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July 16, 2022

Astrology Houses: How to Find Yours


You’ve probably heard of the Twelve Astrology Houses if you’ve had your chart read or hung around with astrology enthusiasts. Horoscopes are many people’s introduction to astrology. As we follow them, we grow interested in our birth charts’ various moving parts. You’ve heard of signs and planets, but what’s a House?

Each planet, asteroid, or celestial point resides in a House, and its placement reveals your personality and how you interact with others. The Houses show your past, present, and future. As planets pass these regions, tangible and emotional phenomena occur. Different signs represent each house.

This is indeed extraordinary! Houses make astrology so amazing. Each represents a life component, but none exists in a silo. The Twelve Houses work as a single unit, a 360-degree wheel. Geometric rhythm symbolizes a person’s cosmology, and every zodiac sign can be found in each astrological house. Are you ready to get to know these house systems?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Finding your zodiac sign in all astrological houses
  • Getting to know your interpersonal houses better
  • Astrological houses: your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign
  • Discovering how the zodiac wheel functions in a house system

What are the astrology houses for you?

The houses are comprised of the birth chart‘s 12 equal divisions and may be found on the left side of the page. Given that it is a perfect numerical, the number 12 appears quite frequently in astrological contexts. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Houses are not the same thing as the zodiac wheel, which is based on the movement of the sun’s apparent movement around its axis on the eastern horizon once every year.

Instead, each House is a reflection of the earth’s own revolution around its axis once every 24 hours. As a consequence of this, a birth chart is interpreted using a combination of both of these astrological systems. It is vital to use the proper time of birth when computing your chart in order to account for the fact that the Houses rotate once every 24 hours.

The apparent motion of the sun across the sky during a 24-hour period is represented by each house. Additionally, the houses in an astrological chart are symbolic of many aspects of a person’s life. These aspects are determined by the time and place of the person’s birth, and they reveal the opportunities and challenges that the individual will face during their lifetime.

What is the language of the houses?

First-time chart viewers may not know where to look. Some areas have symbols, while others are empty.  Which symbols mean what? First, find the Ascendant. The Ascendant, sometimes called the rising sign, is the farthest left point of the central horizon line and shows which zodiac sign was rising in the east at your birth.

The Ascendant shows key life themes, while the sun and moon disclose our reality and feelings. Gemini Ascendants value communication, while Aquarius Ascendants value invention, development, and nonconformity. The ascendant is the “mask” one wears to the world, often through social media.

Ascendant shows the chart’s ruling planet. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, while Pisces is ruled by Neptune. We utilize the Ascendant to measure our landscape and design the chart’s layout. The Ascendant’s horizontal line denotes the First House. We follow the sections or Houses and start climbing the chart from the Descendent on the right.

The cycle ends with the Twelfth House, which borders the north Ascendant. As you trace your birth chart, you may see that certain houses have multiple planets while others are vacant. The birth chart is a snapshot of the sky during your birth, and celestial bodies commonly travel in clusters. Empty spaces don’t indicate problems, but planet locations do.

How do you interpret the astrology houses in your birth chart?

After you’ve established where your house begins at the Ascendant, you can begin to determine which Houses the planets occupy in your birth chart. To begin, consider the distinct purpose of each planet: Mercury, for example, is a messenger, Venus is a matchmaker, and Mars is a warrior. The planet’s behavior, however, is influenced by its zodiac sign.

For example, Mercury in serious Capricorn will communicate logically and rationally; Venus in elusive Scorpio likes mysterious romance; Mars in protective Cancer prefers an indirect approach to battle, and so on. Once we’ve determined how each planet and sign interact, we can look to the Houses to see where that energy is manifesting.

Is Venus-Scorpio in the Second House of material items, making a person especially attracted to financially secure lovers? Or is Venus-Scorpio in the Ninth House of Travel, indicating a preference for long-distance romance? The planets inside the Houses reveal the breadth of our experience as well as the subtleties of our personality.

