Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

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Four of Pentacles General Meaning

The Fourth card of the Suit of Coins is a rich, if not sad, card. By the image alone, we see a man sitting on a bench.

He stares directly at you, somewhat confused, yet also seemingly very protective of the coins he’s holding. Three of them are placed in such a way that he’ll be able to put up some kind of resistance if you take any of them away, while the fourth one is tied to his crown, as though money is always on his mind-- literally.

A bustling metropolis stands directly behind him, indicating perhaps a sense of distance, and the fact that the view we have is angled such that the towers are smaller than he is indicates a kind of selfishness. All of this seems to indicate the need for financial security and a sense of control over one’s income.

Naturally, there’s nothing wrong about needing these things, of course. After all, money is what allows you to get the materials you need to keep on living.

But too much emphasis on security and control can alienate and literally force you into a position of loneliness, much as his anxious overprotective stare shows. As a result, you need to realize that security is not everything in life-- that it’s okay to lose money in order to get something greater, such as happiness and wisdom.

Four of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The upright position represents an over-attachment to existing wealth. This could mean a relentless desire to keep on earning money, or perhaps an enslavement to material things such as electronic device.

On the one hand, it gives you an obvious sense of joy, and since we’re wired to stay to the things that give us joy, you’ll definitely want more of it. But be warned: being too attached to material things can ruin your life in other key ways.

For example, attaching yourself to money could make you more difficult to deal with, while an attachment to technology could make you forget the intimacy of actual relationships. To prevent this, you need to rethink your perspective Card on Wealth by welcoming love and affection in its place.

Love Meaning - Four of Pentacles Upright

Greed is a lethal enemy of any relationship, and if there’s any clear indicator of this, then it is the Four of Pentacles. Being one of the few cards which deviate from the usual formula, the upright position represents the negative: you are at your greediest, rarely contributing your finances to the overall stability of a relationship.

This could also mean that you’re not spending enough time with your partner, making them think that you don’t really love or even think about their welfare. Change your ways before a breakup changes them for you.

Wealth Meaning - Four of Pentacles Upright

All those who behold the Four of Pentacles in its upright position have one thing in common with the man on the image: you are as ambitious as you are isolated. You may have a lot of money with you right now, but you’re not developing your wealth on other areas.

As is the oft-repeated maxim, the systems we employ are undoubtedly social because we ourselves are socially-inclined. Without connections, therefore, you are literally removing a key source of income; this could backfire in cases where you may need friends to get more money for sudden, critical costs.

Four of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

In contrast to the upright position, it represents an obsession with wealth you don’t have. This can cause you to be impatient when it comes to new business ventures or particularly aggressive when it comes to gambling.

This obsession typically comes from a certain emotional lack which you may be trying to compensate for. The difficulty of dealing with it is that it’s way more difficult to identify the source of your personal struggle alone, which is why you need to seek advice from friends or even your tarot reader to help you deal with your specific problem.

Love Meaning - Four of Pentacles Reversed

In the reversed position, the Four of Pentacles shows that both you and your partner are immensely generous with one another. You can always count on each other to stay together especially when something becomes particularly difficult to fix, and even when you two are far apart, nothing seems to be able to truly separate you.

You are financially judicious, never letting frivolous expenses prevent you from doing the right thing and thinking about important things such as bills, mental health and your children’s needs. As such, your relationship is as resilient and sturdy as it should be.

Wealth Meaning - Four of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed Four of Pentacles is good news for a lot of people, because it reverses the image, making the man, in fact, someone who is authoritative and trustworthy to the people around him. In your case, this means that your people trust you and will do anything to accomplish the goals you set for them.

For many people you know, your opinion matters, and since you have a well-developed relationship with them, you can ask for their aid when things go south for your financially. This makes you secure on the financial front, and dependable on the work front.

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