The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the tower tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Tower General Meaning

The tower card establishes the fact that nothing is constant except change. It signifies the relinquishment of old habits and the establishment of new ways.

As seen in the figure, the card portrays a lofty tower resting on the top of the mountain. With a lightning bolt striking at its pinnacle, the edifice turned into flames and was subsequently destroyed.

This represents change and the abandonment of long-standing beliefs. The people found inside it came dashing and hurdling out of the windows because of the fire it brought.

They want to free themselves from the chaos and disorder caused by the said tragic event. This symbolizes the desire of the people to initiate change and to escape from their past and unhealthy traits.

The Tower Upright Meaning

Change is seen in a positive perspective. Although the card visually depicts a catastrophic and disastrous event, the card cannot be viewed negatively at all times.

It implies that change is inevitable and there is no better way to deal with it than to accept it. It is a normal aspect of life that aims to get rid of some bad and wicked traits.

It may be daunting and intimidating to go through but these changes will surely be for your own good and benefit.

Love Meaning - The Tower Upright

The upright version of the Tower is an ill omen indeed. With the tower being struck down, it serves as a metaphor for how your own relationship could likewise crumble.

You can also expect this to happen even when your relationship looks stable. If you’re single, this card serves as a cautionary tale.

Relationships crumble when both partners become too confident in their own happiness that they don’t check for potential points of friction. To make sure this doesn’t happen, couples need to work through personal issues and always check up on each other.

Wealth Meaning - The Tower Upright

The Tower represents the destruction of order: systems, buildings, personalities, anything that alludes to the idea of a structured life. Needless to say, this makes it a bad card for people looking to expand their wealth or business.

More precisely, it is a warning about management. Unforeseen problems such as recessions or attrition could destroy your business’ prospects, which will inevitably seep into your personal bottom line.

This doesn’t mean it’s not preventable, but you will need to look for weak points in your current methods or ways of thinking to stop the looming catastrophe.

The Tower Reverse Meaning

Since the tower is constructed on corrupt desires, it will not prosper into something great. The downfall of this structure will cause you hardships and crisis.

But do not let this turmoil affect your progress. Regain your strength and be energized with the fact that this obstacle will soon pass if you would just believe.

Soon, this change will manifest into a beautiful work of art – a new and better version of yourself.

Love Meaning - The Tower Reversed

When a great disaster looms, sometimes the only real thing one can do is to mitigate the damage. This is the lesson the Tower Card in Reverse imparts on romantic couples.

When a relationship is so disturbed to the point of breaking and there’s no room for repair, you may have to accept the reality that all good things must come to an end. It’s okay to cry, to feel sad, to be nervous at a time like this.

Let it all out, then try to think of what you can do. Start by working on yourself.

Wealth Meaning - The Tower Reversed

As with the Devil, this is one of the few cards in the Major Arcana whose reversal is an expression of a positive rather than a negative. In this case, it literally means that you’ll narrowly avoid total financial disaster, either because you’ve sufficiently prepared enough resources to withstand worst case scenarios, or that your business model is robust enough to outlast any challenge in the free market.

This also says a lot about your style of leadership: you are beloved for your wise choices, and the state of your business and finances shows it fully.

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