Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what two of pentacles tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Two of Pentacles General Meaning

This card is as economical in its imagery as it is grand in its salient meaning. With the man holding what is essentially infinity on both sides, this card talks of and predicts infinite expansion.

Of course, we must ignore the man’s expressions either; he seems to be smiling and in fact dancing with the way he’s moving his feet, as though he’d just found a very rare treasure and can barely contain this joy. To further reinforce this idea, pay close attention to the background; there are no cities to be found or any creature of any kind, which means this man must have ventured into the unknown and stumbled upon his infinite instrument.

Being the receiver of this card, you’ve probably already expanded substantially before getting here. You’ve most likely had success in nearly every area including business, relational, romantic, and personal.

But to be sure, this card is not without its warnings. For many people, the ecstasy of eternal victory is most enticing, however basing your entire life on just positive outcomes is almost certainly a recipe for disaster because it can make you impulsive and rash.

In such a scenario, you need to remind yourself that you can approach things one at a time. Not only does this increase your chance of success, it also increases your ability to reach out to even newer things.

Two of Pentacles Upright Meaning

This result bodes well for you, because this card predicts new opportunities as well as the requisite ability to reach them. At this point, the only thing that separates you from your newest venture is a lack of knowledge about it.

Maybe there’s a hobby just waiting for you to think about, or maybe it’s about a pay raise; the possibilities for you are pretty much limitless. However, as mentioned, you need to temper that sense of expectation.

While it is true that you’re going to get something, not imagining things too much tends to help it come to you more quickly, so when you see this outcome, rest up and let fate take it from here!

Love Meaning - Two of Pentacles Upright

The Two of Pentacles is among the best cards of the Suit, if only because it’s extremely straightforward. Bluntly, this means that you two are about to get a taste of life’s infinite possibilities.

You’re reaching the peak of your careers, and with the prospect of a six figure income, your options will definitely end up expanding. The only warning here is that you need to be extra careful and mature with your decisions: squandering away the advantages by pursuing trivial things will definitely waste whatever advantage this card provides you, so be careful.

Wealth Meaning - Two of Pentacles Upright

You will be given roughly two options, but each of those options will lead you to infinite areas of improvement. This is the basis for the Two of Pentacles in the upright position, for matters regarding wealth.

This also means that no matter what the situation is right now, whether you save or spend, or stay or leave, life will always go your way for as long as you’re keeping yourself humble. Want to spend? Don’t worry, it’ll most likely work.

You can do lots of things with your luck, but be vigilant anyways.

Two of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

Naturally, this could be bad, because this tends to mean that something in your personality or life is preventing you from expanding further. By constantly exploring and recklessly going after false opportunities, you may be slowly setting yourself up for failure.

There might also be a chance that you’re not doing enough to expand in your current job. In getting this result, understand that the first step to expansion is to establish where your main strength is.

For example, if you’re a writer, you should probably try to master the field before you move on to its more complex derivatives. This of course takes hard work, but by focusing on one thing at a time, it becomes that much easier to pursue other things.

Love Meaning - Two of Pentacles Reversed

In the reversed position, this card indicates the dread of being confronted with those same possibilities. Because of the many outcomes that life can have, it can seem very overwhelming to the point where even making a single choice is a daunting task.

You are afraid of the repercussions of whichever decision you might take, and while this is justified, relationships require boldness in order to survive. As such, take courage and don’t be afraid to tell your partner about the things you want for your relationship, or you will risk being unable to choose altogether later on.

Wealth Meaning - Two of Pentacles Reversed

The reverse is unfortunately even harsher, because now it’s the opposite; you have an infinite amount of options, but there’s only two ways things can go: win or lose. Since we’re talking about a reversed Two of Pentacles, there’s a chance it’ll tilt more to the losing side.

As such, life has become about taking a risky gamble for which there could be no return. Whichever choice you make now carries significant enough weight, such that instead of making a foolhardy decision, you ought to weigh all possibilities against others.

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