King Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

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King Of Pentacles General Meaning

The King of Pentacles is an amazing card for those who dream of financial stability and wealth. It symbolizes the accomplishment of tangible objectives such as getting new clothes, buying a new car, earning money-- just about anything that one can readily show to anyone, and it’s shown no less in the majesty of the King himself.

He wears a golden crown, holds a golden staff and a royal signet, while sitting on a throne atop a set of castle walls. This grand setup and overwhelming abundance of material wealth suggests mastery in financial planning and diversity in connections-- two key traits a modern businessperson would possess.

In addition to this, the background is bright yellow, much like all his golden instruments, signifying a golden age in his reign. Behind him is the magnificence of a well-established garden, signified by the tree to the left and the love of his subjects, signified by the castle windows.

Just as this king’s empire is vast, so too is your capacity for riches and glory. If you’re thinking about setting up a business or earning money for some material goal, now would be the right time.

With the promise of a great future urging you on, there’s no doubt that you’ll live a stable, happy life.

King Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

An upright King of Pentacles symbolizes great material prospects, opportunity and great financial strategy. On the one hand, those who tend to splurge and draw this card may soon realize that they have the capacity to get rich if they would just try to actually save their money.

On the other, it signifies great opportunity, specifically if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a sign. Now, this doesn’t mean money and blessing will just come to you right away.

You’ll have to work for it just like any other goal. To get there, you must keep honing your financial sense and exert effort into actually achieving it.

Only then will you wield the wealth of kings.


Love Meaning - King Of Pentacles Upright

A clear indicator of a secure and steady relationship, the Pentacular King in the upright position urges you to stay the way you currently are, as you are already an excellent provider, with access to many resources to help your family stay safe and secure for years. Of course, just as any King is entrusted with the charge of staying consistent, so is the challenge to stay true and loyal to your relationship’s cause.

Resources are just one part of a relationship, but everything else is up to you and how much love you feel for your partner. You need to be emotionally and mentally invested in your relationship.

The length of time that you've spent with your partner may have made you forget the fundamentals of love, and you may have relied too much on your capability to provide for their needs.  This mindset has to change ASAP.

At the heart of it all, you are with your partner because of your love and devotion, and not just because of material things. If your partnership no longer has that emotional pull that it once had, it is safe to say that the two of you have been reduced to having a contractual obligation to one another.

There is nothing wrong with being a provider. It's just that you must not forget why you are with your significant other in the first place.

Go back to your roots and renew your faith in your partner's love and theirs to you.


Wealth Meaning - King Of Pentacles Upright

As a whole, the suit of pentacles is unique because it’s especially effective in Tarot readings concerning wealth because its whole gist is wealth and coin. The King of Pentacles in the upright position is therefore one of the best cards for this category.

Here, you see a king with a golden crown, staff, and coin. These point to you enjoying material success.

For example, you’re likely to get financial advice that actually works, such that if you put them into action, you could start owning cars or even additional land for you and your family. This is the time when you will slowly find yourself climbing towards the peak of your career.

Make all your decisions count; they will all play a part in your future, and knowing what the wise things to do during this period are will define much of what will come next. As always, be aware of your expenditures and be responsible at every step of the way.

Create a budget plan if you must so that you will be guided on your next purchase. You do not want to live with regret over things that you mistakenly bought just because they were trendy or cute, even if they were so expensive at the time of your purchase! The more responsible you are, the more wealth you will accumulate and eventually enjoy when the time comes.

With enough effort, patience, and wits, you might soon be able to enjoy the comfort and luxury that you have always dreamed of!

King Of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

Seeing this Card in Reverse means impending financial loss and a general flaw in your overall life plan. There’s a great chance you’re stretching yourself too thin, urging yourself to continue with the prospect of wealth even when the current state of affairs is untenable.

It also shows that there’s a problem in the way you’re managing your finances-- perhaps you splurge too much and indulge yourself too frequently. The feeling behind self-indulgence is certainly understandable, but you will need to start changing your mindset to prevent yourself from falling into debt or poverty.

Naturally, this means you may need self-mastery and restraint.


Love Meaning - King Of Pentacles Reversed

A reversed Pentacular King is by far the worst of all outcomes. Because of the particularly powerful symbolism of the pentacle (namely authority), this means that your partner may be secretly or blatantly tyrannical towards you.

Your relationship persists only because your significant other wants what you have. Your wellbeing is secondary to theirs, and they will eventually squeeze the life out of your relationship with their toxicity and lies.

You need to think carefully about whether or not staying in this arrangement is a good thing for you mentally and emotionally, or you’ll be in great trouble. As soon as you have the chance, talk with them.

Pour out all your hurt, grievances, and even your misgivings about your relationship. Please do not hold back; express everything you have to say to them and clarify that you do not want this setup.

If they choose to listen to you, then help them let go of their dictatorial tendencies. Guide them gently towards the right thing to do, and if they make an occasional blunder (and they apologize for it), help them make amends so that they will know what to do next.

However, if they genuinely want to keep up with their dictatorial persona, then it is time to leave them and move on. Love alone can't mend a person's wrongful ways, and if they refuse to become better, then you deserve someone else who is, well, better.

After all, don't deserve negativity in any shape or form in your life.


Wealth Meaning - King Of Pentacles Reversed

This outcome is even worse than the reversed cards from the other suits for two reasons: it belongs to the suit of coins, and it’s the King of Pentacles. It indicates a lack of self-control.

Rather than spending money wisely as would any benevolent king, you choose to indulge yourself with pointless items which have no long-term benefit. You are distracting yourself from shooting for the stars, which seems okay now until you are no longer able to buy the luxuries you currently enjoy.

Turn away from this path and change your life’s course for the better! Be financially responsible and start spending on the things that truly matter. Your luxuries can wait until later, but your present needs, as well as your plans, cannot.

Stop spending outside your usual budget! Allocate your funds accordingly so that you can be assured that no matter what happens, you will still be able to pay off bills and eat at least thrice a day. While your salary may seem more than enough for now, it pays to restructure your funding so that you will not be in want when the financial troubles start to come.

Above all, remember that your world does not revolve around your financial gains or material desires alone. Your lack of value for money is a prime example of this fatal mistake, and you need to change it now.

It is much better to save and spend the excess on things that will help you create good memories with those who matter the most.

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