Three Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

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Three Of Pentacles General Meaning

The Three of Pentacles holds a special honor for this specific suit in that its pentacles are not painted in gold. In fact, they’re not even really painted.

Instead, they can be found as motifs for what seems to be an arch that’s under construction. Inside the arch are three people, presumably architects and engineers deliberating on how to put the finishing touches on the building, whose superstructure appears complete.

As such, the symbolism of this building is clear to most: it’s about working together to realize grand plans. Encountering this card is therefore very vital for you, since you’re probably already working on something big in the first place.

Having this card show up in a tarot reading will remind you to always look to the security and intellectual reinforcement your friends can provide in order to make your grandest designs a true, realistic marvel. Indeed, it isn’t just divination that fuels this; the great pyramids of Egypt, for example, were built by earnest paid workers and brilliant architects.

Of course, collaboration is a hard thing to come by in times like these, but with enough effort and communication, you’re guaranteed much success.

Three Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

With this card upright, there is much need for you to ponder on what it means to truly team up with others. Each team member has a unique perspective to everything, and the question that is most often asked about the subject is how to click with any teammate-- a difficult one, to be sure, but you probably already have an idea of what the first step is, which is to know how you can personally contribute in any situation.

You will need to know your own strength and weaknesses before talking to others to make sure that there aren’t any bumps that could lower productivity.


Love Meaning - Three Of Pentacles Upright

If collaboration is the main focal point of the Three of Pentacles, then in relationships, this is even more pertinent, because we are talking about a two-person unit. As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work,” and this means that you and your partner will remain on a steady footing for as long as you two keep collaborating with each other.

If you have any plans on spending time or money, be transparent and relay your intentions to your partner to make sure that nothing unnecessary will get in the way of your great love for each other. A relationship is meant to be two-way: meaning, you and your partner are to be attentive and reciprocate each others' effort.

The decision of one will affect the other; thus, you have to inform one another of any significant choice you will make. After all, now that you are together, the phrase "two is one, one is none" is now applicable to your current situation.

You also have to be considerate of each other and prioritize your relationship's comfort and stability, regardless of what you want to do. Be mindful that you do not overstep boundaries, and you will still exercise mutual respect and understanding, irrespective of whatever it is that you have to do.

If you and your significant other will work together, then you indeed reach different relationship milestones. With a bit of patience and understanding, you can have the best partnership that anyone could ever ask for.


Wealth Meaning - Three Of Pentacles Upright

A healthy team is one built by the spirit of camaraderie, and if your team is healthy, that also means your wallet isn’t empty. This is why the Three of Pentacles in the upright position is also a good card.

As a general rule, there is safety in numbers, and the more numerous and connected you are as a team, the faster you’ll be able to accomplish any task. This is particularly favorable for jobs that have fixed quotas because you will have much time not just for bonding, but for proactively planning your upcoming expenses! All in all, what this means is that you will have an abundance of career-related gains as long as you and your colleagues have a strong sense of camaraderie with one another.

As a team player, you are now called to bring your workmates together and forge a strong sense of cooperation for efficient and effective work performance. If you and your team can achieve the perfect balance between team efficiency and cooperation, the possibilities that will come your way will be endless.

Your group can potentially become the next big thing in your company. Perhaps many groups and individuals will be giving you generous offers.

Whatever it is, you must sustain this willingness and enthusiasm to work. The number of responsibilities will go up along with its difficulty.

But if you can lead a team of bright and capable individuals willing to work without any qualms, then the sky is the limit!

Three Of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

The nightmare of anyone who draws this card, the reverse position is essentially a reminder to be cautious about potential chaos within the team. Many factors can cause this, but since the three men are coloured separately representing individual tastes, the card therefore focuses on individual egos and how they can clash.

For all of your personal brilliance, it is extremely difficult to accomplish any large project without the assistance of other people. Likewise, you also need to have an inviting impression, so that you don’t look like you’re exerting authority on the one hand, and that you don’t look aloof on another.

Once you do accomplish these however, you’ll be all set!


Love Meaning - Three Of Pentacles Reversed

In the reverse, the very edifice that binds your relationship is starting to shatter because of both selfishness and lack of communication. The two of you aren’t telling each other the truth about anything, especially when you have plans.

One of you may be gambling away your finances while the other does everything to help save the family. On dates, you’re not telling your partner enough about yourself and your goals, making it difficult for them to truly know you.

Such secrecy can only lead to ruin, so you’ll want to open yourself up. Communication will always be the key to a happy and successful relationship.

Through it, you will be able to express whatever troubles you so that you and your significant other can do something to resolve them as soon as possible. While trusting can be a long and challenging process, it will most certainly pay off since you can finally unload yourself to your partner and they to you.

You will soon find yourself able to understand your significant other in ways that you never expected before. In turn, they will also come to a deeper understanding of who you are.

A strong relationship will always be founded on the willingness and openness of those involved to be vocal and accepting. When you and your partner finally reach that point, everything will go smoothly between all parties.

So, go on, tell your partner what needs to be said! You might end up regretting it if you didn't.


Wealth Meaning - Three Of Pentacles Reversed

Unfortunately, this card does not bode well for teamwork or wealth, especially since it represents separation and dissolution. In your work, you or your teammates might end up getting replaced due to repeated friction.

If at any point you are the cause of it, you will need to think back and figure out exactly why you were kicked out; perhaps you talk too straightforwardly without any regard for feelings or formalities, or that you’re not willing to meet people somewhere in the middle. Without these traits, you cannot prosper in any way.

Get rid of them and improve. It would be best if you learned how to be polite and civil when interacting with your coworkers.

There is no need for you to be aggressive, especially if you are in a work setting. Maybe you think that it’s cool to be that way, but it’s not.

It isn’t polite and does not add to your character. Another thing that you need to work on is your humility.

The achievements that you have are not just your own, but that of the people who helped uplift you as well. Being unnecessarily annoying will make people second guess whether you genuinely deserve where you are right now.

Choosing to become kinder and nicer towards the people you work with will improve your relationship with them and your prospects. As soon as your employers see you becoming increasingly agreeable towards others, then you will finally be considered for the promotion that you’ve always been eyeing.

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