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March 3, 2022

A Guide to Finding the Best Sacral Chakra Crystals


Located in the sacral chakra, our creative energy, our internal fire, our sense of humor, and our passion are all housed here. Situated in the center of the body, directly below the naval in the pit of the stomach, it is a muscular structure. You will soon realize why it is imperative that you possess the right crystals for sacral chakra.

In light of its position as the most important chakra, it’s critical to maintain the Svadhisthana’s purity in order for a clear flow of energy from the root to the crown to flow. Since we have spent years digging into the realm of healing crystals, we have grown proficient at utilizing the forcefield of education, intuition, and intrinsic wisdom to determine which stones are most suited to specific chakras.

The gems themselves provide indications as to their coloration, aura, and relationship to specific powers and parts of one’s own personality, among other things. Examples of warm-colored stones that are connected with the lower chakras include stones in hues of red and orange, as well as stones in earthy tones. Are you ready to find the right sacral chakra stones for you?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How to overcome your blocked sacral chakra
  • Expelling negative energy and welcoming emotional balance
  • How to use your sacral chakra crystal to receive sacral chakra healing
  • Learning how to harness the healing stones’ warm and nurturing qualities

What is the Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra for you?

Svadhisthana, often known as the sacral chakra, is the second chakra. As previously said, it is classified as a lower chakra and is located in the depths of the abdomen beneath the belly button. The sacral chakra can also be felt energetically in your back and against your lumbar spine. Additionally, the sacral chakra’s color is orange, which corresponds to its fiery flickering transform energy flows.

While it has similar hues and moods to fire, it is related to the element of water. This is good for the sacral chakra since those wonderful flowing vibrations are sometimes just what we need to free and get ready to explore and move into new chances. When the sacral chakra is obstructed, we may feel disconnected from ourselves.

We may find it hard to find enjoyment or connection in the presence of others, which can lead to depression and anxiety. It can also have an impact on our intimacy, leading to boredom or overindulgence, neither of which makes us happy. When it comes to completing a project, creative types may physically feel “blocked” or “demotivated.”

How will you know if you have a balanced sacral chakra?

Whenever this energy center is balanced, a person displays a pleasant attitude toward life and radiates positive energy. Despite the fact that they may be dealing with certain difficulties, they are nice to spend time with. Even more fantastic than spending some time with someone who has a balanced sacral chakra is the effervescent warmth, generosity, and kindness that they radiate from inside.

This person would be the ideal person to speak with if you are going through a difficult moment and require sound guidance. These people present interesting challenges. They even say yes to a lot of things in life while also having healthy boundaries and understanding when and how to properly decline an offer.

It is possible that individuals will still experience annoyance even if the sacral chakra is balanced – they are certainly not exempt from aggravation. They are, on the other hand, determined to find a solution to the situation that is beneficial to all parties involved.

What are the signs of a blocked sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is concerned with emotions, identity, and sexuality. You will feel bored and uninspired if your sacral chakra is obstructed. Also, you may feel as though a gloomy cloud is looming over you, and you may even feel miserable. You may be mistaking your own apathy and lack of drive for idleness. Other symptoms are as followed:

  • They typically exhibit a general sensation of being gloomy and unmotivated.
  • Mental instability is a strong indication of a sacral chakra blockage.
  • They may very well have erratic highs and lows.
  • They might appear to be emotionally deadened, and you may be able to see this in their eyes.
  • They might give the impression that they are unconcerned about crucial matters that affect them. This indicates that they are mentally tired and are not appropriately processing their feelings.
  • They might feel neglected, unheard, and insulted.
  • They may also be unclear about who they are and be going through a crisis of identity.
  • They might appear brash or too loud, and they may have difficulty listening to others.
  • They dislike feeling out of control of a situation and will appear to be on full alert which sometimes means that you have an overactive second chakra.

What causes a blocked sacral chakra?

Whenever any emotion becomes too much to bear and isn’t processed appropriately, the sacral chakra becomes overwhelmed. Your sacral chakra is blocked if…

  • Personal misfortunes, such as the ending of a serious relationship, the loss of a job, or the death of a loved one.
  • Severe tension can also block the sacral chakra as the subconscious attempts to shield the person from a mental breakdown or a physical embodiment of strain.
  • Lengthy periods of illness can also lead the sacral chakra to shut down if the body feels it has reached its limit in terms of how much physical pain it can bear.
  • A bad job might also obstruct your sacral chakra. The job may not be awful in and of itself; it may simply not correspond with their principles or personal morality.

