Minor Arcana tarot

August 27, 2022

Minor Arcana: The Sub-Magic of Tarot Cards


The Minor Arcana cards symbolize the characteristics of our daily lives, such as practical aspects, small-scale projects, everyday interactions, and so on. Because wholesome living is worldly and spiritual, the Minor Arcana cards are no less significant than the Major Arcana cards. The nuances of our daily lives undeniably reflect our spirits’ path. 

As above, so below, as within, so outside. Also, the  Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards divided into four suits of fourteen cards each: Pentacles, Cups, Wands, and Swords. Each suit is numbered one (Ace) to ten, with four Court Cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King) following. In that way, they are comparable to standard playing decks but with one more card. 

Each suit is connected with a different element (earth, water, fire, and air). Some occultists believe each suit represents a chakra and depicts its life lessons. Numerologists believe that the numbers on the cards foretell their meanings. We believe all these links are correct, as the deck is filled with mystical ties. Ready to get to know each minor arcana card?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • The Magic and Essence of the Minor Arcana
  • Mastering the Divine Suits of the Minor Arcana
  • Finding out what the Minor Arcana means in a Tarot Reading
  • What it means when a tarot reading consists of mostly Minor Arcana cards

What is the Essence of the Minor Arcana cards?

The 56 cards that make up the Minor Arcana are representations of the difficulties and challenges that we face on a day-to-day basis. The fact that the Tarot cards that make up the Minor Arcana are referred to as “minor” does not imply that they will not significantly influence the course of your life. 

These Tarot cards are relevant to the events that are taking place in your day-to-day life, and they can provide insight into how your current circumstance is influencing you and the actions you need to do to manifest your goals. 

The effect of the Minor Arcana cards is often short-lived. This means that the energies shown on these cards are active in your life now but are susceptible to being altered straightforwardly depending on your choices.

What if you draw a Minor Arcana card in a tarot reading?

A card from the Minor Arcana will reveal what is going on in your day-to-day life and how it influences you when it comes up in a Tarot reading. As you go about your day-to-day existence, you will have a variety of encounters, experiences, ideas, and feelings, all of which are represented by the cards in this deck. 

A Major Arcana card will show you the most critical lesson in life that you are presently learning, while a Minor Arcana card will show you the most critical challenge you are currently confronting. This circumstance will only last for a short while and permanently alter based on your activities.

What if your tarot reading consists of mostly Minor Arcana cards?

If the majority of the Tarot cards in your reading are from the Minor Arcana, it is a sign that the challenges you are facing daily are not likely to impact your life in the long run significantly. These problems will eventually go away, and when they do, you will have the chance to gain wisdom from the experiences they brought you. If you want to recognize and comprehend these life lessons and how they could influence your life in the long run, you should look at any of the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot reading.

What are the Meanings of the Four Suits?

Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles are the four separate suits of tarot cards included in the Minor Arcana. Each of these suits comprises a total of 14 cards: There are ten cards with numbers on them, and then there are four cards known as “court cards,” which include the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. 

When one of these four suits appears in your Tarot reading, you will know exactly where to focus this instruction because it corresponds to a distinct aspect of your life represented by each of these suits. The following explanations apply to each of the suits:

#1: Wands

The suit of Wands corresponds to the element of fire, the suit of Clubs, the season of spring, and the third chakra (also known as the solar plexus chakra). As a result, the wand cards tend to reveal the status of our raging passions in life. These include the things we want to achieve, the projects we want to work on, our job, and our vital interests, such as participation in social and political activities. 

These cards indicate whether or not we can develop plans and adhere to them. They reveal how we deal with challenges, whether we give up too easily or whether we can persevere despite setbacks. They demonstrate our relationship to action that is maintained. Confidence is something that suffers when we have an imbalance in this area. 

We take it for granted and think the entire world is against us. that most people are self-centered. Our abilities to lead need to be honed and each of us needs to discover our inner fortitude and motivation. These specifics are provided to us with astonishing accuracy by the wand cards. The wands are an extremely potent suit. 


A single wand card can single-handedly alter the trajectory of a tarot reading, influencing whether the reading will take a favorable or bad turn. They are equally as effective when used for readings with a single card.

#2: Cups

The water element, the suit of hearts, the summer season, and the sacral chakra are all related to the suit of cups. Consequently, the cup cards tend to reveal the state of our feelings and how we relate not only to ourselves but also to the people and the world that exist beyond us. 

The cup cards can give us insight into whether or not our lives are filled with pleasure, passion, friendliness, and sensuality. They are largely relationship cards and can represent how we feel about a certain relationship, whether from the past or the present, or how we relate to the people in our lives, including that special someone. 

