The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

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The Sun General Meaning

With its bright and gleaming light, the sun is a positive symbolism that everything is turning out very well. Its presence is a great indication that you are radiantly shining amidst the negativities surrounding you and that it has influenced others to be hopeful and optimistic towards life’s challenges.

Its vivacious rays have been bringing you blessings, abundant graces and success. It speaks of a beautiful message that the sun will always shine after a big and heavy rain.

The sun is the perfect representation of life itself and the vibrant energy that comes with it. It epitomizes vigor, liveliness and optimism that have become very essential in battling the numerous predicaments and problems of the world.

As seen in the card, a naked child can be observed riding happily on a horse. This depicts innocence and how great it feels when you have nothing to hide and conceal about yourself.

It signifies fulfillment and happiness when one is being true to his identity and virtues. On the other hand, the figure of the white horse stands for purity, power and nobility.

The Sun Upright Meaning

There is positive energy, joy and abundance when the sun card is positioned upright. It indicates that your confidence, happiness and radiance is very visible and evident to other people.

You have become a good influence in sharing compassion, kindness and optimism to others who may have been devoured by anger, selfishness and sadness. Because of the personal fulfillment that you have cultivated, it became easy for you to transfer positivity and cheerfulness to others.

This will help them nurture a life filled with love and affection.


Love Meaning - The Sun Upright

The Sun is a card of great hope and joy for anyone who beholds it. In love, it’s no different.

Just as the Sun shines brightly to lead the way, your prospects in finding “the one” during this time will be in your favor. This will be a time of light-hearted bliss as things will feel a bit easier to the heart, and when you meet this particular person, it will be quite an occasion.

The budding relationship will be full of joy, love, and mutual respect. As time progresses, the light that is this partnership may get into some dark spots here and there, but with the right motivation and pure intentions, its brightness will never dim and will only glow brighter.

If you already have a partner to share life’s joys, highs, and lows, this is also a great time to be alive and in love. After so many challenges, this card announces an end to the stormy days that you and your significant other have endured for so long.

Because it’s such a joyous card, it means that things are okay right now between you and your partner. Nothing is amiss, nor should you be worried.

If you’re the careful type and trying to look for negative aspects to work on, you may want to dial it down a bit and just enjoy your partner’s presence. Suspicion does nothing at a time of great jubilation, so relax, enjoy and have fun!


Wealth Meaning - The Sun Upright

The Sun Card on the upright position is a really great card if you’re looking to earn money. In the image, the sun represents the telltale glitter of gold, and also the stability you currently have in life.

At the moment, not only are you very energetic, but you’re also very passionate about your job. You’re growing as an employee, and with its reflection on your performance, you might just get a promotion later on.

Your brilliance won’t go unnoticed, especially if you have sustained momentum of good work performance and outputs. As said, incentives are just around the corner for you to take- indeed, you are at your peak, and you are standing close to the Sun! If you are a business owner, then pulling this card might be the good news you have been hoping for.

A business breakthrough is just within your reach. Whether it will come in the form of an increase in sales, a new major client, or something else, you can be assured that good things are bound to happen.

And, of course, your finances will be quite a sight to behold. With your bank accounts filling to the brim, it is almost safe to say that the divine blesses you with everything good in this world.

No matter what you do for a living, this is truly a time of abundance. The future shines bright for you, and as long as you keep a positive mindset, it will shine even further.

The Sun Reverse Meaning

This may signify that you have not remained positive and happy in dealing with your day-to-day life. You have been too consumed by negativity and misery and this hindered your personal fulfillment and growth.

You are experiencing difficulty in finding positivity and hope in bad situations and you are losing your confidence and power to achieve your goals. A giant storm is currently looming on your sky and it would be best if you would view it as a learning experience rather than as a curse.

In this way, you would be able to get rid of the despair and desolation that this catastrophe may bring by starting to have a positive mindset and by believing that you are capable of surviving it.


Love Meaning - The Sun Reversed

In reverse, the Sun indicates a lack of joy, distance, and even a sense of pain. Within the romantic realm, this card could mean that something is interfering in your relationship with your partner.

What this something is, it isn't easy to know right away. It may have been a result of you being away for so long, and your partner feels like you've abandoned them.

They may have turned their attention to something else and would rather spend their time there rather than with you. Maybe the kisses don’t feel as tender as they once were.

If you’re single, this could mean a kind of hopelessness that prevents you from finding the right person. Remember that negative thoughts beget negative results.

If you do not let your mind go of all the negative juju, you will only make things even worse than before. If you keep on saying that you and your partner will not last long, then you might just be manifesting the wrong things entirely.

The same goes if you will tell yourself that you are unlovable and that no one will come to accept you. It is important that you change that mindset right now! No matter who you are and what you do, there is someone out there for you.

No matter the case, reversing this ill omen will require having a more positive outlook. The coldness or distress you feel may just be a call to self-improvement.

Use it to your advantage!


Wealth Meaning - The Sun Reversed

If you ever see the Sun Card on reverse, be very careful as it represents the problems of excess. For the most part, picking this card could mean that you’re planning too far ahead, or that you’re overconfident about your prospects.

Needless to say, nothing is wrong with looking forward to a bright future, but look at the sun too much and it will certainly blind you. Your excessive zeal could end up causing you much stress and might eventually make you burnout altogether.

An old maxim still rings true today: don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Indeed, while the eggs of opportunity are ever-present, it won’t do you any good to obsess over things that do not have a guarantee of ever happening.

Recalibrate your focus to your present. Long-term planning is good, yes, but you also have to remember that what happens next will base on what you do at this very moment.

If you keep your eyes trained on the horizon, you might not notice the stone that is about to make your trip over and injure you in the process. With the right orientation and state of mind, you can plan for what is to come while also being cautious about what to do next.

You do not have to do things in detail; the future is never set in stone, and there will always be infinite possibilities to choose from. Be methodical and patient or your enthusiasm might crush you financially.

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