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December 18, 2021

Throat Chakra Crystals: Find the Right One for You


Throat chakra stones are crystals that help to clear and balance the throat chakra. Certain stones are associated with each chakra. The energy of the stone is thought to be able to balance the chakra in question. Healing crystals or healing stones are other names for chakra stones.

It is critical to restore harmony to our throat chakra. We may utilize our voice to rise in life and find our sense of strength when our throat is clear, our tongue is free, and our jaw is loosened. Words are a crucial form of expression, and whether written on paper or spoken out, they allow us to convey who we are and to flourish.

The throat chakra plays an important role in our daily lives. We gain personal strength and confidence when we feel understood and heard rather than having to swallow our words. Additionally, we are better able to express our truth and avoid falling into the frustration and anxiety cages. Want to know how you can achieve throat chakra healing?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Using the right throat chakra stone to clear your blocked chakra
  • Healing crystals that improve your energy flow
  • Harnessing your energy center with healing stones
  • Accomplishing emotional balance and self-expression

Understanding Your Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is a Sanskrit word known as the Vishuddha chakra, which means ‘pure’ or ‘purification,’ a wonderful phrase to describe the power of understanding to use one’s voice. The throat chakra is our body’s fifth chakra and central energy, and it’s where we convey our dreams, thoughts, and feelings, as well as how we communicate our sense of self. It’s a vital chakra that contains sentiments of self-worth, connection, and aids in the formation of a bridge or energy flow between the mind and the heart.

We can use our “soul gate” to speak freely, be heard, and improve our relationships with others around us when our throat chakra is clear and open. Feeling that your voice isn’t valid, being timid, avoiding conflict or any form of dispute, being ambiguous, and engaging in people-pleasing activities are all signs of a blocked throat chakra.

It can also swing in the opposite direction, leading to you being deceitful, expressing without thinking, and speaking hurtful things to others. In terms of bodily manifestations, a blocked throat chakra can cause issues with the neck and throat. You may experience frequent sore throats, mouth sores, jaw pain, thyroid troubles, stiff neck, dental problems, and other physical symptoms affecting the throat area, among other things.

find the right throat chakra crystals for you

Crystal Healing for a Blocked Throat Chakra

Throat chakra stones have a blue color motif in common with the throat chakra. These blue jewels are all about allowing the flow to happen. Once our throat is clear, we can communicate with our hearts and minds. It enables us to take up our space, tell our truth, and exhibit our genuineness.

Also, throat chakra stones function with high vibrational energy and bring attributes like bravery, compassion, integrity, and emotional stability to the table to help you improve your communication skills, sense of identity, and ability to express yourself.

What does a blocked throat chakra entail?

The throat chakra is said to be the hub of communication, emotion, and creativity by devotees. It has an impact on your capacity to be truthful and express yourself. It might be difficult for energy to move via your throat chakra if it is uneven or blocked. This might lead to problems such as trouble expressing yourself, feeling hesitant or bashful, and talking without thinking. Other indicators include:

  • dishonesty
  • insensitivity
  • anxiety and insecurity
  • Having trouble making sound judgments
  • Your ears, mouth, and neck can all be affected by a block or misalignment.
  • Neck discomfort or stiffness are two possible health concerns.
  • thyroid issues
  • sore throat (chronic and acute physical symptoms)
  • hoarseness
  • sores in the mouth
  • jaw ache
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems
  • dental problems
  • ear infection
  • issues with hearing
  • You could be experiencing nonphysical symptoms, physical ailments, or a combination of both.

Crystal Healing: Throat Chakra Stones

#1: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, the stone of courage, is like a mermaid kiss, inviting you to plunge straight in and swim deeper into your soul. This gleaming green and blue throat chakra crystal is one of our favorites. Even though the waves around you are rising, aquamarine is a charm of the seas, bringing a siren call of clarity and truth. This precious stone calms worries in the throat, easing anxiety’s grasp, and keeping you linked to your one genuine voice.

#2: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue gemstone flecked with golden splendor that inspires brilliant words backed up with profound self-awareness. Because it fosters eloquence and expression, this truth stone is ideal for the throat chakra. It has long been a companion of clairvoyants, philosophers, and speakers.

Writers will also profit greatly from this ground-breaking stone, as Lapis understands how to stimulate creativity. In addition,  One other method Lapis Lazuli may help you flourish is by strengthening your friendships because it’s a stone that places a lot of emphasis on the power of sincerity.

#3: Amazonite

Amazonite, the crystal of women warriors, is a heart and throat chakra healer, which goes without saying. This lovely stone has blue and green hues and is said to bring strength, intelligence, protection, and significant positivity. It’s a treasure that, like the Amazonian warriors, leads us to a point of autonomy and faith in our strength.

All of this can begin with our voice and our capacity to separate our truth from the noise that surrounds us. Yes to putting yourself first and stepping away from the badlands of self-doubt and fear of condemnation, says the Amazonite. It allows for crystal clear communication and intimate connection.


#4: Sodalite

Sodalite has a beautiful harmonizing vitality, with colors that evoke the promise of salty surf and Atlantic waves. It has a somewhat more dynamic energy and is known as the poet’s stone since it stimulates creativity and aids in the discovery of words.

Sodalite relates to both the throat and third eye chakras, bringing knowledge to bear on your communication. Sodalite gives those who don’t want their words to be meaningless the ability to fill in the blanks and give meaning, enchantment, and harmony to the sounds that flow out.