When this aspect of our lives is out of whack, we suffer from low self-esteem, become secretive about our emotions, and avoid being too intimate with other people. We may even walk away. Cup cards assist us in gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and point us in the direction of the answers our hearts yearn for. 

Cup cards feature a wealth of imagery and symbolism, considering the past’s effects, the present’s circumstances, and hints about the future. However, more than a handful of them are undeniably potent in what they represent, such as the King of Cups. Many of them have multiple meanings, which is analogous to our feelings always evolving.

#3: Swords

The suit of Swords is linked to the quality of air, the suit of Spades, the season of fall, and the fourth chakra (also known as the heart chakra). Although most people believe that the heart chakra is exclusively concerned with matters of love, it serves an even more important purpose: to connect our spiritual reality with our physical reality. 

The heart chakra connects our mental states, such as how tranquil and clear our brains are and our capacity to coexist happily with the rest of the universe. Our minds and the thoughts that pass through them are closely connected to the air element. The suit of Swords necessitates the highest level of psychic sensitivity to interpret the current circumstances correctly. 

This is because our brains are intricate and include great depth and variety. It can be difficult to make sense of sword cards. Negativity, hopelessness, mood swings, lack of interest, and other unpleasant feelings are fed by our distorted yet habitual thought processes when we are out of balance in this region. 

When out of balance in this area, we also experience many other negative emotions. Most of the cards in the suit of Swords have a negative appearance at first glance; nonetheless, their more profound meanings and the positive messages they conceal will surprise you.

#4: Pentacles

The element of earth, the suit of diamonds, the winter season, and the root chakra are all related to the suit of pentacles. As a result, the pentacle cards typically reveal the status of our most fundamental needs, such as food, water, shelter, warmth, rest, breathing, sleep, homeostasis, fundamental security, and safety. 

These cards illustrate the degree of prosperity that we currently enjoy in our lives. They demonstrate whether or not we are emotionally available to receive the kindness of the cosmos. They present a comprehensive view of our capacity to fulfill our most fundamental societal demands and shed light on this ability’s whys and the hows. 

When out of balance in this area, we suffer symptoms such as worry, uncertainty, difficulty making decisions, and an exaggerated sense of isolation from the outside world. The pentacles assist us in gaining a deeper comprehension of the circumstance and point us in the direction of the answers we seek. 

Although they are the most grounded of all the suits, the pentacles still frequently use symbols with a profoundly mystical connotation. Most pentacle cards have highly distinct and well-defined meanings, even though the specific significance of each card might change depending on the other cards drawn throughout the spread.

The Meanings of 11 Minor Arcana Cards

#1: King of Cups

Your emotions and intellect are in balance and harmony. The presence of this Card in Upright indicates that you have complete control over your emotions and outbursts. You have good impulse control, which is helpful while dealing with problems and obstacles. This indicates that you can effectively relax when faced with obstacles. 

When presented with these negatives, you do not immediately become enraged, furious, or depressed; instead, you try to remain calm to choose the appropriate steps. This also means that you have a thorough grasp of yourself, particularly your inner and emotional characteristics. On the other hand, it could signify the older and more mature man within you. This implies that you accept responsibility for your acts and are willing to bear the repercussions of those actions.


#2: Page of Pentacles

A young guy in a tilled field carrying a pentacle represents the Page of Pentacles. Despite the obvious tiredness on his face and his somewhat sloppy clothes, his gaze remains fixed on the coin in his palms, despite his almost picture-perfect surroundings. Such a getup conveys to the audience what is most important to Page: the security of his long-term success. Despite having a lovely field full of the results of his labor, he pays it with no regard. 

Instead, he concentrates on the coin in his hands, the future he will have due to his hard work. This is the Page of Pentacles lesson to everybody who pulls it: your actions today will determine your destiny. If you choose to be like the Page and dedicate yourself to generating greater and better things, you will accomplish a better and brighter future, like the light of the solitary pentacle on the card.

#3: Page of Swords

There is no doubt that the Page of Swords can resist any form of argument or negotiation due to her smart mind and insightful ideas. Like you, she represents a clever and intelligent individual who is skilled at expressing her thoughts and transmitting her views to others. Her discourse is so persuasive and uncompromising that she is constantly involved in intense fights and debates. 

When the Page of Swords is upright, your enthusiasm and energy to achieve your goals are vast and spectacular. It shows that you are eager to implement a plan or strategy. You are so excited about pursuing your goals for yourself that you can’t wait to start. You are overjoyed to be able to share this project with others.

#4: King of Wands

The King of Wands card positioned upright represents unadulterated and undiluted vitality. It is common knowledge that he is a logical thinker and a speedy decision maker; hence, when he has a good idea, he tends to put it into action as soon as possible. It’s possible that, like the king, you’re the type of person who can instantaneously make the right decisions when they’re put in a position to do so. 

