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July 16, 2022

Angel Number 1117: A Divine Message You Need to Know


There are more forces working in the universe than what meets the human eye. For those who refuse to believe in the existence of spiritual beings, the workings of the spiritual realm can easily translate as miracles or coincidences. 

If you keep seeing a certain number for some time, this is more than a random encounter. 

It’s a deliberate plan by the guardian angels to communicate with you. 

Spiritual authorities show angel numbers to bring comfort in this highly complicated world. It’s your responsibility to explore their meanings and learn how you can take advantage of this divine experience.

Each of them varies in urgency and lessons, but now, what does angel number 1117 mean?

Angel Number 1117 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of this angel number?

Angel number 1117 roots from the spiritual energies of highly powerful single-digit numbers — 1 and 7. It also bears the spiritual influence of master number 11, and other variations of angel numbers such as 17, 111, and 117.

When a single-digit angel number repeats in a sequence, it affects the whole spiritual energy by doubling its influence, therefore making the angel number more urgent.

Angel number 1 deals with beginnings. Whether it’s entering a new chapter or having to start over, this is a sign that a monumental change will happen in your life. 

It is an indicator that you are a highly independent person with strong decision-making skills. The guardian angels are affirming you on that.

Angel number 11, also known as master number 11, has one of the strongest spiritual ties among master numbers. If this number appears in a sequence, it means that your relationship with the universe is special. 

You share a strong tie with the spiritual beings and you have the responsibility to share this light with other people.

Angel number 7, to complement the strength of the previous numbers’ meaning, is the symbol of completeness and perfection of God. It indicates that you are about to go on a serious spiritual journey that will entirely change your life.

Angel number 1117 is a message that spiritual beings are preparing you as you enter a new chapter of life. 

It’s going to be transformational, and monumental, and once you go through it, nothing will ever be the same.

Is this number a good sign?

1117 angel number is a sign that the guardian angels are supporting you by sending this “sneak peek” of a message to let you in on some information that will happen in the future.


When the days are tough, don’t forget what you’re made of. Your problems cannot take your strengths away. 

There is balance in the world, but your perspective may skew depending on which side you fix your sight to. 

That said, negativity exists. But, so does positivity.

You can choose to look at the negative side and bear the consequences, but you can also choose to look at the brighter side of things and hope that it will become better. 

Based on how your life is panning right now, big things are brewing on the horizon. The guardian angels are witnesses to how you are working so hard to achieve your dreams, and they want to reward you with opportunities that you cannot miss.

It’s a common knowledge that you possess so many remarkable talents accompanied by a kind heart. 

However, all you think you know is barely scratching the surface. You have so much potential lying dormant because you haven’t been pushed to the limits of your discomfort yet. 

Once you find the courage to leave everything that weighs you down, you will realize that you’re capable of so many things.

Is this a lucky number?

Angel number 1117’s meaning bears layers of messages and lessons. Is it a lucky number? It depends on how you are currently living your life.

Though its auspiciousness is highly subjective, numbers 1 and 7 are regarded as lucky numbers in different cultures. 

Number 1 is considered as the first and the winner. It’s also the symbol of unity and independence. Meanwhile, number 7’s auspiciousness roots in its spiritual representations.

1117 angel number is telling you that big changes are happening soon. 

Embrace all the transformations with an open mind and good luck will come to your life. 

Likewise, if you refuse flexibility and maintain hardheadedness, bad luck will come in the form of the consequences you have to deal with.

What does angel number 1117 represent?

Aside from being the harbinger of great change, what does angel number 1117 mean?


The guardian angels are telling you that the key towards change lies in your hands. You don’t have to wait for it to come. 

You have the power to create your own reality. 

Cultivate your independence and realize your potential by making hard decisions. Discipline your mind by being focused on your goals.

As you move along, learn to filter the opportunities that are real gold from those that only share the same shine. The first will open the door towards your dreams, while the second will fade in the long run. 

Learn the value of time. 

The clock tick tocks towards a finite number of hours in a day. If you don’t use it properly, keep in mind that it’s something that you’ll never get back.

Also, angel number 1117 is encouraging you to trust the guardian angels more. When you’re faced with uncertainty and challenges, look up to them for help. It would be their great pleasure to help you in any way they can.

Angel Number 1117 and Love

When it comes to the matters of the heart, you should weigh 1117 angel number’s meaning with seriousness.

You are a giver by nature. You feel more alive when you know that you can impart something on another person’s life, especially when it’s a relationship. 

For this reason, whoever your current – or future – partner is so lucky to have you by their side.

But keep in mind that a relationship is a partnership. 

Just as how you’re willing to give a piece of you, be willing to accept love in return too. Allow your partner to show how they feel. Perhaps it’s through pampering you or showering you with affection, it’s their way of telling you how much they appreciate you.

If you are in a relationship, new experiences can be a breath of fresh air that both of you need to know each other on a deeper level. 

This can mean a weekend road trip, a new project, and if both of you are ready, taking the commitment to a higher level.

If you are not in a relationship but are ready for one, angel number 1117’s meaning may bring you to the right time and place wherein you can meet the love of your life. 


In this sensitive transition, it’s important not to close your doors on any opportunities or raise your walls when some person takes notice of you. As a charismatic person, a lot of people would gravitate towards you. 

Therefore, feel the need to establish your standards and truly know what your heart desires.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 1117?

Seeing angel number 1117 is a special privilege that not everyone can experience in their whole life. If you keep seeing one, it’s because the guardian angels are letting you in with information that you can use to make sense of why things are currently happening.

One possible experience with this angel number is catching yourself looking at the clock and seeing the time as exactly 11:17. Also called a triple mirror hour, angel number 1117 is affirming you that peace will come into your heart soon.

Sometimes, it gets tiring to keep your head high when all you want is to give up. Know that the reward is sooner than you think, and though it takes a little more patience, everything will pan out in the end.

Your dreams will become your reality as long as you work on it. You don’t have to do everything alone.  

People who genuinely love and care for you are within reach. Comfort can be one call away.

Final Word

The guardian angels are looking after you. After all, you are a special soul with a significant purpose in this life.

When they need to communicate something with you, they send symbols filled with meanings, such as angel number 1117. 

Made of powerful single-digit angel numbers, this sequence is an important sign that things are going to change in your life.

Be on the lookout for opportunities. 

Prepare yourself for better things. 

Improve yourself from deep within by saying goodbye to things that are no longer working out to make room for newer and healthier habits.

The guardian angels are always supportive of you. Cherish your connection with them, and at the same time, trust that you are making the right decisions for your future.

Are you excited for angel number 1117’s meaning? Which part resonated with you the most?


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