety help expel negative energy and aids in your spiritual protection from negativity of all sorts. Are you ready to find out which crystals for psychic protection are for you?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll find out about:

  • Discovering Crystals for Psychic Protection
  • How to use each of the crystals for psychic protection
  • Finding the suitable crystals for psychic protection for you
  • The benefits you’ll get from crystals for psychic protection

Which are the suitable Crystals for Psychic Protection for you?

#1: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protection stones known for sweeping harmful vibrations out of an area, bringing all the good luck to the celebration. This black crystal transmutes super-strong grounding forces while enveloping you in a powerful defensive barrier that no energy vampire dares to breach. Not only does Black Tourmaline guard your emotional forcefield, but it also protects you from the detrimental side effects of EMFs and enhances your immune system.

#2: Citrine

The pure positive rays of this magnificent crystal are as sunny and bright as the first rays of spring after a long dark winter. Citrine brings a lot of money and a lot of vitality. Also, Citrine’s radiant force field is blinding in its brightness, and no black shadow could ever penetrate it. The summer stone keeps your spirits high by connecting with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, all while whirling negative energy on its head.

#3: Amethyst

The Amethyst stone is recognized for giving magnificent healing energy, a strong dosage of inner strength, and building a protective shield that keeps you standing in the zone of light and love. Amethyst has powerful vibrations, which means it can easily repel psychic attacks. 

Also, Amethyst not only works from the outside, but it also communicates its healing vibrations deep within, keeping you calm and open to your most profound intuition. When we connect with our intuition, we learn to trust that wisdom, and this can be one of the most secure places to be.

#4: Black Obsidian

This volcanic glass rock acts as a deflector of bad energy. Obsidian, being a powerful protection stone, begins by keeping your body adequately detoxed and ensuring that any chakra blockages are cleansed and cleared so you can be open and alert. It works with your third eye to increase intuition and inner wisdom, but it also includes a full flow of grounding forces to keep you connected and standing firm no matter how powerful the wind blows.

#5: Fluorite

Fluorite, the rainbow stone, is here to vanquish any evil energies. Fluorite is a unique stone with unique properties. This spell obscures your aura, making you invisible to all forms of darkness or psychic attack. It also works by neutralizing all types of negative energy that enter its field, effectively stopping all negative sentiments and emotional disasters in its tracks. Fluorite will provide you with crystal-clear eyesight and a great sense of purpose.

#6: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, rich in grace and steeped in the calm colors of the universe, flushes out the bad to keep you healthy. This stone is known for healing the throat and the third eye chakras, providing empaths the inner wisdom to see deeply within themselves and vocalize all of their truths. Lapis Lazuli, often known as the stone of knowledge, does not allow any opportunity for negative energy to enter; instead, it rekindles latent dreams and propels progress and grandeur.

#7: Smoky Quartz

This healing quartz is infused with smoky clouds, mystique, and magic. Smoky Quartz guards the root chakra and keeps you in touch with your true and honest self, always ready to dispel unwelcome energy. When we are rooted and sturdy, negative vibes are less likely to knock us off our feet. Smoky Quartz also works by enveloping your aura in a protecting light while clearing your energy.

#8: Agate

There are many various types of Agate, such as the delicate Blue Lace Agate, but the Fire Agate has to be one of the most potent therapeutic variations of this brilliant and earthly stone. As the name implies, Fire Agate has a blazing vibration that provides a powerful shield around the body. Any negative energy that attempts to get through this shield will be instantly consumed, leaving you cleansed, charged, and kissed by the healing light of the fire.

#9: Carnelian

Carnelian is your fire knight in sparkling armor if you wish to maintain your mind in a personal sacred area and free from all those who would try to creep inside. This beautiful red stone is said to drive away all evil and to cut through destructive emotions like jealousy, rage, resentment, and fear like a knife through butter. Carnelian provides warmth, joy, and brilliance that is unshakeable by anything or anyone.

#10: Hematite

Say goodbye to all types of bad ideas as you incorporate the healing qualities of protecting Hematite into your life. Hematite has been used to safeguard humans for over three thousand years because of its capacity to tap into our survival instinct, provide a protective layer against absorbing the energy of others, and ensure that your confidence levels remain glowing no matter how dark the sky appears to get. Additionally, Hematite is an expert at halting destructive emotions and maintaining your circulation so you can be physically strong.


#11: Kyanite

Prepare to tune in and put self-doubt to the curb with the true magic of calm and serene Kyanite. The rational thinker Kyanite enters the room, humming its excellent high vibrations. It clears the mucky mind of uneasy feelings, prevents overthinking, and ensures that you are not open and vulnerable to any sort of deception. 

Blue Kyanite is your calling card if you need a little help maintaining healthy boundaries. This stone connects to the throat chakra, ensuring you can properly articulate your demands.

#12: Labradorite

Labradorite, another fascinating and mysterious stone, helps our hearts shine. This valuable stone is deep and exciting and acts as a wall of protection over your heart chakra, allowing it to remain open. 

Protection does not imply shutting down and locking yourself off; with Labradorite on your side, you will never have to worry about someone taking advantage of you. It keeps you covered and cloaked even when dealing with the needs and pains of others, allowing you to be there for those you care about without putting yourself in danger emotionally.

#13: Rose Quartz

We generally think of Rose Quartz as a stone that inspires gentleness and vulnerability, as it is one of the pack’s most potent heart chakra crystals. On the contrary, while Rose Quartz connects with its feminine side and is all about love and trust, it provides a lot of security. 

It fosters extraordinary emotional resilience by increasing trust and self-love foundations. When we are strong and full of love for ourselves, we have all we need to make decisions that keep us secure and firm without jeopardizing our self-worth.

#14: Selenite

Selenite is an angelic stone that should not be trifled with. While it may appear to be a dainty snowdrop, this gemstone gleams with extremely defensive qualities. Because of its close link with the waxing and waning of the moon, selenite is one of the best spiritual stones available. 

It can be utilized for various spiritual purposes, ranging from clearing energy obstacles to cultivating psychic visions. It protects the wearer from emotional and spiritual attacks by erecting a dense protection zone that not even a speck of negativity can pass through.

#15: Malachite

Malachite is immersed in pure and bright energy, glistening in stunning tones of emerald green. This green gem, a creative stone, brings more than its fair share of defensive properties to the table. Malachite deepen your intuition while also forming a powerful barrier around you. 

With this barrier in place, you can walk through the world confidently and efficiently, knowing that Malachite will use its protective powers to absorb any pollutants or poisonous energies that may otherwise come your way.

#16: Pyrite

Pyrite, a gleaming gold stone, is one of the finest protective gems. It is regarded as one of the most effective shields against the effects of EMFs. Along with being a stone of purity, Pyrite also protects you against energy vampires. It is always ready to step in if it detects a spark of unwanted attention going your way. Pyrite protects you from external pressures and intervenes and prevents self-created toxic emotions from running wild within your head.

#17: Clear Quartz

When it comes to ward off negative energy, the Clear Quartz crystal is one of the most powerful stones. This glass-like stone works with duality power. It not only repels negative energy but also draws an abundance of happiness. When you have Clear Quartz on your side, you can make an intention and have complete faith that it will come true since it is so powerful.

Final Word:

You need Crystals for Psychic Protection, not only to protect yourself but your loved ones as well. There is no harm in giving protective shields to everyone you care about.

Which of the Crystals for Psychic Protection do you like the most?

Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below!


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