Seven Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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Seven Of Swords General Meaning

The Seven of Swords is all about overcoming and outsmarting opponents and deviating from circumstances of betrayal or deception. It may take form in various ways— outwitting your lazy and undisciplined personality, besting your counterparts in the school or workplace or perhaps not giving in to worldly lures and temptations when you are overly enticed by your envious self.

The presence of these opponents may result to confrontation or arguments and your response towards it may determine your fate. In this particular card, a man can be seen running away from a seemingly crowded camp.

As he quietly escapes from the said place, he carries with him five long swords. Two other swords are left stuck in the ground and he appears to have no intention of bringing it with him.

This represents his desire to free and liberate himself from the negative things around him, such as a treachery or betrayal of some sort. At first, there is a feeling of ease and confidence when he was able to pass through the campsite without any person knowing it.

However, the soldiers in the background seemed to have notice his surreptitious departure. This is evident when they raise their flag at the distance to provide a signal or warning.

Seven Of Swords Upright Meaning

The presence of the Seven of Swords Card in Upright may imply that you are trying to break free from something. You do not want anyone to discover your scheme or plan of action and you are forced to keep it to yourself.

When somebody finds out about this, you fear that it may result to punishment, vindictive outburst or humiliation. When attempting to sneak out from these issues, assess first if escaping from it will really fix the problem or will just complicate things in the long run.


Love Meaning - Seven Of Swords Upright

Yet another ill card of the Suit of Swords, this particular outcome suggests the presence of a conspiracy or ill intent. Within the context of romance, this means your partner may be cheating on you or is predisposed to do so due to unresolved issues in their past or even uncertainties in your current relationship.

Should this happen, remember that the problem lies in them, not you. If they cannot keep their commitment to love you no matter what happens, then it is their fault why they promised such things when they could not even stay true to your word.

At any rate, such an omen demands great emotional preparation in case the worst-case scenario does happen. While some people are redeemable, they’re often the outliers rather than the rule, so when push comes to shove, leave them and let yourself heal.

If you have to get angry or throw something, do it! Release all the pain that you feel, and don’t hold back when trying to express yourself. Take note, though, that you do not harm someone or even yourself in the process.

Your grief is valid, but taking it out on a living creature won’t make you any different from the person who hurt you. And as for the singles, perhaps it is time to exit from that scheme you and your love interest are engaging in.

Before you get hurt, it would be best if you leave things early so that you won’t get too attached and cause more damage to yourself than anticipated.


Wealth Meaning - Seven Of Swords Upright

The realm of business is a treacherous one, filled with office politics and people with self-serving interests. Watching out for these things at work is the hallmark of the Seven of Swords in the upright position.

As you can see in the card, a man takes as many swords as he can carry and bolts away with them. Translate that into real life, and you get people who hog glory for themselves, especially bosses or coworkers.

Make sure that you will not turn into one of these greedy, glory-seeking individuals who couldn’t care less for the team that made things happen. As much as possible, thank those whom you’ve worked with before and stay humble despite all the rewards and recognition that you’ve got.

The key value to be learned here is to help curb their ambitious tendencies by reminding them of your group’s overall goals. Your superiors can get quite large-headed after all the promotions and rewards they might’ve got because of a successful operation.

As you remind them of the equally impressive acts of your teammates, ensure that you would remain kind and reasonable so that these people will hear you out. It can be draining or even cause you a few headaches here and there, but it wouldn’t be anything that you cannot do.

Reminding people of the value of humility was never an easy task. Still, it is necessary, and it can also help you become a conscious example of such an attitude too.

Seven Of Swords Reverse Meaning

There is no more reason to keep things cautiously as your lies and falsehoods have now been revealed. There is no more point in keeping it as a secret since the persons involved have now known it.

Such confession may result to conflicts or disappointments but always remember that this can be fixed. With a sincere apology and open communication, glitches and misunderstandings may be put to an end.


Love Meaning - Seven Of Swords Reversed

The reverse position indicates that while there is a degree of risk, you should probably stay in your hand and observe things as they unfold. Here, the value being espoused is prudence.

Something fishy might be going on, but you can’t quite put the finger on what it is. Rather than be the soap opera protagonist who goes emotional and ballistic over the slightest rumor, be the rational person who assesses everything before deciding how to act.

This perspective is especially necessary for relationships because breaking it off prematurely can cost you emotionally. By doing your research, probing your partner, being patient, and staying on the lookout for any irregularities, you will be able to gather evidence, and even if you don’t, it’s all the better because it means your suspicions may be unfounded.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t trust your significant other anymore. On the contrary, you should use this time to see their reactions, especially on things that concern trust.

You will know through instinct if they have been honest, and what you found out during your investigation can further help you in your decisions. At this point, stay careful and think judiciously.

Be wise and let things happen the way they should be. If you finally catch your partner doing questionable things, then it is time to get out of that relationship and find one that will not betray their word to you.

You will always have a chance at love, and you do not deserve people who will willingly betray you.


Wealth Meaning - Seven Of Swords Reversed

You are a judicious character, able to judge matters fairly and use the interests of others to your advantage. Such a trait is rare and indicative of a brilliant career moving forward because, in business, you need to be able to use each teammate’s specific skills and ambitions to your advantage.

For example, you can give artistic people more creative freedom in their work, allowing for outputs of greater quality. Knowing how to delegate properly is the hallmark of a great leader, and if you’re already capable of this, things can only get better from here.

Having a deep understanding of your coworkers’ strengths and weaknesses can be used to your advantage. It will allow you to gauge the quality and quantity of work that you can produce and be aware of what other skills they need to refine and acquire.

It would help if you gave yourself a self-assessment too. Through this, you will understand why you are good at doing things while gaining some insight into how you can improve as a team player.

Additionally, you can also learn how to become a better person in general through this exercise on self-awareness. As your productivity and efficiency grow along with that of your coworkers, you will find yourself enjoying more frequent victories and hitting milestones you never thought were possible.

Through it all, stay committed to improving along with your team and synergize properly to maximize output, profit, and benefit while also remaining humble.

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