The Star Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the star tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Star General Meaning

The star card is a positive indication that you will experience renewal and recovery in your physical or spiritual pursuits. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your soul and its divine essence, enabling you to know your real purpose in life and how to be a better version of yourself.

The figure in the card depicts a small woman kneeling before a pond while taking hold of two jars of water. The act of pouring water over the parched piece of land is interpreted as sustaining and nurturing it in order to make it productive and fruitful.

This seems to be a good idea as the green backdrop behind her appeared very healthy and lush. Also, the woman’s foot is submerged in the water while the other is stepped on the ground.

It symbolizes her inner power and strength as well as her physical strength and traits.

The Star Upright Meaning

The appearance of the star Card in Upright means renewal and a life filled with hope after surviving from tremendous challenges and predicaments. It is a simple reminder that there is always hope and optimism in every problem if you would stay strong and resilient.

It also centers the importance and significance of faith and how the universe will conspire to make things happen as long as you believe that it is bound to transpire.


Love Meaning - The Star Upright

The Star indicates that there is much to look forward to in the years to come, and this is especially true when it comes to loving relationships. No matter your previous experiences with love, you can rest easy knowing that it’s only a matter of time before you can start with something positive and new for a change.

The light that a star has may not be as bright as that of the sun, but it still shines regardless. It heralds the coming of more extraordinary things; although they might not happen right then and there, keeping your hopes up will surely keep you excited for what is yet to come.

Indeed, someone special will come into your life sooner or later. The light that they will bring into your life is still yet to come, yet it wouldn’t be wrong to hope that they would be arriving soon and make life a bit happier and more bearable for both of you.

If you already have someone, then whatever project you have as a couple will inevitably succeed. All you need to do from here is to plot out your course and the future will be as bright as the distant star.

Keep your heart full of love, and your mind packed with positivity, and your eyes shining with the hope of better days. You and your partner are bound to enjoy success together for as long as you keep up your hope and faith in your love.


Wealth Meaning - The Star Upright

The Star is a card of cosmic proportions and is therefore extremely positive for your finances in its upright position. It means that the possibility of great wealth is immense at this time, that any business you make will likely succeed due to current circumstances being favorable to it, and that with enough restraint and a forward-looking perspective in life, you are bound to increase your living standards by a huge margin from your current state.

If you are a business owner, you will soon see a spike in your product demands, indicating vast amounts of profit coming your way. This promises a bright future for your venture, as it can help further its expansion and allow for its eventual prominence in the business world.

On the other hand, even if you work a 9-5, you will also experience a surge of bountiful blessings, especially as time progresses. Bonuses will seemingly come out of the corner to recognize your dedication as an outstanding employee of your current workplace.

All these things may keep your hopes up, and they should! You deserve all the goodness in the world and to keep your chin up regardless of circumstances. It takes courage and dedication to pursue this much, but if you do, then by the Star’s blessing, you will enjoy victory! There is still so much to do and so much for you to achieve.

Keep your light shining bright and steady like a star, and you will soon find yourself living the life that you have always wanted to have.

The Star Reverse Meaning

This may indicate that you have lost the faith and conviction that once illuminated your passion in pursuing the things you want in your life. It may mean that fear and apprehension have taken over your thoughts and that it is impossible for you to attain progress.

You have been consumed by doubts and uncertainties and this makes you think that you can no longer realize your dreams. However, if you would just carefully assess your strengths and abilities and put your trust on its power, it is not impossible for you to surpass all of it.

You are capable of reaching success in every aspect of your life.


Love Meaning - The Star Reversed

Just as stars eventually burn out and die, so too can the fire that once ignited a passionate relationship fade away. This can mean a lot for you: on the one hand, it could be the next step to a committed relationship.

You must remember that love isn’t the only thing that will keep a relationship alive and well. Many old couples would say that the “spark” has long died out in their marriage, and yet it is the emotional security and happiness that they felt by being together that keeps their partnership going.

All couples understand that the initial flame will eventually die down, and that could lead them to truly know what it really means to love. On the other, this can mean your current relationship is no longer tenable, and that breaking up amicably might be the only way to fix the problem of monotony, however painful it is.

When this happens, accept this reality with a gracious and grateful heart. Give thanks that you were allowed to be with this person and that although you weren’t truly meant to be together, you were still able to feel how it’s like to love and be loved by them in return.

Just because you have to break things off with someone, it doesn’t mean that you are no longer qualified to find someone that you will love for the rest of your life. The Star is still there, and you must never lose hope that better days will come.


Wealth Meaning - The Star Reversed

Your finances are in tatters, and you do not seem to know what to do next. You’ve tried everything, but it almost feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall.

Try and think back on what you have been doing before the disaster happening. What exactly did you do to your money, and was it even necessary? And given your present circumstances, will you still be able to keep yourself afloat, despite everything? Your chances may seem slim, but there is hope.

In this world, many opportunities exist but are often overlooked: if you’ve already been reaching out to friends lately, search your memory harder. Think of all the people who owe you and reach out to them, because the answer to your problems might just be one chat or phone call away.

If you don’t happen to be that kind of person who lets friends borrow some money, it doesn’t hurt to ask for financial assistance from those you consider to be close to you. These trying times often bring out the best in everyone, and you might even get unexpected blessings from those whom you least expect to help you out.

Being broke doesn’t mean the end of the world. Sure, it can make living a little bit tougher than it should’ve been.

But it is often a great way to give you a wake-up call that splurging too much after every success might not be worth it.

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