The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the moon tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Moon General Meaning

The moon gives you a message that it is high time for you to rely on your intuition and to listen to your inner self. It signifies that you cannot always control what will happen next but you can change your attitude towards it.

This can be done by trusting on your guts and be sensitive enough on what your intuition tells you. In this card, a long and winding road can be seen towards a distant and remote mountain.

It is accompanied by a figure of a dog and wolf standing beside it which stands for the dual aspect of the human culture— that it may sometimes be refined and civilized but may also be rough and wild on the opposite side. A crawfish is perceived to be lurking out on the water while two towers can be observed standing proudly on the adjacent sides.

These two structures symbolize the two opposing forces of good and evil and how it will affect one’s attitude in dealing with the obstacles and difficulties of life.

The Moon Upright Meaning

You are trudging alone in an unknown path but you are ready to take the risk. You are putting your complete trust on your intuition, believing firmly on the stance that everything is possible if you would just put your faith and positive conviction on it.

You are like the tiny crawfish creeping out of the waters, unaware of what lies ahead. But you are somewhat confident that everything will turn out fine as there will be someone that will be guiding you.

There will be a giant moon that will beam his light upon you in order to illuminate your roads and make it clear and bright.

Love Meaning - The Moon Upright

In relationships, the Moon in the upright position represents a general uncertainty between you and/or your couple. If you’re single and looking for love, it could be an indication that you’re not feeling ready, and that maybe you should work on your problems first.

If you have someone, you may not know where things are headed. At any rate, the key to solving the mystery of the Moon card is to reflect.

Don’t think about the future, but about the present: what are your weaknesses and strengths? Are you ready in the first place?.

Wealth Meaning - The Moon Upright

The Moon represents humanity’s deepest uncertainties, and in the area of wealth, this means that you are most likely very deeply insecure. Because you don’t know the direction you wish to take in life, you often compare yourself to others, who may be doing better than you.

At times, insecurity can be a great motivator, but usually, the time you spend griping about others can rid you of valuable time to increase your finances. Invest on your self-esteem and don’t be afraid of life’s challenges.

Your wealth improves with you, after all.

The Moon Reverse Meaning

This may indicate that the moon has not shed its light on you. It may mean that you continue to thrive in darkness and its brightness is not visible in your life.

You may be in a state of confusion, sadness, grief or anxiety. You are currently in an emotional or mental battle and there is a need to courageously fight and deal with it.

Do not let the negativities of the world dissipate your light but have trust on the belief that you are capable of succeeding and achieving your goals.

Love Meaning - The Moon Reversed

With the Moon reversed, it could be an unraveling of negative things. Perhaps there’s a conspiracy behind the scenes that could ruin your relationship, or maybe a future event will show a darker side of your partner that you will either have to accept or run away from.

Since this card represents negative omens, you will need to mentally prepare yourself for what is in store. Try to find your inner core, because the road to recovery always starts with a deeper understanding of yourself.

You will get out of the tunnel, but have faith in yourself first.

Wealth Meaning - The Moon Reversed

If the upright position only suggests that you have insecurities and warns you about its negative effects, the reverse shows that your insecurities are finally taking their toll. You can’t perform well at work because you can’t focus, nor do you have time to financially support your family because your sadness has overtaken you.

Consequently, this is hurting your overall capacity to make money, which ultimately means negative prospects. If you can, don’t force yourself and try to go on leave so you can clear your mind and think more strategically about your problems.

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