How to Efficiently Execute Sacral Chakra Healing

There are a variety of sacral chakra stones available that are excellent for re-establishing equilibrium. They can be applied to the sacral chakra area while lying down by pressing them directly against it. The sacral chakra is located on your lower belly, just above your navel. Also, the Sacral Chakra is located on the sides of the body or lower abdomen, and stones can be placed on either side of the body near this region as well.

Once you have picked out the perfect and wonderful crystal for you, you can create a crystal grid around your house to make sure that your energy centers its own healing properties. This can even benefit your third eye chakra, root chakra, and solar plexus chakra. So it’s okay to not settle for only a few healing crystals, go crazy!

Crystal healing is no joke because, with a highly protective stone, it can send positive vibrations to your very life force which boost creative talents, vanquishes emotional instability and emotional blockages, aids in releasing fears, and increases a healthy flow of energy in a person.


Best Sacral Chakra Crystals and their Crystal Healing Powers

#1: Orange Carnelian

Orange Carnelian is a stone of ingenuity, vitality, and soul. This crystal absolutely exudes warmth and offers its hues with a flaming brightness that pulsates with excitement. Orange Carnelian was a fertility stone in ancient times, and it was associated with the deity Isis.

Carnelian can balance and strengthen your sacral chakra to ensure you thrive, from igniting your creative heart to cranking up the heat in the bedroom and boosting your confidence.

#2: Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian, born of fire and cooled by the kiss of time, is one of those wonderful grounding stones that keep you attached and spiritually stable. Although this stone is supposed to bring emotions to the surface, this is exactly what you need to do in order to analyze your ideas and stand in your power.

It restores order to chaos, heals old karmic scars, and aids in the resolution of sluggish thought patterns so you can go forward. As a result of all of this, the sacral chakra or second chakra can be cleansed of envy, harmful ideas, and any weight that maintains these types of obstructions.

#3: Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is as brilliant and gorgeous as soda pop, drenched in sunny feelings and a mood that glows. This stone is a warm-hearted beauty that will not only nourish you completely from head to toe but will also link with the sacral chakra or second chakra to keep you energized.

Orange Calcite is recognized as a stone of creativity, making it a must-have talisman for everyone who wants to express themselves more fully in their lives. Additionally, orange calcite removes lethargy, indifference, and anything else that is weighing you down and substitutes it with truth, light, and the ability to see beyond the horizon.

#4: Citrine

Citrine is pure healing energy, as bright as the sun or as soft as the first rays of summer sunlight through the trees. This golden diamond is full of hope and promotes the art of self-expression. Citrine is a feeling that always shines through, no matter how black the skies appear. Because of the warm golden energy, it helps to boost your vibrations and can shake free sacral chakra blockages.

It enhances your desires and places you in a spiritual state where you are ready to receive everything the universe has to offer. It is known as the merchant’s stone because of its magical capacity to generate wealth in a variety of ways.

#5: Sunstone

The Sunstone, as the name implies, is all about life-giving warmth, connectivity, and vitality. Allow this stone to beam down on individuals who feel as if they are living in perpetual ice. Sunstone is regarded as a luxuriant leadership stone since it boosts courage and keeps you linked to a can-do mentality.

You can use this stone to grow in a thousand various ways because it is infused with excitement and is incredibly empowering. While Sunstone assists you in rising, it does it in a gentle and gentle manner, keeping you the light of heart, pure with intention, and potent in-play compared to other sacral chakra stones.

#6: Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye, the stone of the intellect, has a lot of energy and is great at cleansing spaces. Earthy black and brown are banded with warming orange and gold tones to keep you grounded while also stirring up all that delightful chi. Because of the enormous cat energy it carries, Tiger’s Eye is excellent for helping you maintain boundaries without erecting barriers.

It is a stone connected with mobility, change, and creativity, as well as reminding you that you can handle whatever life throws at you. You can say yes to earth and sun energies to help you bloom in golden glory, from giving your intuition the strength to voice out to stabilizing moods and relieving concerns.

#7: Amber

Amber, which is formed from trees, is not strictly a crystal, yet it is charged with terrestrial energy. This golden brown and orange stone is a well-known organic painkiller that is also brimming with ancient knowledge along with its warm and sunny energy.