Because of your authoritative and resolute demeanor, you were destined to be an excellent leader and commander. In addition, you can bring any strategy or objective to fruition. These characteristics will be a stepping stone on your path to success and advancement.

#5: Ace of Pentacles

If you find the card upright, you have been allowed to have an even more successful future. This is because the symbolism of the arcana reflects a great deal on the person’s present personality. The fact that you have been bestowed with this blessing indicates that you have truly earned the prediction in front of you and that seizing it will finally secure the transaction. 

There is nothing else to be concerned about. However, if it is of any assistance, it would still be to your advantage to at least investigate the chance that is currently available, even if it is only to ensure a bright future for yourself fully. Therefore, you should pursue the chance, but you should also use caution.

#6: Queen of Wands

You are the kind of person always looking on the bright side of life. You are propelled forward by the burning passion and intense desire to carry out and achieve the various plans and objectives you have established for yourself. In addition, people know that you have a supporting and empathetic attitude toward other people and that you are eager to lend a helping hand to them when they need assistance. 

Your professional chances will improve and grow, and you will have the opportunity to make a potential romantic partner or friend. This will have a positive impact on both your love life and your professional life. In terms of your financial situation, it is in your best interest to maintain a confident and assertive stance regarding the choices you make regarding your money.

#7: Queen of Pentacles

Obtaining this card benefits you in various ways, including that it guarantees financial security, that teamwork will go smoothly, and that the fruits of joint labor will be realized. At this point, it is clear that you have an excellent understanding of how to control your expenses and how to save money. 

You are a pleasure to collaborate with and unquestionably contribute to your team’s success while also boosting their morale. At this point, the only thing truly left to do is to continue sending out all this beneficial energy to other people. You can have peace of mind knowing that things will remain consistent over the next several years if you remember to keep yourself grounded and be constantly aware of your environment.

#8: Page of Wands

Your life is packed with a lot of energy and excitement. You have a strong interest in and a healthy dose of curiosity towards the prospect of learning new information, interacting with a wide range of others, and traveling to locations that you have never visited before. If you do not let your uncertainty and lack of experience get the better, you are certain to succeed in whatever endeavor you undertake. 

Because of this, you should not let these uncertainties hinder your want from exploring life since doing so will prevent you from taking advantage of various opportunities and limitless possibilities. Do not let yourself become quickly disillusioned and discouraged when you are confronted with challenging trials and terrifying circumstances. Instead, consider it a source of inspiration to help you become more tenacious and fearless when facing challenges and difficulties.

#9: Knight of Wands

You are an example of bravery, boldness, energy, and vitality. From the authoritative position of the knight and horse, it would appear that you are equipped and ready to go through challenging situations and nerve-wracking experiences. Because you have a powerful mind and willpower, you are optimistic and certain that you can overcome any challenge that comes your way. 


Because you have such a bold and daring personality, even when confronted with strange people and unfamiliar routes, you remained confident and undeterred in facing these challenges. In addition, the scorching energy and essence you have right now are perfect for beginning a new venture or bringing an existing one to a successful conclusion. When combined with logical thinking and effective techniques, this will result in a favorable outcome.

#10: King of Swords

It represents the need to preserve your harsh and authoritative demeanor while maintaining sound judgment and sensible thinking. It encourages you to use your brain to carry out objectives and goals and make sound life judgments. This indicates that your emotions and instincts should not strongly influence your decision-making. When faced with the need to make a decision, you must weigh your intelligence and reason. 

Aside from reasoning and critical thinking, staying aware and attentive to your surroundings would be beneficial. This will allow you to accurately estimate what should be avoided and the probable implications of your actions. In an upright position, the King of Swords represents impartiality and objectivity in developing a decision, as well as the embodiment of a high standard of ethics and morality.

#11: Queen of Swords

In Upright, the Queen of Swords Card represents a person full of depth, conviction, and brilliance. Because of her firm, disciplined, and authoritative demeanor, she is regarded as the most masculine of the deck of queens. She encourages individuals to use intelligence and reason in decision-making rather than relying solely on emotion and instinct. 

Also, she believes that each option’s facts and potential repercussions must be carefully considered to reduce or eliminate the danger of making mistakes. Furthermore, it encourages everyone to make decisions with objectivity and independence. Judgments must not be biased or illogical, nor must they be completely bound by redundant feelings and emotions. 

To make the greatest decision, you should rationalize and grasp the potential consequences of each option and how they will affect your future.

Final Word:

The fact that the Minor Arcana Tarot cards are referred to as “minor” does not suggest that they will have no impact on the direction of your life. It is quite the opposite.

Which minor arcana card is your favorite?

Tell us in the comments down below!

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