June 17, 2021

Weekly Horoscope Love & Career Summary Reading


The motivation to work and function at one’s peak will be everyone’s fuel during this weekly horoscope love and career. It can get hectic at times, yes, but the universe’s gentle push will help propel everyone to move forward despite what they are going through. Add to that the occurrence of favorable cosmic transits, and one could understand how many people would use the events of this week to their advantage.

End of Mercury Retrograde (June 22nd)

No other event during this week is most looked forward to by everyone than the end of the Mercury retrograde. That transit is among the most hated by many people because of its implications, and rightfully so. But now that it has come to an end, many will feel freer and will be able to think clearly now that the blockages are now gone.

Communication will be easier to conduct now that Mercury has gone direct. Words and ideas will flow naturally, and people will be able to articulate their thoughts while also understanding whatever it is that other people have in mind. Misunderstandings, too, won’t happen as much since people will be able to speak their mind with tact and ease.

Yet, one of the most important to-dos during this period is for people to clear up any conflict that arose during the retrograde season. Apologies must be issued and misunderstandings must be clarified to prevent it from becoming a full-on war with those whom people have had some petty beef with.

Full Moon (June 24th)

Whenever this cosmic event happens, you can surely bet that things will happen the way that the world intends them to be. Things will also come full circle during this period, with so many things coming to an end after they have been completed over the course of the seasons.

It will also be a time of realizations. There is no need to worry about these, though. They are positive, and will only speak truths about your current situation. Use your learnings to your advantage so that you can achieve your best especially during this time.

No matter what happens, you are called to harness the strong influence of the moon in creating the things that you need to do. This is your chance to make the most out of something and turn things into your favor while you’re at it, too.

Major Transits of the Week

June 22nd: End of Mercury Retrograde

June 23rd: Venus opposing Pluto

June 24th: Full Moon

Weekly Horoscope Love & Career per Zodiac sign


It is best if you just let life take you where you needed to be. Don’t resist, and let your energy flow naturally. There is so much left for you to do, and the world will reward you handsomely if you cooperate with whatever it has in mind for you.


Be in control of the things that are happening and what you will be doing with your life. If you do not assert yourself, things might happen contrary to what you intend them to be. Remember that it is your life, and you are liable to whatever happens to it.


Focus on yourself and the future that you’ve always wanted to create. Do and participate in activities that will help boost your prospects in having a better future so that you can be assured that you are one step closer to your dreams. Work hard, and you will become the person whom you’ve always wanted yourself to be.


New beginnings are on the horizon for you. They have long been in the making, and you need to prepare yourself for the endless possibilities that they will bring into your life. Take a deep breath and plunge in- this is your one way ticket into making the life that you’ve always wanted to have.


The road ahead is cleared for you, and it is now your chance to make it your catwalk. Go forth and strut confidently, this is your moment to shine! There is nothing holding you back from fulfilling your dreams into becoming the person you’ve always wanted to become.


Patience has always been your virtue, and this time around, it will be your guide in helping you get through this week. Despite your numerous activities, you will be only getting results beyond this period. And so, extend the waiting game for a little bit, and you will be rewarded handsomely.


Reaching for the stars is your thing, and you will be led towards them during this week. All these will point upwards to your success, so make sure that you will be choosing only what will work best for you. This is the one shot that you have been waiting for, so make this opportunity worth the risk!


Focus on the things that demand for your attention during this period. There will be so many things that will need your immediate action, but you always need to remember to exercise vigilance and presence of mind. You know what they say: just take things slow but steady.



You know how to tango your way through even the most difficult challenges that life has laid out for you. This time around, you will be needing this skill to make your way through the things that needed to be done. Once you are able to do this, your path to success will be clear for you to pass.


The responsibilities that have been burdening you for so long will finally come to the point where they no longer bother you as much. Everything will feel like they have become lighter and easier to bear. Let yourself relax a little bit and just enjoy yourself as you go along with your responsibilities.


Life will be a bit happier as things become easier for you to bear. For one, the amount of good things that will happen in your life will be numerous and will remind you of how lucky you are to simply exist. Live life with a grateful heart and everything will go the way you always intended them to be.


Kick back and just let life pass by you during this week. You don’t have to force yourself into doing things! Enjoy doing things as you go along and don’t let stress get to you. There are so many things that life has in store for you, so go ahead and vibe.

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