It holds energy from the sun and the earth, making it an excellent talisman for the sacral chakra. Amber is recognized for cleaning inner passageways and promoting positivity, reclaiming power, and even a greater sense of freedom. Amber boosts insight and reunites us with our ancestors. 

#8: Orange Moonstone

The Moonstone’s charm (color orange) should never be underestimated since it is radiant with feminine energy and loving light. Orange Moonstone is one of the wise sacral chakra stones that has a link that can beautifully encourage emotional equilibrium in all the greatest ways.


Because the Moonstone is organically linked with the white light that brightens even the darkest sky, it can also aid in the healing of reproductive troubles and PMS symptoms. It is also regarded as a symbol of new beginnings and acceptance of the change.

Life, like the natural world’s cycles, can reflect this, and nothing is permanent. This orange crystal is a manmade crystal that can be very restorative for our sense of connectedness and self-worth, as well as a lesson in just letting go.

#9: Aragonite

The Aragonite Star Clusters are composed of a cluster of peach-colored crystals. This stone may have a name that conjures images of far-reaching skies and vibrant treasures, but Aragonite is actually extremely grounding. It has a similar vibe to Tigers Eye in that it keeps your emotions stable and ensures you are subconsciously tuned in to self-care.

Aragonite star is one of the sacral chakra stones that are also beneficial to creative projects because it promotes confidence, the ability to focus, and the energy of self-sufficiency. Because it is a great grounding crystal, it can also assist you in releasing negative energy and indignation, creating even more space within for your light to glow.

#10: Goldstone

Having a name like Goldstone, it’s no surprise that he helps us find our own route to mystery and enchantment. By purifying and connecting to the sacral chakra, this stone is renowned as a stone of ambition, assisting you in achieving all of your goals. Goldstone has relaxing energy and is adept at helping to balance emotions.

Although this is a man-made crystal, it contains the therapeutic properties of copper and glass and has roots dating back to the Middle Ages. Be grounded, see clearly, and then let the conductive energy of copper and the glory of the Goldstone take you to greater heights. Definitely one of the greatest sacral chakra crystals.

#11: Amethyst

Although Amethyst is often regarded with being a crown chakra gem, it is so much more than that. This high-frequency stone is a true masterpiece of healing. Amethyst is all about the huge calmness which enables you to clear away negative energy, alleviate anxiety, and fill your life with courage.

Also, Amethyst centers on the inner emotional self. It also inspires you to use your creative mind and reminds you that you have all the knowledge and wisdom, understanding, and strength you need to make good judgments.

#12: Peach Aventurine

Out of all the sacral chakra stones, Peach Aventurine is an excellent gem for calm meditation. Its qualities are most noticeable when you are looking for some tranquil and focusing energy. If you are naturally shy or apprehensive, this is a good crystal for you. This crystal’s energies will calm your anxiety and put you at ease in any scenario.

It will grant you a strong influence in the presence of others, attracting them to you. Also, it will also provide you with dignity and peace while you are dealing with particularly loud or critical voices inside your head. This crystal is a potent good fortune stone that will also boost your own power. When you carry, wear, or utilize it, it will boost your self-esteem and bring all types of success to you.

#13: Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is a fantastic crystal for working with inner-self concerns. When you wish to achieve more insight, growth, or acceptance, this should be your go-to crystal. It will assist you in evaluating and addressing your inner concerns without criticism or judgment. Tangerine Quartz’s energies will encourage compassion and give you the confidence to release previous conflicts and traumas that no longer serve your objective.

It will remove anything that is impeding your progress. Tangerine Quartz will complement the Sacral Chakra energies, boosting creativity and acceptance of life’s changes and challenges. This crystal will help you put the past behind you and restore balance in the Sacral Chakra. Tangerine Quartz is a stone signifying endurance and power. It exudes an energy that allows you to gain a better knowledge of the events that will impact you and your life.

Final Word:

Each sacral chakra stone can help you gain emotional balance, creative energies, self-reliance, and your true energy centre that will help you overcome your mood swings and self-limiting beliefs. All the crystals mentioned above have cleansing properties that can stabilize emotions, it’s all a matter of picking the perfect stone for you.

Which of the healing crystals that emanate spiritual healing energy suit you best?

Tell us through the comment section!


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