Spiritual Dreams

December 15, 2022

The 13 Most Common Spiritual Dreams


What is a dream? A spiritual dream is a series of images, ideas, feelings, and sensations occurring spontaneously in the mind during various sleep cycle stages. These stages include deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep. The average human sleeps roughly two hours per night, and each of their dreams lasts between five and twenty minutes. 

Even if the dreamer may have the impression that the spiritual dream lasted considerably longer than this. You may even find that Morpheus, the god of dreams, has decided to pay you a visit with messages from the Divine. There are even significances of a dream in the Bible. Dreams are always subject to interpretation which is why there exists dream interpretation. 

Attributing meaning to one’s spiritual dreams is called “dream interpretation.” There is no credible evidence that interpreting or reading one’s dreams benefits one’s mental health, even though dream interpretation is commonly associated with various types of psychotherapy. Given such, are you ready to discover the meanings of your spiritual dreams?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Discovering the meanings of your spiritual dreams
  • Unlocking the secret interpretations of all your spiritual dreams
  • Learning about the significance of your spiritual dreams in your daily life
  • How psychotherapists, dream interpreters, and psychologists view spiritual dreams

How do spiritual dreams affect you?

You’re falling off a place. Your teeth are falling out. You are always late for your essential job presentation. We’ve all experienced dreams that woke us up in a panic, only to learn they were dreams. But what do they signify, and why do we keep thinking about them after we wake up?

“Our body may often experience what is happening in the dream for vivid dreamers,” explains Eliza Boquin, a certified psychotherapist, sex therapist, and proprietor of The Flow & Ease Healing Center. “As we return to a state of attention, it may take a few seconds or even hours to fully anchor ourselves in the present moment.”

It turns out that dreams do matter. “Dreams are the subconscious thoughts you have. “They’re a continuation of your day’s thoughts,” says Lauri Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst and speaker. While you sleep, your brain generates approximately five dreams per night. That’s a lot of subconscious notions to sort through. 

While each dream is unique, they tend to follow some symbolic patterns. We asked Boquin, Loewenberg, and Dr. William Braun, a psychologist, to explain the more profound significance behind these 13 typical spiritual dreams.

Your Top 13 Common Spiritual Dreams

#1: It’s just a regular day

A common but rather perplexing dream. Real-life occurrences that are “boring,” such as going about your typical workday or picking up the kids from school. “Because our minds are confined to what we know, we cope with pressures by referring to our daily lives. 

Perhaps you went to bed thinking about all you had to accomplish the next day, or perhaps you’ve been late picking up your child and are feeling guilty about it,” Boquin advises investigating the feelings you felt in your dream. “What was the subject, and is that something you’re dealing with right now?”

Remember that it’s common to build dreams from real-life thoughts and visuals, so there may only be a more profound message if it feels like there is. “This is an excellent example of ‘Day Residue,'” Braun says. “What happened the day before is frequently incorporated into our dreams.”

#2: You’re taking a test in school

According to Loewenberg, this dream is usually related to work. “School was our first job ever,” Loewenberg says, adding that this dream is typical when a career challenge looms. “Whether you’re trying to attract a new customer, it’s assessment time, or you’re trying to earn a promotion—anytime you feel tested and have to show yourself.” What is the takeaway? “How did you feel during your dream?” Were you ready? “It’s kind of like a mirror,” Loewenberg explains.

#3: You were cheated on by your partner

“If you’ve had infidelity in the past, whether in this or a previous relationship, it will keep coming up because it’s a bone of contention within yourself,” Loewenberg adds. Another thing to keep in mind? Dreams are not predictions. “If there aren’t any trust difficulties and this seems to be coming out of nowhere,” Loewenberg says, “it doesn’t mean your partner is cheating.” 

Instead, another third wheel could be to blame. “Something may be taking up too much of your attention and time,” she says. “It could be a career, golf, friends, a new baby…whatever is depriving you of that attention and time.

Finally, this dream can be beneficial if you don’t wake up angry at your lover for something they did in your subconscious. “It’s telling you something needs to be fixed,” says Loewenberg. “You and your lover can start having date evenings, or you can attempt to cut back on sports or whatever.”


#4: You were unfaithful to your partner

This one can be just as frightening—and just as meaningful. “In my experience with these types of nightmares, there is frequently some uncertainty about the other person’s allegiance or the safety of the connection, which is usually emotional,” says Boquin. 

