ways to cleanse crystals

December 16, 2021

8 Practical Ways to Cleanse Crystals


Crystals are prized for their alleged medicinal properties as well as their natural beauty. If you want to align with crystals’ spiritual properties, you’ll need to cleanse them on a regular basis to keep their frequencies pure, crisp, and efficient. Learning how to cleanse crystals is an important part of working with them, and discovering a method that fits you can help you get the most out of their healing properties.

Like our clothes, crystals require spiritual management to be effective healing instruments. They must be laundered after each use and dusted on a regular basis. “Crystals store and transmit information through frequency and vibration,” says crystal healer Mariah K. Lyons, author of Crystal Healing For Women. “They need to be cleared of excess energetic information to preserve their vibrancy and effectiveness.”

There are a variety of methods for cleansing crystals, and you can try out different ones based on the type of crystals you’re working with and what seems appropriate to you. Thus, whether you’re trying to get rid of a weird vibe from your rose quartz or finally figuring out how to cleanse selenite, here are 8 practical ways to purify your crystals so you can maximize their mystical power. Wish to know more?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Crystal cleansing methods to get rid of negative energy
  • A few different ways to cleanse your crystals
  • Expelling unwanted energy using other stones
  • Utilizing natural energy to cleanse crystals

When should you cleanse your crystals?

Crystals are potent energy healers, and many of them absorb the energies around them. This is advantageous when utilizing them to rebalance oneself and purify any negativity because they may store these energies for you. However, if you don’t cleanse your crystals after each use, you risk reintroducing old negative energy into your life.

Let’s say you’re going to use your crystals for healing, it’s a good idea to cleanse them after each session. If you wear your crystals on accessories or in stressful situations, purifying them at least once every week will ensure that you get the most out of them.

Whether you have recently bought or received a new crystal, it is recommended that you cleanse it before using it for healing purposes. Several individuals may have held your crystal, and who knows what kind of energies it was exposed to.

If you believe they require it. It may seem foolish, but your instinct is a strong tool, and if you feel compelled to cleanse them or think they need it, they most likely do. It’s also crucial to keep an eye out for changes within them; do they appear heavier, greyer, or unkempt?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in desperate need of a cleanse. In case you’ve had a major life incident, such as a large shift, a sudden lifestyle change, or a surprising circumstance. Prior to beginning any new ritual or routine. Because this is uncharted ground, it’s wise to go into the unknown charged up and prepared.

different ways to cleanse crystals

Different Ways You Can Cleanse Crystals

#1: Fresh Salt Water/Sea Salt

In psychic work and healing, the most traditional purification agent is sea salt. It is a physical and mental cleanser that neutralizes any sense of discomfort or negativity. It is the most widely accepted and, most likely, the most effective method of cleansing stones and crystals. It’s ideal for the first cleansing of a new healing stone, as well as every time a stone is overcharged with bad energy.

Salt can be used dry or combined with water. In order to be cleansing with saltwater, combine a spoonful of salt with cold water in a glassware or porcelain cup. Containers made of plastic or metal should not be used. Put the stones in the mixture and let them soak for at least one night. Use the dry salt, pour the sea salt in a glass or non-plastic vessel and bury the crystals in the salt with the tips facing downward.

Leave for the night once more. It’s possible that a stone will take longer to cleanse, particularly if it’s been utilized in a really deep or powerful treatment. If that’s the case, leave the sea salt for another day or two. The best approach for clearing gemstone necklaces is to use dry salt. Use only sea salt instead of table salt, which comprises aluminum and other contaminants.

For those who live near the coast, saltwater can be collected in a jar from the beach, or it can be gently washed in the ocean. People prefer to add salt to their bath water or use it to construct protective circles during spiritual ceremonies since it is naturally purifying. It’s also a good way to clean your crystals. Put your crystals in a shallow bowl, partially burying them in sea salt.

Next, leave them there for a few hours or overnight to allow the salt to do its purifying work. Nevertheless, certain stones, including turquoise, opal, and moldavite, may be damaged if they come into contact with salt. When utilizing this technique, be sure your crystals can withstand direct exposure.

