King Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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King Of Cups General Meaning

The King of Cups exudes authority, control and generosity. It partakes of a compassionate and kind man who is willing to extend his helping hand in guiding and supporting your plans and goals.

He may appear stern and indifferent at first but deep inside, he is fervently hoping that you would succeed on your daily undertakings. His advices will be of great help to you so you must not hesitate on listening and following it.

As shown in the card, the King of Cups exemplifies a figure of a king seated in a beautiful throne while holding a golden cup. He is wearing an exquisite golden string with a fish-shaped pendant dangling around his neck that metaphorically stands for ingenuity and creativity.

His background is the calm waves of the ocean which implies a balanced condition between the conscious and unconscious. Its sides are adorned by a ship and a fish hurdling out of the waters that brilliantly represents the material and sensitive aspects of human existence.

King Of Cups Upright Meaning

There is balance and harmony between your emotions and intellect. The presence of this Card in Upright signifies that you are in full control of your feelings and outbursts.

You are able to manage your impulses well and this is an important trait when faced with problems and challenges. This denotes that when you encounter difficulties, you are able to calm yourself efficiently.

You do not immediately become mad, furious or depressed when initially confronted with these negativities but you try to act cool in order to ascertain the right actions to be performed. This also implies that you have a profound understanding of yourself, especially with your inner and emotional traits.

On the other hand, it may also represent the older and mature man in you. This means that you take responsibility of your actions and is willing to accept its consequences.


Love Meaning - King Of Cups Upright

For the King of Cups, everything can be provided and material stability is guaranteed. The emphasis of this card may be primarily paternal, but in a general sense, this means the two of you are able to address your respective material needs, which is already key to a successful relationship.

The mere fact that you and your partner are capable and willing to watch out for each others’ finances is commendable enough. It is a sign of the lengths that you are eager to go for the safety and security of your significant other and an indicator that your relationship will last long.

Further still, you understand each other’s feelings in depth and care for each other enough to be both pillars of emotional support and even great sexual partners. With the blessings that come with this card, your relationship is the envy of many-- secure and sturdy.

As you advance in wealth and stature, so does your love for one another. You utilized your relationship as both means and motivation to make your life change for the better.

Indeed, you and your partner have full command of your life right now. And if you are single and still looking for that partner you can share your life with, don’t worry! They are just around the corner and will only come to you when the right time comes.

All you have to do now is to make sure that you work on yourself so that your future relationship will go smoothly.


Wealth Meaning - King Of Cups Upright

The King of Cups Card on Wealth is a card that represents personal authority both in terms of one’s emotions and one’s team. You have full control over your emotions that you’re able to resist the temptation to wastefully expend on short-term gratification.

Stress may get to you sometimes, but like the king on this card, you have full command of yourself and exercise self-control, no matter how complex or high pressure a situation is. You set your priorities straight and are always mindful of the responsibilities that you shoulder no matter the consequences.

In addition, you are well-respected by your team for being forward-thinking in your management. Because you’re suited for leadership, this means you’ll most likely land jobs that require you to be a role model for others: the responsibility is heavy, but it also means great personal reward! You can expect that your leadership expertise would gain the attention of the higher-ups in your company or industry.

Sooner or later, you might even get promoted or be admitted into a higher position or status because of your extraordinary capabilities. Indeed, there's nowhere to go for you but up! Along with these new ventures will be an expansion of your financial prospects.

Just as kings are wealthy and own so many riches, you, too, will be able to enjoy financial security and relative comfort. You will be able to afford the things that you want, thanks to your dedication.

King Of Cups Reverse Meaning

There is an imbalance in handling your emotions and intellect. There is a tendency for you to become very moody and volatile and this may greatly affect your way of thinking.

Your generous and compassionate self is horribly overturned by hatred, revenge or vengeance. Other than that, this may also imply that you have become emotionally controlling and manipulating towards others and there is an inability to manage your impulses and urges.


Love Meaning - King Of Cups Reversed

Be very wary of this result in a tarot reading because it means a key lack in your relationship. It’s different for everyone else, but thinking about it could help you narrow it down to certain factors, such as it needed some spicing up, or that you’re not showing enough affection or care for one another.

Be vocal about this lacking need in your relationship. Discuss this over with your partner and express your concern about how it can affect the two of you in the long term.

However, you also need to keep an open mind and hear out whatever they have to say regarding it. Remember that your significant other is not your enemy but your comrade in love and your best friend through thick and thin.

You are talking because you believe that your partnership will work and that you do not want to put the things and effort the two of you have invested in one another into waste. To be sure, getting this card doesn’t mean your relationship is going to end, but you will need to figure out what’s needed to keep the flame alive and well between you and your significant other.

After all, almost everything in this world can be solved through open and honest communication. Use this to your advantage to ensure that your relationship will last longer and that the two of you can address and ease your fears and insecurities about your relationship efficiently.


Wealth Meaning - King Of Cups Reversed

In seeing the reversed form of the King of Cups, you may see symbols of both corruption and lack of control. You are easily stressed about the simplest things, which is bad for your team since rage and irritation naturally breed disunity among your ranks.

Such behavior will encourage hostility towards you, and to an extent, towards your closest colleagues. Because of this, you might experience downtime in your productivity and a general feeling of apathy and lack of enthusiasm among your workmates.

Furthermore, rather than focusing on the larger targets, you may be endlessly going after trifles and things that don’t ultimately help you. You buy impulsively online rather than save up for something grand like a major investment or retirement, and all of this could prove disastrous when you need cash in the future.

This is not the time for you to act immaturely and risk everything you worked hard to achieve. While you still have time, fix all these problems that you have caused and patch things up.

You can start by apologizing to your colleagues and ensuring that your team will work in harmony from now on. As for your finances, make a budget plan to be guided on your future expenses.

Avoid online shopping apps; it would be best if you deleted them from your devices and blocked their sites from your browser so you won't be tempted. Start thinking about what you should invest in so that you can prepare yourself for whatever comes next.

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