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February 19, 2021

How To Tell If Someone Was In Your Past Life


Do you believe in the concept of a past life? No matter which spiritual belief you subscribe to, we all can’t deny the fact that reincarnation is an extremely interesting take on both life and death. Admit it, we’ve all been curious at one point in our lives if we can really be reborn after we die. For some people, it is such a comforting idea that death is not the end of it all. 

How Past Life Connections Manifest

Psychics believe that one soul will continuously incarnate in various physical forms and in different lifetimes until it has completely fulfilled its divine purpose here on earth. Although each incarnation is unique, the strong aspects of each previous life tend to remain with our souls. These could be in the form of traits, skills, feelings, or memories.

Déjà vu is a phenomenon that we are all familiar with. While some claim that this is a neurological issue, many believe that it is a reflection of our past life experiences. This can range from feeling like you’re experiencing a certain event twice to feeling like you’ve already met certain people before. 

Most of the time, in our attempt to make logical sense of everything, we disregard these encounters as simply being on the same wavelength as the other person. We usually say “Ah, maybe we’re just really compatible” or “I relate to this person because we have the same background, interests, etc.”  What we don’t realize is that it might be a manifestation of our connections in our past life. In other words, we connect with this person because our souls have already met in a previous lifetime!

Yes, sometimes the powerful chemistry that you notice between you is not all that there is. The connection that you have with this person is inexplicably different from your other relationships because both your souls are trying to reconnect with each other after so long. 

5 Signs That You’ve Already Met Someone In Your Past Life

Wonder how you would know that someone was in your past life? Below are some signs that will help you distinguish an old soulmate from just a new compatible friend.  

1. Your Natal Charts Match

You’ll be surprised at how much astrology can tell you when it comes to finding out if you’ve been involved with someone in your previous life. If you want to know if your current partner is a flame of the past, you can turn to synastry

Synastry is a branch of astrology that puts two birth charts together to determine the compatibility level and past life connections between two souls. It is important to seek the help of experienced psychics or astrologers with this reading, especially if you are not familiar with how it works. Leave the task of finding cosmic hints about your soul connection to the experts. 

2. Your Intuition Is In Overdrive 

While comparing natal charts and zodiac signs is a surefire way to determine your souls’ connection, it is understandable that not everyone knows their astrology. A simpler way to know if you have already met someone in your past life is by listening to your inner voice the moment you meet a person.

Meeting someone from your past life elicits a different sensation in the gut. It’s like your soul is doing a somersault within. If you liked the person in your previous life, the sensation feels warm and tingling – like you’re excited. If you’ve had a negative experience with this person in your past life, you won’t be able to help it. You will dislike this person even before they open their mouth to introduce themself.

Aside from the sensations of like and dislike, a more intense emotion like love at first sight is a sign that your soul has had a deep connection with this person in the past.

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3. You’re Drawn To Each Other

When we hear the word soulmate, our minds immediately think of romantic partners. However, soulmates are not just for the romance department. A soulmate can be in the form of a friend, a family, or even just a colleague. Think of them as your ‘tribe’ – people whom you share a strong spiritual connection with. 

According to psychics, soulmates are rarely just soulmates. They are usually souls that you were meant to meet in another life because of an unfinished business. If you feel like you’re drawn to a person in an unexplainable way, chances are you both still have things to accomplish or learn together.

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4. Your Relationship Dynamics Are Confusing

If you constantly feel like you don’t know where your role stands in a relationship, this confusion might stem from the possibility that you had different dynamics with this person in the past life. While you may have been friends before, you might have been the loud one and this person the quiet one. Now that the roles may have been reversed, both your souls are confused because they still carry the remnants of your previous interaction. 

Another example would be assuming a certain role in a group of friends. Think of how there’s always someone who acts as the group’s mom, the protector, the child, etc. These could all be because your souls had different dynamics in your previous lives.

5. Your Connection Transcends Time And Distance 

Surely, you have friends who you can go for years without seeing or talking to. However long you may have stayed out of touch, nothing really changes. The moment you meet again, you talk like you just saw each other yesterday. Sounds familiar? We all have these friendships and most of them are really past life connections. Time and distance have nothing on you because your connection is founded on more than one lifetime’s worth of bond. 

Are Past Life Connections All About People?

No. Your past life connections are not limited to people. Animals can form a certain type of connection with our souls too. Although they cannot express it, you can see it from the way they are drawn to people. Most animals know who they want to be with. You may choose a pet, but it is also true that a pet can choose you. This is especially true for fur parents who adopt. 

When you go to the shelter, don’t you look for the animal that you feel the most connected with? Animals can react based on their past life too. If you see them get so excited to see you even it’s your first meeting, chances are this animal has interacted with you in your previous life.

Final Word

A familiar stranger. This is how we can describe a soul that we are fortunate to meet again in another lifetime. While we may not recognize it at first, meeting people from our past life sends a divine message that we still have things to fulfill and lessons to learn. It proves that the past life is not an isolated spiritual experience. We are not reborn as completely different people. While the physical form may change, the qualities of the soul are still intact. And once a connection with another soul has been made, this relationship can go beyond a single lifetime.

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