Healing Crystals for Depression

October 22, 2022

16 Best Healing Crystals for Depression


We all have periods when we feel dazzling with positive energy and other times when a black cloud of negative energy appears to settle. Sadness, anger, and loneliness are all part of the beautiful fabric of life, but if these emotions persist or the downs seem to outnumber the ups, you may suffer from depression. This is why you may need healing crystals for depression.

Depression can express itself in various ways, from physical symptoms such as altered sleep patterns to changes in appetite and an exhausting sense of lethargy. It can also manifest in your mental health, such as losing interest in activities you once enjoyed, pushing away a loved one, or believing that things will never get better. Hence the need for healing crystals for depression.

Mental health is a complex issue unique to individuals, as people may suffer from bipolar disorders, PTSD, or addiction. Crystals can assist one who suffers from mental disorders; you’ll find that crystals for anxiety can help heal depression. With that said, are you ready to find out which of the healing crystals for depression is for you?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Discovering Healing Crystals for Depression
  • The benefits you’ll get from each healing crystal
  • How to use each healing crystals for depression
  • Finding the right healing crystals for depression for you

Getting to know the Healing Crystals for Depression

#1: Citrine

The Citrine stone is one of the happiest crystals in the universe, as brilliant as the sun and filled with all the beauty of a new tomorrow. This prosperous and auspicious flash of sunlight, also known as the trader’s stone, is all about optimistic energy and new perspectives. The Citrine stone would be perfect for piercing the thickest clouds with its bright radiance. Citrine is also high in vitality and eager to assist you in combating sinking and lethargic feelings.

#2: Carnelian

Carnelian, a vibrant red and orange stone, is one of those companion stones that offers a hefty dose of life just when you need it the most. Also, Carnelian is known as the stone of perseverance, and as those who have suffered from the black hound will attest, endurance and heart are crucial for getting through those difficult days. Carnelian can amp up your sense of promise and passion. It possesses an intense warmth that spreads from head to toe and soothes worried thoughts.

#3: Lepidolite

Lepidolite, a beautiful self-care stone, is all lilac wine and soft, calming energy. This lovely humming stone is adept at healing. Lepidolite is well-known for its extraordinary capacity to balance and harmonize your neurological system. This is ideal for folks prone to go into overdrive and then fall into a depressive slump. It’s also an excellent energy healer, quickly dispelling negative thoughts and feelings.

#4: Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz crystal’s frosty bright energy is fantastic for clearing away the turmoil and negative feelings that can clutter the mind. This stone is known as the master healer because of its ability to raise vibrations and magnify energy substantially. While Clear Quartz works on a spiritual level, it also aids in bodily healing. This could be the boost of vitality your soul needs by boosting your immune system and strengthening your focus abilities.

#5: Amethyst

Amethyst, everyone’s favorite calming stone, is pure light and has a lovely energy. This smooth, gentle purple stone aligns with the third eye and crown chakras. It is beneficial to clear the third eye so you can learn to trust your intuitive wisdom rather than the darker voices that wish to bring you down. It also interacts with the crown chakra, lifting you to a higher spiritual plane where you can welcome the universe’s light and connect to your higher purpose.

#6: Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye, the stone of transition, is entirely banded in gold and black. This healing crystal works wonders when it comes to increasing self-confidence and overcoming self-doubt. When we are melancholy, thinking kind things about ourselves can be challenging, and our judgment can slide. Tiger’s Eye reminds you that you are powerful and have everything you need to make sound judgments that will lead to a more positive and attuned side of life.

#7: Smoky Quartz

Depressive episodes can leave us feeling disoriented and as if we have no stable basis to keep us upright. Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone that can help you find your way back to yourself and the things that make you happy. This stone is high in purifying energy and is about clearing the mind of negative and low thoughts to make room for happy and uplifting moods.

#8: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz’s pink lullaby is a perfect tonic for sad hearts. This delicate stone is brimming with feminine energy and can aid in the restoration of trust and harmony during difficult times. When your mood is low, it can be challenging to know how to shake the grief from your heart, but Rose Quartz is a dynamic heart healer who can empty that chakra straight out and make room for light and vitality to flow. It is also an excellent stone for cultivating better levels of self-care and compassion. Also, it promotes sentiments of love, respect, and self-worth, all of which are incredibly beneficial to your healing process.

