Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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Two Of Swords General Meaning

The Two of Swords is an excellent portrayal of balance and equilibrium. It stands for the equal distribution of energy between two contrasting forces, that is, between the positive and negative or the affirmative and opposition.

It appears when a person is faced with the dilemma of making crucial life decisions as well as in choosing or selecting an option. This can be done by weighing the choices well before making a verdict.

In this card, an image of a woman can be seen blindfolded while sitting on a bench. She is dressed in a long white robe and is holding two long swords pointing upwards.

The fact that her eyes are covered by a cloth implies the she encounters difficulty in viewing both the problem and its answer while the swords being directed in the opposite sides signify that there are two conflicting options which she needs to consider in making an important decision. Her background consists of a sea of water barricaded by rocks and boulders which imply that her progress and advancement are both thwarted.

The moon on her right connotes the struggle and difficulty she undergoes in making the right choice.

Two Of Swords Upright Meaning

The Two of Swords Card in Upright suggests that you may be caught in the middle of two opposing choices. You are experiencing trouble in making a decision as you are doubtful and uncertain on what to choose among the various options.

This could be a bad thing as it will leave you in a standstill. Success and accomplishment would be difficult to achieve if you cannot move forward from the need to make such selection.

It may also mean inability to sustain the balance on your relationships with other people. You are struggling to maintain the loyalty and camaraderie that you have built towards each other due to your impatience and intolerance.


Love Meaning - Two Of Swords Upright

Your relationship doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of improvement. It’s gone stagnant, and both you and your partner may not be sure as to what to do next.

It may be because the so-called “honeymoon period” is over between the two of you, and you need to face the reality of being committed to one another minus all of that mushy and lovey-dovey stuff. This can be particularly difficult for the two of you, especially if you got together just for those things.

Sadly, the particular difficulty that comes with getting this card is that it hurts more the longer your relationship. If it’s in its early phases, then you can very reasonably call it quits without being as hurt, but if this has lasted quite a while, you two will need to choose between preserving the relationship or going your separate ways.

It will not be an easy choice. There is so much for you to sacrifice if you want to retain this relationship and fight for the future you wish to share.

On the other hand, there are so many risks if your break up, and you might regret doing this in the long run. The two of you need to be dynamic if you still choose to stay.

Meaning, let your relationship grow as the two of you mature as individuals. It is only through this way that you can sustain and flourish what you already have.

Consider your options carefully.


Wealth Meaning - Two Of Swords Upright

The Two of Swords represents a very fragile equilibrium, best represented in the slightly uneven positioning of the two swords as well as the quarter moon to the right. As of now, you are experiencing relative stability and everything seems to be in proper order.

However, don’t let your guard down: a fragile peace is often such because there are cracks in the system just waiting to break. This means there may be animosity within your team or a hole in your financial strategy, and unless you find out the main problem, things might turn for the worst.

Check everything and make sure that they are in working order. Start by addressing any potential hostilities or conflicts between your team members that might bubble over and result in a full-blown war.

Have the parties involved reconcile ASAP to avoid potential chaos. Next, address any problems that you have detected in your outputs.

See if they have the potential to become a full-blown problem. If they do, resolve them as soon as you can so that you can avoid any significant losses or disasters in your workplace.

And lastly, be prudent when spending. Make sure that you prioritize your needs first before moving on and acquiring your wants.

As much as you can, try backtracking all expenses that you have made. And if you recently took out a loan or had a debt, it would be best if you start paying them off slowly but surely while you still can.

Two Of Swords Reverse Meaning

You are stuck in a situation where there is a need to make a choice. But the options available for you are not that gratifying or pleasing.

So, what’s next? Is it essential to make a decision? The answer is yes. For now, you will need to weigh your options carefully and select what you think is the best pick.

Just deal with the consequences later.


Love Meaning - Two Of Swords Reversed

Just as with the upright position, things are stagnating between you and your partner, but while said position presents you with options, this one doesn’t. As such, your partner may leave you or at the very least suspend the relationship until you two can get back together.

It will be a highly emotional time for the two of you. Fights would become a regular occurrence and would undoubtedly wear you down as a couple.

As such, the two of you have to give each other enough space so that you can have a breather and think things over. You’ll have rough bumps together and your relationship will be put into serious question.

However, unlike the first one, you will require the patience and flexibility of water to deal with your problems. Resolutions will not come as quickly as you like.

You may need to work hard for them to occur, and the effort may sometimes not pay off. Regardless, if you genuinely want your relationship to work, then you have to go to lengths to make sure it will last.

But there is no assurance that you and your significant other will be together for a long time. It can be that while you were planning, your partner is already ready to patch things up.

The other possibility of them preparing to leave while everything else is happening is a painful but possible act that they will engage in soon. You will need this to accept whatever outcome heads your way and mitigate the resulting pain.


Wealth Meaning - Two Of Swords Reversed

At this point, any illusion of equilibrium and peace disappears with the Two of Swords being in the reverse. This is because the inverted version represents the worst forms of hesitation in your head.

You probably have really low self-esteem, and it’s stopping you from taking courage and making bold choices. You’re also probably really driven by your past, which can unfortunately only cause further emotional pain down the line.

As such, you’re barely growing as an employee, let alone making any money. To stop this, you’ll need to clear your head.

The first step is, of course, letting go of your fears and anxieties. If you allow yourself to be ruled by them, then your chances of improving your life are close to zero.

This can be a challenging step, especially for those who have been carrying these burdens for years, but it is necessary to improve your life. As you let go of all these bindings, gradually take on tasks that you thought you never could do but are qualified to take on.

Your skills and expertise will grow over time, and you will then feel your confidence take shape within and guide you towards more extraordinary things. You will eventually find yourself becoming the person you never thought you would become: confident, capable, and highly skilled in the industry.

There is nothing for you to be afraid of as you take this great leap of faith- all you need to do is trust in yourself.

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