Although our natal planets remain immobile in our birth chart, the planets in the sky are continually moving over our various Houses. Each planet has its own orbit, but because we follow the sun’s 365-day cycle, we complete a solar cycle of all the Houses each year. In other words, everyone will be affected by the energy of each house at some point in their lives.


What are the 12 Astrology Houses to you?

#1: First House of your Self-expression

You are defined by the Ascendant sign, which is located in the First House. It is a representation of the body that you were born with, as well as your physical look and general demeanor. Planets in a person’s natal chart that are located in the First House are typically particularly influential in that person’s life in some way.

For example, Mercury in the First House is a sign of a chatterbox, while the moon in the First House reveals someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. When the planets in the sky make their way into this house — the first stop in the cycle — our aspirations become a reality, and new endeavors, ideas, or points of view eventually take shape. This is because this is the first step in the cycle. This House is associated with the fire energy of Aries.

#2: Second House of your Possessions

Personal finances, material things, and the idea of value are all associated with the Second House of the horoscope. It has control over money, but it also has control over our feelings, which are contained within us.

Planets in the second house of a natal chart have a tendency to look for safety in their material surroundings. When a planet enters or leaves the Second House, it can reveal shifts in one’s resources or sense of self-worth. This House is associated with the energy of the Taurus sign.

#3: Third house of Communication

The third house is in charge of everything to do with communication and transportation, in addition to the community at large. The natal planets that reside in the Third House are inspired by the need to express oneself and can frequently provide direction toward the development of intimate relationships with one’s contemporaries, including siblings, coworkers, and classmates.

Make sure to pay respect to and cultivate this area of your horoscope because communication is the key to solving the vast majority of problems and the foundation of healthy, happy relationships. When planets move through the Third House, we frequently gain access to crucial information on our immediate circle of connections. The third house is associated with the energy of the twins Gemini.

#4: Fourth House of Family and Home

The home and the family are represented by the Fourth House, which is located at the very bottom of the map. Planets positioned in a person’s natal chart’s Fourth House provide light not just on that person’s dynamic with their mother but also on how they personally approach matters of the home.

When planets go through the Fourth House, they frequently inspire us to make investments in our infrastructure by building more intimate and nurturing environments that give us a sense of being cherished, protected, and cared for.

Additionally, the Fourth House is in charge of your interactions with people (and pets) who are related to you in some way as a family, whether by blood or by choice. This House is associated with the energy of a Cancer.

#5: Fifth House of Pleasure

The imaginative sector of the fifth house is associated with the creative process, romantic endeavors, and children. Planets that are natally situated in the Fifth House are associated with your innate artistic expression, whilst planets that are transiting through this house frequently bestow epiphanies upon us that serve to bolster our self-assurance.

Orgasms, attention, or the satisfying work of a creative project are all examples of things that fall under the purview of the Fifth House. This house is all about what makes you feel good. The energy of the Leo sign is associated with this House.

#6: Sixth House of Health and Well-being

The Sixth House is associated with one’s health and well-being, as well as daily rituals and activities, such as odd occupations. In contrast to the body you are born with, which is represented by the First House, the Sixth House represents the body you construct for yourself via the decisions you make during your life.

It is only natural for our surroundings and the decisions we make in life to have an effect on our health. Some examples of such choices include practicing self-care, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and determining whether you spend enough time in the sun; therefore, let this house serve as a reminder to pay attention to both your physical and mental well-being.

Those whose natal planets are located in this zone are frequently energized by organization and structure, and they have a tendency to concentrate on the management of time and calendars. Planets in motion through the Sixth House encourage the formation of routines and the modification of timetables. Virgo is the astrological sign that corresponds to this House.

#7: Seventh House of Partnership

The Seventh House, also known as the Descendant, is exactly opposite the First House Ascendant in the zodiac and is symbolic of relationships that significantly alter one’s life. All of the Houses have, up to this point, investigated the immediate world that surrounds an individual, including their finances, their homes, and their friends.