#9: Malachite

Malachite is a favorite among energy healers because of its ability to calm mood swings and promote feelings of acceptance and profound inner serenity. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or numbed out, this dark green stone can restore your feeling of equilibrium and even assist you in processing old trauma in a non-wearing way. Malachite has been a healing stone since ancient times, and its powers have no bounds.

#10: Agate

If you’re looking for a courageous stone to help you pull yourself out of a gloomy funk, black agate is an excellent choice. It is a happy and peaceful stone that delivers delicate healing vibes and promises closer connected contact. Blue Lace Agate is a type of Agate, the Blue Lace Agate travels to the depths of the heart chakra and makes space for the wearer to open up and talk to others about the darkness that threatens to swallow them. This can be difficult to do at times because the darkness threatens to consume us.

#11: Black Tourmaline

It’s not only the stones that are bright and bursting with sunlight that provide a pick-me-up for people who are feeling down; the defensive stones earn their position when it comes to helping to keep the dark dog at bay. One of the most significant and influential defensive stones available is black tourmaline. 


Knowing that it is close by not only makes you feel comfortable and grounded, but it is also always ready to expel any negative energies that may be present. When we sense that we are well protected in this world, we don’t need to squander valuable energy worrying about the future because we are confident that we can handle whatever comes our way.

#12: Aventurine

Your mental patterns can be shifted toward the more positive aspects of life with the assistance of the aventurine stone, a stone of lovely wealth. Because it encourages bold and unwavering action, this stone is frequently utilized in leadership roles. 

In the same way that depressed episodes can make you feel as if you have lost your authority, green aventurine can restore that power and assist you in regaining a greater sense of command over your own life. In addition, it is a stone that fosters stability and promotes the healing of past scars.

#13: Moonstone

When the evenings appear gloomy, allow the brilliant light of moonstone to lead you to the enlightenment of your magnificent being and let it guide you there. This stone has a purely fem­inine vitality, and its exterior is pearly white and smooth. Moonstone is an excellent stone to have if you are someone who could benefit from being reminded that everything is temporary. 

When we are going through tough times, it may appear unlikely that they will ever change, which can contribute to a feeling that we are helpless, hopeless, and lost. On the other hand, Moonstone takes its cues from the recurring phases of the moon and serves as a reminder that there is always another stage just around the corner.

#14: Obsidian

Obsidian, in addition to being a powerful protector stone, is also an excellent healer. Rainbow obsidian may provide the necessary sense of equilibrium at this time, in contrast to black obsidian, which may be too weighty for people who do not like to deal with their darker side right now. 

This stone is filled with iridescent colors and has a strong link to the root chakra. Those individuals who still seek the protecting properties of obsidian but who prefer to take a gentler approach to connect their heart with divine will may find that gold obsidian has a more pliable quality that suits their needs.

#15: Shungite

Shungite is a cleansing stone that purifies the body, mind, and spirit. For those needing a good spring cleaning, this black and white stone from Russia’s far reaches could be precisely what you need. Shungite’s healing power should not be underestimated, as it is always ready to bring balance and strength and align all of the chakras. It’s also good for bringing protection into your space and clearing negative energy.

#16: Sunstone

Sunstone can help patients who suffer from seasonal affective disorder relieve the burden of gloomy days and long nights. This glowing stone is full of warm energy that can penetrate the core of your existence. The Sunstone is said to have gotten its power from the sun deity Ra, is infused with life-giving energy, and is an expert at helping you overcome heavy feelings of fear and tension. This stone contains all that energy and more for individuals who crave a moment when things seem easy, warm, and bright.

Final Word:

The Healing Crystals for Depression are undoubtedly powerful stones that can help change your life for the better. You should consider getting one or more for yourself.

Which Healing Crystals for Depression do you feel drawn to the most?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. Thank you Divine Universe ✨ 💓 💖.
    However, knowing me and my relationships with crystals… I’m only thinking of all crystals 🔮 for a glorious purpose. So… I choose all of them… I can’t get or have enough energy.

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