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June 24, 2021

Improve your communication with the 3rd House of Astrology


Perhaps you find yourself struggling when it comes to conveying and speaking your truth, especially when you’re having trouble with your 3rd house of astrology. Avoiding misinterpretation can be quite a hassle, especially when planets are wrecking out your ways of expression.

Do you feel as if your cosmic energies have been disrupted? This causes you to feel as if you are stuck in a certain chapter in your life. You wish to move forward but there is so much unpredictability in the world that you don’t know how to. 

Well, you are in for a treat! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How Planetary Movements can Affect Your 3rd House of Astrology
  • Improvements in your life from the 3rd House
  • Practical Ways to Channel Your 3rd House Energy
  • Better Transportation in the 3rd House
  • Advance in Education and Language in the 3rd House

What is the 3rd House of Astrology?

The 3rd House is “The House of Communications”. 

This house gives communication and rules all sorts of correspondence. The 3rd house dictates how you impart information and how you interact with people. Additionally, the third house also governs various means of communication, such as [social] media, TV, radio, telephone, and postal.

Fundamentally, the 3rd House of Astrology rules the zodiac sign Gemini and the planet Mercury. It conducts the intelligence and low-level knowledge a person gets in their life. Being the more interactive among the zodiac houses, you should consider this when it comes to how you engage yourself with others.

Amid all the houses in astrology, this house governs communication, transportation, and the local community. This contributes to the connections that you are making as a part of the society you live in. As the planets in the 3rd House help build close relationships with your siblings, coworkers, and classmates, the very people you interact with.

The 3rd House is the House of Communications.

Surprisingly, its motto stems from the Latin word Fratres meaning “brothers”. Just as brotherhood signifies a strong bond between siblings or groups, the 3rd house of astrology embodies our connection with others and ourselves. 

As such, this house governs the way we relate to the world. While we are individuals in our own right, the third house of astrology enables us to create significant ties and meaningful bonds. And if we look closely, these bonds serve as pillars of our personal and social growth.

But how do these bonds manifest in the third house of astrology? 

More than verbal communication, the third house also governs our non-verbal connection to the world. Given such, it covers areas of our life such as communication, transportation, and the local community. Serving as a bridge to the things external to us, the third house is our way to go beyond ourselves and see from the other side of the dock. 

What is the Significance of the 3rd House?

The 3rd House represents a constant search for knowledge. It also shows the experience of the immediate environment. Consisting of intellect, communication abilities, and learning style, there is even the need to spread the knowledge learned. 

Going out of your way to find every new bit of knowledge is fascinating to a typical 3rd House person. The way you speak and your desire or reluctance to speak is a 3rd House matter. 

Benefits that come from the 3rd House include being able to get in touch with deeper aspects of yourself. Aspects that revolve around how you absorb and transmit knowledge and your intelligence.

Understanding 3rd House better is to know your nature when it comes to how you communicate and take in information. As the planets and signs in the third house determine whether you skim over a piece of information or read. They also describe your level of confidence in your ability to learn.

What does the 3rd House of Astrology mean for you?

While communication here can be both written and verbal, it also has a conscious quality to it. Think about kindred spirits and mental connections. This serves to highlight the role of intelligence within the 3rd House. Harnessing your intelligence and sharing it with others is the essence of the 3rd House.


The 3rd House reminds you that it’s okay to use your conscious skills and reflective thinking to make your way. A symbiotic relationship that occurs with those you hold close is in the bigger picture. Do not forget that your mind is strong, quick, and flexible.

It represents a thirst for understanding – the area of the chart that represents quests. This is through the means of Signs and Points. If you have no Points in this House or Sign, then the energy is waiting to respond. 

Thus, Points that transfer into this House will activate the energy at times in your life. People you associate with will also activate this area of your life. Those who have Pointed in the Sign that rules your 3rd House.

How the 3rd House Influences Your Thoughts and Decisions

Its positioning describes transmitting the way you think and the processes in your head that lead you in a certain direction. Among other astrology houses, the 3rd house rules your mind and intellect. It reveals how you approach and analyze things, and how you perceive information. This drives your learning and communicative processes.

In its essence, the 3rd House administers skills in writing, editing, speaking, thinking, reading, and conducting research. It covers your ability and desire to learn and brings study opportunities your way.

What Job Opportunities Does the 3rd House Impose?

When under the influence of this house, you are to learn different languages or become a teacher. Other works covered are drafting agreements and contracts and the presentation of proposals. This house also involves commerce such as sales, marketing, public relations, and self-promotion.

How does the 3rd House Affect Other Zodiac Signs?

The 3rd House in Astrology reveals your energetic disposition to knowledge and communication. Astrologers can interpret how you work, act, and make choices. For the reason of interpreting the world around you and trying to get others to understand you. 

The Air Signs will use their intelligence and communication to establish understanding. Fire Signs will use creativity and initiative to take action. Earth Signs will be conservative and practical. And Water Signs invest their emotional energy and use close connections to communicate.

What are the Aspects of the 3rd House of Astrology?

#1: Mass Communication and Information Exchange

The 3rd House of Astrology focuses on skills, talents, travels, and communication. With its ruling planet being Mercury, this house is in charge of communication. 

Focal points include activities of communication and technology. Ones that you use to send information. 

Letters, messages, electronic devices, and visits with a companion. All subject to this house among other houses in astrology, that is. Even radios, television, newspapers, the internet, and the like fall under this house.

#2: How It Affects Your Transportation

The 3rd House of Astrology affects you when you take long or short-distance trips. If the planets in the house are negative, there will be issues of transport. This can mean broken phones, messages not sending, cars breaking down, or other mishaps. 

Meanwhile, if the planets are positive, you can be a skilled communicator. You can be a great painter, stone carver, chef, or repair specialist.

#3: How about Early Bird Education?

The 3rd House of Astrology favors your education and efforts to learn in general. More so, how you communicate your thought process and how you analyze data. Among other astrology houses, this one emphasizes your early education (before high school). You will find that it is a necessity as it sets your foundation for learning. Then after a few years, the ninth house takes over.


Additionally, the 3rd house governs how you deal with standard practices in society. This includes everything! From how you carry on when doing the groceries to how you treat your neighbors. The 3rd House of Astrology is our eyes and ears, it oversees how we perceive the world we live in.

#4: It Governs your Language

Low-level communication and chit-chat are likewise spoken here. You may speak casually or formally, or perhaps a bit of both. However, this house emphasizes the more informal manner of the way you speak. Everyone has their own technique of conversing with another person, so do you. Therefore, the 3rd house dictates how you speak with the people you associate with.

Final Word

The 3rd House is “The House of Communications”, which dictates how you impart information and how you interact with people. Evidently, harnessing your intelligence and sharing it with others is its essence!

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