June 27, 2021

June 27 – July 3 Horoscope Weekly


Mars will be exerting a particularly strong influence during this weekly horoscope. Some things may not work the way they should be. However, this is not a reason for anyone to lose heart. Stand up and be brave! There is still a world out there waiting for you to shine your ever-brilliant self into.

Mars opposes Saturn (July 1st)

When brave and ferocious Mars gets to face off with serious and brooding Saturn, things are definitely not looking up for anybody. This is because these planets’ approach on things isn’t quite the way that the other would approve of doing. Thus, when they oppose, they really are going in for a full-on conflict.

Misunderstandings will be a common occurrence during this time, along with things not going the way that they are intended to be. Work may go haywire, and everything will feel like a heavy burden to everyone. Indeed, this time may pass, but it can have heavy repercussions if people won’t be able to handle themselves and their emotions right during this period.

But this can also be seen as a learning opportunity, too. Challenging times are ahead, and the things that are happening in this time can help people become more resilient and discerning in their actions. While romanticizing hardships isn’t the goal here, this transit can instead be a guide on how to emerge stronger and better in the face of everything that is happening in one’s life, as well as the world at large.

Mars square Uranus (July 3rd)

Mars is known to be a planet that can be rather brash and hotheaded, often barging into the unknown with little to no concern about whatever comes next. On the other hand, Uranus is known to be quite the innovator and always open to the infinite possibilities that may come along. Sometimes, it may even prompt a feeling of rebellion against the status quo. When these two planets square, it may reveal some unresolved attention before its too late.

It is then a good choice to be prudent in one’s actions to avoid making the wrong decisions. So many things are simply bound to happen, and risking things for the hell of it may bring in even more tension than one can chew. Thus, while allowing things to happen the way they should be may be commendable, it is also important that they are done within reason and when things go south, a person must be willing enough to step in and set things back on course.

There is no telling on what might just happen during this transit. The possibilities are near-endless, yet all these must be welcomed graciously, nevertheless. Life is a never-ending parade of surprises, and one must be ready to approach it with an open mind and heart, even amidst the difficulty that might arise.

Major Transits of the Week:

July 1st: Mars oppose Saturn

July 2nd: Mars trine Chiron

July 3rd: Mars square Uranus

Horoscope Weekly Summary per Zodiac sign


Self-care is very important for this week. You may not know it, but putting your well-being first is important so that you can handle things no matter how difficult life can get. Take care that you do not get overwhelmed so that you can still find the space to breathe.


So many things in both your home and work have to be prioritized by you. As always, put in your 100% when doing these things so that you can be assured that things will go the way they are meant to be. Be aware of any trouble brewing on the horizon and address them ASAP.


You may have difficulties discerning your purpose because of your lack of self-confidence. Remember that you are limitless and are capable of doing everything that you ever wanted to do. The world is your oyster, and you can create this world the way you want it to be.


Being emotional might be your trademark, but it is better for you if you temporarily engage in being analytical. You must not let yourself be taken away by irrationality, but instead, choose to see things the way that they are so you can do what is the best for you.


You may feel isolated from everyone during this period. While this is a valid feeling, remember that you are still part of a community greater than yourself. Never forget that while you can still become great even when you are alone, you would still be able to do even bigger things with the people who matter to you the most.


Everything may feel like a chore leaving you exhausted and unmotivated. Give yourself some space so that you can function properly later on. Communicate to the people close to you so that they will know what’s happening and assist you as much as they can.


Blockages will stop you from doing your best- and it’s okay! Things may not go the way they should be all the time, but it’s not enough reason for you to be disheartened by everything that is going on. You will be able to handle this. Just believe in yourself so that you can get through this time.


Do things slowly but surely. The sheer amount of your to-dos can be quite overwhelming, so be sure that you are able to work your way through everything steadily. Be careful that you do not leave anything hanging so that you can still clear everything despite this challenging time.



Understanding what is happening to the world may not be as easy as it has been before. However, everything will come to an end, and so does this fog inside your head. Just be patient, good things are still bound to happen especially when you least expect it.


Allow things to happen the way they should be. Don’t exercise an iron grip on everything, or else the sheer wonder of everything will slowly fade away. Find meaning in this occurrence, and simply enjoy everything as they happen in your life.


Trouble is everywhere for you during this period. Be sure to handle this gracefully, and avoid being the instigator of all the negativity. Maturity is the key to surviving this time, so be sure to exercise it as much as you can.


Put in a bit of your own flair in the things that you do. Going with the flow is great, but it is even more awesome if you happen to be able to do things the way that you want them to be. After all, good things don’t just come easily without exerting much effort into making them happen.

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