Nine Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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Nine Of Swords General Meaning

When the Nine of Swords appears in the tarot deck, a feeling of sorrow, grief and misery may be present in your midst. You may be drowned by the tormenting effects of depression and mental anguish and it became difficult for you to escape from it.

You have the tendency to perceive things in a negative way and you refuse to see the beauty in it. In this card, a figure of a woman can be seen sitting on a bed with her hands covering her face.

She seems to have awaken from a bad and horrible dream and she appears to be frightened and dismayed about it. Her bedframe depicts an image of a person being defeated by another creature while her wall is adorned by nine long swords.

The blanket that is wrapped around her is also filled with roses and different astrological signs.

Nine Of Swords Upright Meaning

The presence of the Nine of Swords Card in Upright suggests that you may be suffering from misery, fear and emotional pain. It reminds you of the trauma and hurtful ordeal that is brought by the painful experiences you have encountered in the past.

It has continued to haunt and torment your feelings and it became difficult for you to not worry and think about it. To get rid of these negative emotions, it is important to acknowledge and accept the fact that you are in the midst of a mental and emotional dilemma.

Once there is acceptance, it would be easy for you to express and unload these heavy burdens. Focus on the beautiful things in life and try to ask for help from others if you think that you can no longer deal with it.


Love Meaning - Nine Of Swords Upright

With this card, you may be feeling blue or in severe emotional turmoil, and you’re not sharing this pain with your partner. It is understandable to protect them from feeling worried, but you also need to realize that you can’t carry all of the world’s burdens on your own.

Relationships are meant to emphasize the importance of finding peace with someone. Thus, telling your partner about whatever it is that bothers you so you can act on it accordingly while reinforcing your relationship.

Further, the more you hide it, the fast your partner will notice and the more they’ll worry. Talk to them and slowly let everything out, because doing this will allow you to eventually get out of your emotional bubble and strengthen the relationship.

While this isn’t a guaranteed one-step method to prevent further hurt and emotional pain, it is a start in your journey to improve your well-being, and at the same time, your relationship. Make this a habit, and you will soon see the positive implications of this act for you and your significant other.

And if you are single, it doesn’t mean that you have to wallow in your loneliness for all eternity! Sooner or later, you will find the person who will be the shoulder that you can cry on. For now, make do with your family and friends- after all, they know your heart well and are highly unlikely to turn their back on you when times become rough.


Wealth Meaning - Nine Of Swords Upright

The Nine of Swords evokes a sense of grief and deep regret over matters of the past, as well as anxiety about the future, which could be bad for finance. In matters of such importance, you need to be constantly making decisions, regardless of your personal feelings.

Often, it is hard to separate being emotional over the things that concern us, and it's okay! Being frustrated and anxious is part of the human experience, but being carried away by such feelings can often lead to disastrous results, especially if you use them as the basis of your decisions. Yes, it’s tough, but you don’t have to always be right.

Sometimes, experimenting with your options can go a long way, as long as you don’t do it too much. While this is an excellent way to gauge what you can do to ease your fears and at the same time learn more about your capabilities and the opportunities suitable for them, you also need to exercise caution.

No, this is not because something terrible might happen outright to your career. It's more of a precaution from becoming overwhelmed by everything that you are doing.

Try acquiring new hobbies-- you might find a new source of passion that could drive your income! Use your side activities as a way to find joy and relaxation while also learning more about your potential and capabilities. Clear your mind while doing all of these things; who knows if these are just what you need to get a career push?.

Nine Of Swords Reverse Meaning

You may be trapped in a world full of sadness and misery but always remember that this is just temporary. Nothing is constant except change and all the pain that you are currently feeling will soon be erased.

However, you have to be brave to make the first move. Believe that you are capable of surviving from it and always nurture a hopeful and optimistic attitude towards the challenges and difficulties of life.


Love Meaning - Nine Of Swords Reversed

Because this card is Card in Reverse, the two of you might be having problems with one another. It is a tragedy of a larger kind, because unlike the one on the upright position, it’s not just you having the problem-- it’s both of you, which makes it harder especially if you don’t talk to each other about it.

Again, the burdens of life were not made to be born by one person alone; it has always been meant to be shared as a way to ease the pain and to strengthen your love and camaraderie with others. If you choose to keep your partner in the dark over the things that weigh you down, then what is even the point of being in a partnership with them? This may very well be a litmus test in your relationship-- to see how well the two of you really know and trust each other.

Open up first, as silence could put the relationship in jeopardy. Communication will always be the key to understanding and the first step to resolving almost every problem in existence.

If you and your significant other open up to each other, you would most certainly find a dramatic and positive shift in your relationship that could lead to it becoming long-term. This is your sign to make the first move and speak your heart freely with your partner.

Once you’ve taken the lead, they will certainly pick up from your example and aid you in making your relationship a transparent and honest one.


Wealth Meaning - Nine Of Swords Reversed

In its reversed position, the Nine of Swords may mean that you are on the verge of a breakthrough after enduring so much punishment at work. Your mind and body are tired from all the activities you’ve had to do recently, but you won’t be crying about it for long; rest assured that when everything is done, you’ll be reaping the full reward of all the effort you’ve gained.

For example, you could gain a new job offer that could give you not only a way out, but a more substantial salary. All these are about to come into your life, so prepare yourself! These changes may go either gradually or almost overnight.

Before you would give yourself a whiplash, anticipate things while they are still at arm's length. Don't worry though, they are all going to be positive and are there to make your life even better than before! These changes in fortune will also entail more responsibilities for you.

But while they would be heavier in load, they would not be as stressful for you since your experience and expertise will keep you buoyed as you embark on this new journey in your career. The road to success was never smooth and easy, and your current situation is only one example of the struggles a person must endure in achieving the victory they deserve.

But with everything that you have done to reach where you will be, you truly deserve this!

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