#5: Lace Agate Blue

Blue Lace Agate is about delicate and real articulation, and it’s light and gentle. The throat chakra stone doesn’t miss a beat; it understands that the truth isn’t always pretty, but it teaches us how to use our words responsibly.

This blue lace agate helps us conduct difficult conversations with individuals we love because of its soft nature and nurturing element, but it also ensures that we don’t compromise our sense of identity in the process.

It’s a stone that reduces pain and rage, promotes effortless energy, and keeps our truth flowing in a positive and higher-purposed way. Blue Lace Agate is the perfect stone for people seeking connection to their highest truth.

#6: Angelite

Angelite is a simple shade of heavenly blue that carries the spirit of absolute truth and higher understanding. It is angelic both in name and nature. This beautiful and pleasant gem is all about taking your life to the next step, and she understands that to do so, you’ll need to have a clear throat chakra, a tapped-in third eye chakra, and a bright light crown chakra.

Also, Angelite clears the channels between the chakras, ensuring that love, light, and harmony are always prevalent. It can also aid in the development of clairvoyant abilities and astral projection.

#7: Blue Apatite

Switch on the truth faucet and let the deep blue, dazzling energy of the Apatite stone flow through your words. This gem is a throat chakra goddess who enjoys transforming negative dark cloud energy into pure blue skies. That isn’t to argue that Blue Apatite is about whitewashing in the positive sense.

This gem ensures that you continue to be strong in your authority and pay more attention to your truth at all times. It simply ensures that you don’t become hooked to self-created stories and that you learn to go past negative thought patterns and openly embrace the energy of truth.

#8: Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is stunning in tones of swirling green and blue, and it has a sublimely relaxing spirit to match. The vibrations of this crystal are pristine throat chakra and healing heart chakra. It is constantly trying to calm you down and provide harmony to your entire self.

Additionally, Chrysocolla is mostly about relieving anxiety and despair while also fostering delightful self-expression and reclaiming power and status. This is a fantastic resource for recovering people-pleasers who are still worried about finding delight in owning their voice.

This is also a terrific treasure for healing frayed relationships because of its ability to increase communication and let go of fear-based thoughts.

#9: Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony, gentle and magnificent, with its vibes of serenity, tranquility, and trust, trickles in from the shade of shallow waters and sunlight. Blue Chalcedony cures the throat chakra and awakens the third eye chakra, allowing you to express yourself with a featherlight touch without losing some weight of significance. It also assists you in avoiding rash anger and careless communication, allowing you to speak from a position of understanding.

#10: Blue Kyanite

The Kyanite stone, which is chiseled in blue and white, emits affection for the throat chakra as well as the third eye chakra. Communication and inner understanding go hand in hand because we can talk from a place of genuine understanding while we’re in touch with our deep inner selves.

Kyanite not only heals and fills energy holes in your throat, but it also awakens latent psychic skills, such as clairvoyant energy and psychic powers. With Kyanite, you can see further and talk more clearly.


#11: Celestite

Celestite, another angel stone, is all about heavenly energy, wisdom from the third eye chakra, and the beauty of clear and bright communication. Additionally, Celestite, the eternal throat chakra enthusiast, will unwaveringly eliminate those obstructions, guide you into deeper dream work, and keep your vibrations up at all times.

This lovely pale gemstone exudes calm and joy while also bringing air and water energy to put out the fire. The flames of passion can lead to catastrophe when we communicate from a position of fire. Celestite ensures that we are linked to our truth and that we try to take a breath, create mental tranquility, and communicate from a place of meaning.

#12: Azurite

Although Azurite is often associated with the limitless wisdom of the third eye chakra, it is also a throat chakra cleanser. Azurite brings those bright blues so evocative of Egyptian monarchy and teaches us that we, too, hold the power of pharaohs, goddesses, and queens.

Azurite is a gentle mineral with delicate qualities, yet that doesn’t mean it lacks strength. Also, Azurite is good for fostering effective communication in the present, as well as articulating past concerns that may be weighing you down.

#13: Larimar

Larimar is a luxuriant stone drenched in sensations of relaxation. It’s all about high frequencies and letting anxieties loose. This stone is predominantly a throat chakra crystal, but it also has connections to the heart, third eye, and crown chakras.

Working with all of the upper chakras reminds us of how everything is interconnected, and that clearing these blockages allows us to connect with our higher power and go through the world with significance. That means voicing your mind without dread, according to Larimar. Larimar is all about the utmost good, and it will always inspire you to try your best to embrace it.

#14: Blue Calcite

With the brilliant pop of gorgeous Blue Calcite, you may restore your throat chakra and third eye. This gorgeous jewel is all about boosting your flow of energy and ensuring that blocked energy is thoroughly shaken out, allowing light to travel freely from tip to toe. Blue Calcite has a strong vibration, making it a fantastic stone to have in your collection for reaching higher planes.

Although this gem can help with communication on a physical level, it can also help with communication on a deeper scale. Making sense of your psychic abilities and facilitating clear communication with spirit guides.

Final Word:

The Throat Chakra Stones can assist us in healing and encouraging us to reclaim our voices, and besides, no one else will speak for us. Difficulty expressing ourselves will be easier to overcome with these.

Which healing crystal for your throat chakra works best for you or sounds most appealing?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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