“Betrayal may take many forms, so if you believe your spouse is putting something or someone else ahead of you or is not being completely honest with you, your subconscious may be attempting to understand what is going on. Dreams provide a safe area to tackle difficulties we are hesitant to confront when awake.”

#5: You’re running late

According to Loewenberg, this is straightforward to understand if you work in an industry focused on meeting deadlines. If this isn’t the case, then the self-imposed timelines are likely to blame. “Perhaps you want to attain a certain level in your work by a certain date, or perhaps you want to shed some pounds,” Loewenberg hypothesises.

#6: You are pregnant

According to Loewenberg, this is a healthy fantasy even if you are not actively attempting to start your own family since “it’s reflecting that something is developing or growing inside of you.” It may be anything from a novel concept to working toward a promotion. Several women get this while working on a degree or when they’re on the cusp of a new relationship.

#7: You are falling off a place

“Dreams of falling might be related to feelings of helplessness or overwhelm.” “They may also connect to feelings of isolation and insecurity,” explains Braun. If you dream of falling because the floor gives way beneath you, or another version, it can be interpreted in various ways. 

“While there may be a general meaning of falling, what is most crucial for the individual dreaming is the specifics,” Braun adds. He or she will have different connections with the dream’s details. Falling may bring back memories of 9/11 for one patient. Another person may consider ‘falling from grace.’ In short, while the dream of falling is widespread, the details vary from case to case.”

#8: You have lost your voice

“This may not be a dream, but rather the outcome of sleep paralysis,” Braun argues. “Our bodies undergo REM atonia, a natural paralysis during the REM cycle, during REM sleep, the sleep cycle during which we dream. REM sleep paralyzes us physiologically to prevent our bodies from moving or acting while we dream. 

People who have sleep paralysis frequently awaken before the REM period is over. A dream can be experienced in the gap between sleep and waking. It is also possible to feel unable to move, speak, or, in some situations, breathe when awake.”

#9: You are naked

Braun says, “sentiments of humiliation and shame frequently accompany these nightmares.” There is a possible link between them and feelings of vulnerability and exposure. On the other hand, if you walk around naked and have no shame, that could indicate the complete opposite. This person may want to be observed, acknowledged, and admired.

#10: Your teeth are falling out

Are you a person who struggles with anxiety? Your built-up stress may be releasing itself in the shape of a nightmare. Braun says, “we might conceive this as worrying about one’s potency, competency, strength, power, and ability to ‘take a bite out’ of the universe.” A moment of change or transition may also be represented in a dream like this one which is very common.

#11: You are being chased

It all varies on who is chasing who. “A monster frequently pursues people. The monster could represent an indiscretion, an addiction, or a debt, “Braun adds. It could be different if you have a bad dream or nightmare of being hunted by someone you know. 

“Your connections about the person chasing you are frequently more informative than focusing on the person chasing you,” Braun explains. “Keep in mind that people in dreams can be substitutes for others or even portions of ourselves.”

#12: You are in a position of power

“On the surface, dreaming of being in a position of authority seems extravagant,” says Braun. “On the other hand, one may make the case that the majority of people who have the ambition of being in a position of power are not, in fact, in a position of power. 

Because of this, the dream transforms the powerless dreamer into their opposite in the world of the dream. What appears to be grandiosity is an act of compensating for something else. The dream helps to alleviate (or cover up) the feelings of helplessness that the person is experiencing.”

#13: You are somewhere fancy or with a deceased loved one

This kind of dream, along with others of detailed elegance, can be interpreted as a need to complement reality with fantasy. “An attempt to satiate the hunger of the missed meal” is what dreaming of a feast is, according to Braun’s explanation. According to him, having dreams about a deceased loved one is a means to “bring them back to life.”


“Dreams have the potential also to heal. They can assist us in working through challenging feelings that we have experienced, “adds Boquin. “Many people think that their deceased loved ones are paying them a visit during their dreams, while others simply find solace in the idea that they were able to spend some time with their loved one in the dreamland.”

Final Word:

Spiritual Dreams can affect us in many different ways and vary in meanings and interpretations. It is up to you to decide what to make of them.

Which spiritual dream do you dream of the most?

Share with us your experience in the comment section below!

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