On the other hand, the idea of perspective is brought up for discussion in the Seventh House. To put it more simply, the Seventh House represents your “cosmic plus one,” and while this does allude to love partners, it also refers to other significant relationships in your life.

People whose birth charts have planets in the Seventh House have a tendency to place a strong emphasis on interpersonal connections and to seek out collaborative endeavors across the board.

When planets go through the Seventh House, they provide assistance in finalizing business transactions, solidifying our relationships through the signing of contracts, and making things official. The energies of Libra are associated with this house.

#8: Eighth House of Death, Intimacy, and Transformation

What do the concepts of intimacy, death, and transformation have in common with one another? To put it simply, they are all animalistic in nature. Those whose birth charts include planets in the Eighth House are more likely to be interested in paranormal or occult issues, to have passionate romantic relationships, and to go through a number of exciting transformations during the course of their lives.

The Eighth House serves as a reminder to us that it’s alright to give in to our wishes because we are, after all, going to die one day, but that we should always be adaptable and ready to let go of the past in order to make place for the present and the future.

Planets that travel through this sector shed light on the underlying dynamics of any given circumstance and serve as a timely reminder of the intricacies of life. The energy of the Scorpion is associated with the Eighth House.

#9: Ninth House of Philosophy

The ninth house is characterized by things like higher education, philosophizing, and travel. In the astrology of the middle ages, this area was thought to have connections to locations and individuals located beyond your village. At this point in time, we consider this region to be a combination of literal and mental exploration.

People who were born with their natal planets in the Ninth House are naturally inquisitive, exceedingly interested, and have a strong desire to travel. When planets go through the Ninth House, we frequently start learning about a new subject, relocate to a new country, or adopt an entirely new point of view.

Your world will continue to evolve and grow, and the Ninth House encourages you to retain an open mind and be willing to learn new things as a result of this. This House is associated with the energy of the Sagittarius sign.

#10: Tenth House of Social Justice and Status

The Tenth House, which is found at the very top of the birth chart, is the culmination of your one-of-a-kind narrative and, certainly, is considered to be the House that rules popularity. In addition, the Tenth House is in charge of one’s public image, professional goals, and professional accomplishments.

Planets in a person’s natal Tenth House indicate that they are ambitious, and when planets transit this zone, there is a significant likelihood of a shift in the profession. The Tenth House is associated with the Capricorn astrological sign.

#11: Eleventh House of Friendship

The Eleventh House, which comes at the beginning of the descent of the houses, serves to remind us of the reason we labor so diligently and the people with whom we get to share the satisfaction of our successes. The Eleventh House is connected to our personal networks as well as activities that benefit the greater good.

This includes our cherished friends and those in our network of support who assist us keep going forward. Because this sector is also associated with the realm of technology and creativity, people whose birth charts show planets in the Eleventh House are frequently distinguished by their ground-breaking concepts.

The passage of planets through this sector provides assistance to us in expanding our sphere of influence as we work to establish our place within society. This House is associated with the energy of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

#12: Twelfth House of the Unconscious

The Twelfth House is located in the region of the sky just below the horizon; it is, in a very literal sense, the darkness that comes before morning. In a similar manner, this house is referred to as the “unseen domain,” and it is in charge of everything that does not exist in the form of a physical object, such as dreams, secrets, and feelings.


People who were born with planets in the Twelfth House are typically extremely intuitive, and some even have psychic abilities. The passage of the planets through the Twelfth House brings karmic people into our lives, but during this period, we must also keep in mind that not all of our relationships are destined to be long-term commitments. Pisces is the energy that correlates with this House.

Final Word:

It is imperative that you consider looking into all your astrological houses in order for you to actually “get” some aspects of your life. To understand your life better is to know your 12 houses better.

Which of the 12 astrological houses do you feel resonates with you most in your life?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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