#2: Moonlight and Sunlight crystal cleansing

Another approach to clear your jewels is to use the white light of a full moon. From the Full Moon to the New Moon of the lunar cycle, simply set outside. Waning Moons are ideal for clearing crystals and dispelling negative vibes, but any period helps.


The amount of time required varies depending on the healer’s sensitivity and the quantity of material to be removed from the stone. Hang your crystal necklaces on a tree where they will be cleansed by the moonlight, preferably a full moon, or under direct sunlight.

#3: Sound Cleansing your crystals

Hearing the sound of a crystal singing bowl or the ringing of a gong is grounding, soothing, and calming for a reason, and you can use the same way to ease the sensitive vibrations of your crystals. Sound tides can aid in the dismantling of energetic patterns and the release of stagnated energy.

Tuning forks, chimes, quartz bowls, and drums can be used to modify the frequency of your stones and expel old energy. Practice with various sounds and employ your instincts to find out what works better for lightening up the darker vibes of your crystals.

#4: Cleansing your crystals with Clean Water

Giving your crystals a good old-fashioned cleaning with water not only removes any actual dust but also functions as a much-needed energy detox. Make a tiny bath for your crystals in a bowl full of water and let them rest.

A natural source of water, such as rain, river, or ocean water, is ideal, although normal water will suffice in a crisis. Immerse your stones in water for 2 to 20 hours, and if desired, for further cleansing and reshaping. A source of water, including a river, stream, or ocean, can also be used to cleanse stones.

This is among the most basic and easiest procedures for cleansing clear quartz, rose quartz, or amethyst. Nevertheless, before washing in water, you need to research each crystal in your inventory to make sure it won’t be destroyed if it gets wet.

Understand that everything that ends in “-ite” (Selenite, Angelite, Azurite, and so forth) should not be submerged in water. You may avoid destroying your crystals by researching if they can be safely immersed in water.

#5: Cleansing through Smoke or Smudging

Smoke cleansing is a simple way to free your crystals of any stuffy energies, whether you use the aromatic smoke of a smudge stick, incense stick, or a burning bundle of dried herbs. You can purify your crystals on a daily basis by blowing smoke into them to remove any unwanted vibes they may have collected.

Discovering how to cleanse crystals with incense is essential since the smoke will clear your personal energy field as well. When working with the smoke of herbs and plants that have detoxifying powers, this procedure is extremely effective.

Smoking dried rosemary, juniper, cedar, or resins like pine, frankincense, or myrrh and letting the herb mist waft around the crystals is a terrific method to energetically cleanse them. Simply make sure to purchase cleansing tools that are ethically sourced and culturally suitable.

#6: Earth or Dirt Detoxification

Because crystals are natural miracles that come from the soil, re-aligning them with the earth’s healing energy would be cleaning. Burying your crystals in the soil enables them to connect with nature’s inherently grounding energy, which helps to sweep away impurities and bad vibes. Digging up these newly cleansed stones will also seem like a treasure hunt. Just make sure they’re buried in a secure location.

#7: Visualization Cleansing

It’s excellent to clean your crystals with tools, but it’s also nice to know that you may clear stones of stagnant energy by merely using your thoughts. If you wish to use visualization to purify your crystals, start by locating a peaceful place where you can focus and enter a meditative mood.

Visualize a radiant stream of pristine bright light bursting directly out of your third eye chakra, enveloping the crystal with its luminosity like a protective barrier. Consider the possibility that light has the ability to transform anything bad into complete goodness. Continue doing this until you believe your crystal has been properly purified, then carry on to the next crystal.

#8: Other Crystals’ Own Energy

Certain crystals are so potent in their cleansing abilities that they can effectively clear stagnated energy from other crystals, which may seem a little repetitive. Some stones produce an incredibly high vibration that functions as a purifier for the stones around them.

Gently resting your crystals on top of these charging or cleansing stones for a few hours can detoxify and energize them. This procedure can be used with selenite, carnelian, kyanite, and moldavite, which are all powerful detoxifying crystals.


Final Word:

As you can see, there are different methods you can use to improve the energetic level of your crystals. Be guided and trust your own intuition when it comes to expelling your precious stones from prolonged exposure to negative vibes.

Which method do you think is more effective for your crystals?

Comment your answers down below!

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