The World Tarot Card Meaning

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The World General Meaning

The World marks a fulfillment to a beautiful chapter of your life. It implies the completion of your journey towards understanding your real meaning and purpose.

It indicates change and transformation and how it will mold you into a better version of yourself. It symbolizes the beginning of a new era and the abandonment of the past lifetime.

The existence of this card suggests nirvana or a transcendent condition of bliss, happiness and joy. As seen in the tarot deck, the world epitomizes a lovely creature holding wands and dancing at the center of the circle with legs crossed.

It portrays balance and equilibrium in movement, manifesting that such gestures are dynamic and constantly shifting. The giant laurel of flowers represents hard-earned success while the red ribbons embellishing it stands for infinity and endlessness.

The four figures surrounding the wreath depicts the four elements and evangelicals namely the Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, which, when working together, denotes unity, harmony and congruence.

The World Upright Meaning

You are indulging yourself in a period of nirvana. You are now free from suffering, grief and desolation.

You are currently experiencing a balance and harmony of your inner and outer self. Your internal and external worlds have melodiously collided into one lively and dynamic being.

This means that you have successfully sorted out your broken pieces and have formed it into a beautiful and resilient figure. You are now reaping the fruits of your labor in getting rid of the pain and miseries that this world has caused you.

On the other hand, this may also imply conclusion to a study or project, graduation or even marriage or childbirth.


Love Meaning - The World Upright

The full force of the world’s possibility is visible to you in this card’s upright state, and in love, this means exactly what you think it means. You are at the apex of something great; all those plans you’ve been thinking of with your partner-- settling down, having a family, getting a family car, all of them are coming true, and you are having the time of your life.

It may feel like your life is going along so perfectly- and it is! After enduring so much and going through a life full of ups, downs, chaos, and order, you deserve all the happiness that the world can offer. There is nothing left for you to fear.

Separation, abandonment, even imminent death are inevitable yet also accepted as part of one’s life. These experiences have now become part of the reason that love and life are worth fighting for.

As said, your relationship with your significant other will be at its peak. Indeed, they are the person that the divine has meant for you to love and hold for the rest of your days.

And if you are single, don’t worry! Love will not abandon you. Aside from all the blessings that you have been receiving lately, someone will come into your life and bring with them the compassion, affection, and excitement you have been waiting for.

Treasure these moments in all their glory and splendor, because this is truly a time of celebration and awe. This is love at its finest.


Wealth Meaning - The World Upright

The World represents vastness, power, and overall supremacy-- all very wonderful signs if you’re looking to help expand your personal coffers. At the moment, you’re enjoying the fact that life is presenting you with so many options.

You are at the pinnacle of your success. The World is your oyster.

All the things coming your way can get overwhelming at times but remember: they result from your hard work and dedication. They are the fruit of your labors and the mark of your success.

As such, your finances will give you the comfort that you have been aiming to have for a long time. Maybe you can even rest on your laurels for a bit.

  It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself once in a while; after all, what’s the point of living if you won’t have some fun? In your email, you might have hundreds of high-paying job offers, and your bank account is probably brimming with money from all your successful investments. Truly, you live in a world seemingly without limit, but for your sake, do not let your swelling pride become your eventual undoing.

Like Icarus, take care that you don’t fly too close to the sun. Yes, your success happened mainly because of your efforts, but remember to stay humble and grounded.

Your current situation results from the collaboration between you and your co-workers; remember to thank and give back to everyone who helped you along the way. Know that you can enjoy achievement without falling victim to arrogance.

The World Reverse Meaning

You have now reached the end of a long journey but it seems that something is missing. It feels like you have not reached self-fulfillment despite being able to complete the entire process.

This means that there is a need for you to reflect and inquire on yourself more. There is a necessity for you to assess and dig deeper on what you really want and what makes you feel empty and blank.


Love Meaning - The World Reversed

Like Atlas who carries the world’s weight on top of him, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the current state of your relationship. You and your partner may have gotten into one of those great arguments, and you might even be thinking about ending things then and there.

But before you rush into your decision, think back and reassess everything that has happened. Is your fight even worth a hasty (and nasty) breakup? You did not enter a relationship just for the sake of having a partner.

The bond that the two of you have promises commitment despite everything, as long as it is within reason. Rather than get too carried away by your emotions, it is best that the two of you talk things out before deciding on something that you might regret.

If you’re single, you may be feeling sad and down about not having someone by your side. These are times when your emotions could flare, but where all else fails, use your reason.

Indeed, having a partner eases the burdens of life, but the question is: are you even ready to have and become one? Maybe you just want the feeling of “belonging” to someone, and not the actual workings of a serious and long-term relationship. It is best if you would think things through.

Better to stay single and still have options, rather than rush in a partnership and live with all sorts of regrets. This is a crucial point in your life, so whatever your decision is, decide well.


Wealth Meaning - The World Reversed

The reversed World Card is an ill omen for your financial prospects, specifically because you may have a false perception of yourself. It could be that you’re wrongly seeing yourself to be highly skilled after only having achieved things once or twice.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t smart or talented, but in business and career, you need to evaluate yourself realistically. Improvement doesn’t happen overnight, and success is not a guarantee of invincibility.

Instead of gloating over your past success, use this recognition as a driving force for improvement. There's still so much to learn about in this world, and you can achieve so much more if you take the time to hone your skills and make yourself even better.

If you choose to rest on your laurels too early, you would be nothing but a one-hit-wonder: memorable for what you've done, but not worth celebrating. There is no true sense of achievement, and you would find your resume and yourself somewhat lacking in substance.

If you don’t want your world to come crashing down, you need to temper your pride. Just like that famous rap song, you need to sit down and be humble.

Advancement in one's career and finances does not happen instantly but results from years of dedication, hard work, and commitment to the refinement of one's craft. You still have a long way to go before you can honestly say that you've conquered the world!

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