Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what queen of cups tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Queen of Cups General Meaning

The Queen of Cups is particularly associated with emotional bliss and comfort. It gives importance on the sensitivity and internal aspect of a person and encourages one to exude empathy and responsiveness towards other people.

It is a good reminder that clinging on to your emotional and sensitive persona may also be healthy and therapeutic. The card is portrayed through a figure of a woman sitting on a throne while holding an angel-inspired cup.

She sits at the edge of the shoreline without any companion to think and decide on things calmly. The serenity and tranquility of the waters and the sky above her represent the peaceful mind of the queen in making her decisions and plans in life.

Also, the fact that her feet is not touching the water signifies that she is keenly observing her thoughts and sentiments from the outside.

Queen of Cups Upright Meaning

This female figure in an upright position represents your characteristic of being compassionate, kind and caring. You are able to rightfully manage and exhibit your emotional side to others and this makes them adore and like you.

You have a deep trust and faith on your inner self and this enables you to treat others with kindness, generosity and fairness. Furthermore, the upright placement of the queen of cups also implies that you are regarded as someone’s emotional rock or pillar.

Your resilience and determination have become a strong foundation for people who have been consumed by sadness, wicked thoughts and sorrow. You have helped them recover from the mental and emotional illnesses that have plagued their lives.

Love Meaning - Queen of Cups Upright

An upright Queen of Cups suggests a sense of sensitivity and the presence of a powerful emotional bond between you and your partner. If the feeling of love is the glue that keeps relationships together, then your relationship is guaranteed to last for very long; long enough for you to put a ring on your beloved’s hands, in fact! If you’re single, this means that you will be a nurturing presence that will complete and make your future partner happy someday, so it bodes well whether or not you’re in a relationship right now.

Wealth Meaning - Queen of Cups Upright

Among all the Minor Arcana, the Queen of Cups is by far one of the most imperious in matters of wealth. This is because the wreath she wears represents her benevolence, while the goblet represents financial security.

All in all, this means that not only are you succeeding in gaining substantial income for yourself and your family, you are also reasonably generous, always willing to help friends and coworkers at their worst times. This alone expands your social network greatly, allowing you far greater security should you need help later in life.

Truly, you are in a very stable position.

Queen of Cups Reverse Meaning

If the Queen of Cups is put Card in Reverse, there is a negative connotation that you are not in harmony with your emotions and feelings. This means that your emotional health is at its worst and you are experiencing difficulty in expressing what you really feel.

You are being controlled and haunted by the stressful situations surrounding you. With this, it is an imperative to reassess and know yourself more in order to attain freedom from the many inhibitions that restrict your emotions and self-expression.

Love Meaning - Queen of Cups Reversed

For couples, obtaining the reverse of this card could mean there is hesitation, a lack of emotional connection or even a certain degree of emptiness in your current arrangement. All of these could be the result of an underlying conflict between your respective personalities, a personal longing for something far greater than your current situation, or something else.

At a time like this, both you and your partner will need to dig deep and figure out exactly why your relationship even exists to begin with. Reminding yourselves why you love each other could be the fix you are looking for.

Wealth Meaning - Queen of Cups Reversed

Getting the Queen of Cups in its reversed position represents the opposite of all its positives. In wealth, this means you may be very stingy and financially insecure.

It’s possible that your finances enjoy great equilibrium, but the biggest problem is that you may not be taking sufficient action to keep things that way. You may be spending too often on things that ultimately don’t count in your life, such as unhealthy habits that could diminish your capacity to work.

As such, you may be setting yourself up for future turmoil down the line. Control yourself.

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