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June 15, 2021

Aries Season: 5 Important Dates You Need to Remember


A new season looms for all of Astrology…We have had to deal with much ever since the pandemic started last year. We’ve seen ourselves sink to the bottom and cry over lost emotional connections due to restrictions we have had to impose upon ourselves. But this spring season, we have much to hope for. Aries season is finally rising again, and with it the very Sun. The start of their revolution will herald the beginning of opportunities and the flow of positive energy. Only one problem remains: how do we use this season to our advantage?

Worry not, for we have the answer right here. In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • The basics of the “Aries Season” in astrology
  • 5 important dates during the spring season
  • Tips on how to make the spring even better for you

What This Spring Season Means

In astrology, there are four seasons. Each of these seasons affects everyone in different ways, but they do follow a certain theme:

  • Spring represents the period of rebirth and begins with Aries
  • Summer has the theme of stability and starts with Cancer
  • Fall shows the theme of decline and starts with Scorpio
  • Winter represents death and begins with Capricorn

As you can see, the seasons in astrology represent the cycle of life itself. Things begin to crop up, they thrive, they decline, and eventually, they meet their end. This can seem grim, but in reality, people can rig each of the seasons to instead let them mean good things for their lives.

Take our Aries season of interest, for example. Every spring, new life is created: flowers start to bloom, babies are being born, people have a generally wonderful time. This is a period where humanity can bring its creative prowess to the forefront. 

Whether it’s about making a new business or creating a painting, the new season signals the need to start moving things along.

What’s even more important to remember here is that each season lands first on Cardinal signs. In astrology, the Cardinal sign represents not only the very first sign of each season, but also its best representative. They show the core and spirit that their fixed and mutable counterparts draw energy from.

For this Spring season, this means that the start of Aries facilitates the arrival of blessings to Leo and Sagittarius once the Spring moves over to their side. Think of this as that of making a building, for example. No matter how high it is, you should always remember that its construction starts at the base.

In other words, the little things that you do here and the kind of projects that you start will effectively determine how your life will be for this year. If you are able to start the right relationships, you will be ready not just for the next phases of spring, but even for future seasons to follow.

This doesn’t mean that setbacks won’t happen if you do things perfectly. However, it does mean that things will eventually be more manageable. Should fall come, for example, your company or relationships will stay strong despite their turbulence. Some feelings or money would be lost, but not enough to completely end your prospects.

5 Dates: The Key Phases of the Aries Season in Detail

March 21

The 21st of March will bring about the formation of a sextile between Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. Already, we see why this is a good thing in several ways. For one, since Mercury is the planet of communication and Pisces is the sign of creativity, it means there will be a tremendous boost in your ability to express yourself.

If you have any untold feelings or things you have to let go of that are still in your heart, let them all out because people will listen. This is further compounded by Uranus in Taurus. 

With Uranus being the symbol of freedom and Taurus that of stability, the ensuing sextile means this season will be a time of expressing your world-shattering ambitions. If you are thinking of doing something that will boost your career or taking your first steps in politics, for example, this is your chance to bring something to the table.

Alternatively, you can pitch new ideas to your bosses that you want to see implemented. Do you have a new organizational system in mind or perhaps a more efficient approach to administration? If so, then trust your mind, because this confirms the efficacy and long-term viability of the ideas you have in mind.

March 29

On March 29, Mercury and Neptune will meet together in Pisces to form what is called a conjunction. In astrology, this happens when the planets are literally in the same position, overlapping each other.


This does two things: it mixes the energy of the two planets and increases it multiple times. We may remember that Pisces is the anchor of emotion among all the signs. It is on this part of the chart that creativity rests, and one of its key assets is its compatibility with expression and kindness.

With these two qualities already present in Mercury and Neptune respectively, this means you’ll have the ability to do great things in your relationships. Whether you are looking forward to making new bonds or repairing broken ones, you will succeed, because empathy and kindness will flow with your every word.

However, it’s not just about relationships. This period is also about earnest concentration and meditation. The harmonic energies of the Universe are at their best at this time, so it would be beneficial for you to pursue a meditative routine. Prayers and other meditative techniques will help you through much of this journey.

Lastly, it’s also a time of introspection and thinking. Kindness itself demands thought, and at this time, you should think about whether or not you are treating other people well. For indeed, kindness can only be truly reached when you have to rectify something about yourself. This is the timeless lesson that Neptune wants us to ultimately learn.

April 6

This day will see Venus and Mars form a sextile once they reach Aries and Gemini respectively. Individually, Venus represents love while Mars shows the power of courage. When both these qualities form a sextile, it means that one of the Aries season’s dominant themes is romantic relationships.

This sextile will have a stronger effect on people who have yet to confess their feelings, because this means that now is your time to get out there. You’ve probably hidden those feelings for a long time. Since the Universe is actively telling you to go for it, you should grab the chance.

It can be painful to bear when you get rejected, but you nevertheless owe it to yourself to try. After all, you can only find love if you’re willing to look for it and get hurt. The process is never easy for anyone, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. It’s also a good time to resolve grievances between romantic partners.

If you’re taking a break from one another, now might be a good time to reach out to the other person. Swallow your pride, and by Gemini’s freedom-loving will, you will rekindle the fires of your love for each other.

April 14

After April 6, the next significant event is the entry of Venus into Taurus. The Bull here doesn’t just represent stability in life, but also the “home life.” In other words, this is great for couples that are living together.

Since Venus is the planet of love and sex, this entry unto Taurus would be great for trying new things to enhance the sexual flavor. You could try more affectionate foreplay, or experimenting with positions.

Alternatively, you can simply find time for a cuddle and talk about your future plans. If you’re really busy in life, wrapping yourselves around each other’s arms will help you remember why you like each other to begin with. Use this bonding moment to make the relationship more sublime and firm.

April 17

By April 17, Mars will land in Gemini and form a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This truly synchronous Aries season will take place between planets of power. For Mars, this is a time to be brave, while for Jupiter, this is a time of expansion and maturity. In other words, therefore, this will be a time of making life-changing choices.

If you’ve been holding off on something such as a job offer or a business move that you’ve put on the back burner, now’s the time to prioritize these. By removing all your self-doubt, you can actually make things happen in your life here.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful. Just because the signs are good, doesn’t mean you should be reckless. Be quick with your decisions, but don’t be afraid to give yourself as much time as possible.

Final Word

This spring, there is much to look forward to. With Aries leading the way, the promise of a strong start is all but guaranteed.


How willing are you to take advantage of this golden opportunity? Are you willing to forgo your weaknesses for that one shot at greatness? Will you take the leap to victory?

Only time will tell how well you’ll fare this spring, but as long as you stay true to yourself and stay brave, victory is assured.

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