Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what five of pentacles tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Five of Pentacles General Meaning

There are two ways to view the Five of Pentacles based on its primary symbolism. On the one hand, you have two people walking together, seemingly bogged down and defeated by both exhaustion and the winter.

At the top, you can see what seems to be a monastery’s window decorated by five of the pentacles with the Latin “V” symbol cleverly hidden. This suggests a sense of helplessness, in that they tread an endless snow while barely able to carry themselves, but this could also mean determination and faith, in that despite the obstacle, they choose to march on, with the House of God carefully guiding their every step.

The beautiful dynamic between these two interpretations represent the fullness of human life. It shows both the darker sides of hard work -- depression, stress and fatigue, as well as its lighter side -- strength, fortitude and faith.

More than that, however, it shows you how the latter can make a person exceed their limits and still march beyond their physical strength through the religious imagery. This encouraging image of God silently paving the way for these pilgrims of the cold fills you with both awe and dread, but also joy: that you are not alone in the weight of your own problems.

Five of Pentacles Upright Meaning

This card shows through its upright position the very strength of human bonds and camaraderie. The people in the picture may be tired and close to beaten, and yet they still find the desire to keep on marching: this rare ability to break one’s limits is usually only possible through the help of really good friends.

Similarly, you may be going through very rough patches in your life right now, but because of the upright position, you can count on your friends being there to help you get through it. So if you’re looking for a way out of a tough bind, don’t be afraid to tap into your connections.

Love Meaning - Five of Pentacles Upright

This particular position of the Five of Pentacles represents a burden which you two need to overcome together. There is something weighing the two of you down: it could be a slump in your career, or a financial hiccup at a time of need.

The snowy background also indicates that the challenge come one at a time, but it is undercut by the reassuring image of a church window and two people marching together. You two are beaten but most definitely not broken.

By working together and keeping your heads held high, you will conquer this pivotal point in your relationship.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Pentacles Upright

We are looking at dark days ahead for you and your business with the Five of Pentacles in the upright position. Much like the snow in the card, your endurance and will to earn money no matter the odds will be stretched to its absolute limit, until life deems it necessary to finally let you free.

However, in this scenario, you’re not going to stand alone. You have friends and colleagues who are most likely willing to go through the same burden with you with painstaking devotion.

T his makes this outcome lucky, because your allies are unquestioningly loyal.

Five of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

The reverse position of this card indicates dread and defeat. Perhaps by a cruel stroke of fate, you poured all your resources onto something and it still didn’t work, leaving you with nothing but a battered shell of your former self.

Things can be very discouraging for you right now and you may even feel like working for anything just can’t help you out. But the thing is, sometimes the best solution is to find emotional shelter and release.

If you’re hiding something right now, let it all out and have a talk with your friends, who might also be going through the same thing. With the two of you together and enough faith in yourself, you can certainly perk back up again.

Love Meaning - Five of Pentacles Reversed

With the reversal of this card comes the realization that you two have gotten very tired of each other and your relationship’s structural integrity has been stretched to its absolute limit. This is outlined by the church window: by being reversed, it means that the only thing which can save your dying relationship is nothing short of a miracle.

However, it doesn’t have to come externally like a friend or a family member, but something as simple as a picture of your earliest days together to remind you of what made your relationship last this long.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Pentacles Reversed

In the reversed position, the Five of Pentacles’ suffering is unfortunately multiplied. Not only do you not have a greater challenge ahead of you, it would seem that your team will be a challenge you’ll have to confront sooner or later.

This is because of everything you’ve been through. You may know each other well, and while that is good, it also means they probably are hiding a lot of anger.

Talk it over with your colleagues. Ask them before starting tasks if they have misgivings against each other and then try to resolve it.

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