Queen Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

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Queen Of Pentacles General Meaning

In contrast to the paternal King, the Queen of Pentacles is the quintessential symbol of Medieval interpretations of femininity. Maternal, compassionate and nurturing, the Queen does not indulge in as much maternal wealth as her male counterpart, given the more humble throne on which she sits.

In addition, the throne does not sit on concrete, but on dry land, with lush greenery on the background. This suggests an attachment to the concept of “Mother” Earth.

Her wealth is focused not on the sustenance of one, nor singular, personal achievement, but on truly altruistic goals such the caring for one’s subjects, familial loyalty, and even piety. As such, getting this card is a moment of great inspiration.

The ultimate companion of the King, it tells you not to be selfish with your own riches, and to actually work not just for your own benefit, but for everyone else’s. But it doesn’t just translate to riches too.

Since the Queen is also considering a life-bringing card, you also need to do what you can to spread positive vibes by keeping morale high and cheering others on. After all, if everyone else wins, then you also win.

Queen Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Getting this result is a great thing for you in many ways, as it promises financial stability, smooth teamwork and the fruit of collaborative labor. At this point, you definitely have a solid grasp of managing expenditures and saving money.

You’re easy to work with and you’re definitely bringing results and raising morale for your team. Now, all that’s really left to do is to keep radiating all of this helpful energy onto other people.

By keeping yourself grounded and always being sensitive to your surroundings, you can rest assured that things will be stable in the coming years.


Love Meaning - Queen Of Pentacles Upright

Out of all the life-giving cards in the Minor Arcana, the Queen of Pentacles is the most potent. This is because it takes on the form of a truly maternal queen, surrounded by plants and wildlife, with a gentle hold over her own pentacle.

Romantically, this means that you’re secure with the partner that you have. Not only do they wish to spend an eternity with you, but they will also do everything to protect you in every way.

You are extremely lucky, and you ought to hold on to that luck by not betraying your partner’s trust. Remind them every day that they are the only choice for you and that you will always choose them no matter what happens in your relationship.

Give them small gifts, and make small gestures that reinforce their belief in your consistency and faithfulness. Spend more time with them if you can.

While they understand that you are busy and you have other pressing matters to attend to, abandoning them too much might ruin the momentum of their feelings for you. Reassure them with your presence, and don't forget to do it regularly! If you and your partner will keep up with all of these, then your relationship is good as secured and assured of its longevity.

Heck, you may even be assured that marriage is on the cards if you haven't yet! Your love and devotion for each other will be your anchor in this life, and this is true for as long as you will have one another.


Wealth Meaning - Queen Of Pentacles Upright

The Queen of Pentacles in the upright position endorses the wisdom of proactive spending. This means actually managing your budget without getting swayed by the trivial and the trendy.

Like the maternal queen in the card’s image, it tells you to not get too fixated on the here and now, but instead focus on future expenses such as marriage or even gathering enough capital for new investments. By asserting more control over your natural drive for spending, you are in fact making yourself that much richer by giving yourself more resources for even more choices later in life.

While treating yourself every once in a while isn’t harmful, you also need to rein in your expenses whenever you do so—budget things accordingly, with the future in mind. Get insurance, invest in the stock market, make time deposits.

Whatever you want to do, if you keep up your current momentum, they will indeed bear fruit. Bear in mind that preparing for your future does not happen overnight but is done every day to anticipate the things that will possibly occur in your life.

Breaking your pace can lead to possible disaster, so act wisely! Remember that your future is more important than the present. Look far into the future that you want to have, and you will know the right moves to ensure that you can maximize gains when the time comes.

You can make things happen if and only if you have sufficiently prepared for all of them.

Queen Of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

This outcome could be interpreted in both a positive way and a negative way. In all likelihood, you’re still a capable financial manager, able to think of ways to spend without hurting your bottom line, but it can also signify an inability to connect with others.

You maintain the majesty of the crown, but you may be detached from your people. There are many reasons as to why this is the case: social anxiety and existing misunderstandings can all get in the way of establishing rapport.

As such, you might want to try and sort things out with the people around you, especially if you have personal problems with them.


Love Meaning - Queen Of Pentacles Reversed

As is the price of potency, the Queen of Pentacles in its Reverse position is the most awful because it shows extreme immaturity on your partner’s end. Rather than giving the relationship life, your partner may be too self-absorbed to care about your own welfare.

In fact, this even suggests unfaithfulness, overdependence, and deception. It’s highly possible that while your partner is making you smile, you’re being made to buy unnecessary things just to satisfy their material whims.

You love them dearly, but you know relationships of this kind often go down in flames. The first thing that you must do is to, of course, confront them of what their true intentions with you.

Be reminded, though, to be civil and not to approach this topic so brashly. Who knows if this bad feeling of yours is simply that- a feeling and is not necessarily what your partner is doing? If your hunch is correct, then talk things over with them.

Slowly but surely, untangle all their secrets so that you can understand their motive, and you will also know what to do with them. Again, maintain a high moral ground to avoid further complications.

Should both sides still want to continue the relationship despite everything that has happened, you must make sure that your significant other will make good on their promise to change for the better and have renewed commitment to your partnership. If they don’t, then do what any sensible person would: leave.


Wealth Meaning - Queen Of Pentacles Reversed

A reversed queen means that you are caring for the wrong things. Too attached to materialism, you often find yourself unable to care for your wallet-- because there isn’t anything in the wallet! In matters of wealth, it is never good to spend on a whim.

Proper financial planning is and should be your best friend because it essentially allows you stability much later in life: you’ll have an excellent retirement, a loving family (or otherwise a group of people who will happily take care of you in old age), and everything you can ask for. Always keep in mind that money isn’t everything and that it is best if you share your excess with those you love and the people who are in most need.

While budgeting your excess money, keep in mind these groups and individuals. After all, sharing is caring.

Try your best not to be too taken in by superficial things such as designer clothes, latest gadgets, among others. You do not need these things, and your money has better places to go than these indulgences.

Sure, treating yourself is good, but make sure to do this wisely. Being financially adept also means that you are aware of your responsibilities towards others.

Greed never brings anyone well and will only build a rift between you and your loved ones. Be more open and sharing, and the returns will be more than what you expected.

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