October 28, 2021

Know what you value in life through the 2nd House Astrology


The 2nd house, also known as the house of value in astrology, is all about belongings, wealth, material goods, incomes, and expenses. It represents how someone attracts or repels wealth, and how they choose to spend them. One’s values on possession, and also one’s sense of values, are reflected here. Taurus and its ruling planet Venus generally govern the second house.

The Second House is likewise concerned with making the most of our belongings, particularly material possessions. Our belongings should improve our lives and the lives of others, as well as promote a general feeling of well-being. This proposes the idea of worth, which is important in the Second House.

What do we value in terms of both tangible and intangible assets? Why do we place such a high value on something? Who do we hold in great reverence? What exactly do we own? What do we want to be able to call our own?  The Second House is primarily associated with the accurate conclusion of these issues. Wouldn’t you like to dive deeper into this topic to understand it better?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How the 2nd House affects a person’s life
  • How to maintain material blessings
  • How to prove your financial life
  • How does the second house bring good material gains
  • Achieving material stability and financial security

What is the 2nd House in Astrology to you?

The second house, in particular, governs all aspects of one’s financial situation. This category includes liquid assets, although houses and land are governed by the other houses in the birth chart. The second house shows not only the natal chart owner’s own assets but also their thoughts about those resources. Besides, our attitudes toward material goods are what drive and motivate us to obtain or spend them.

The second house also represents borrowing and lending money, and it clearly defines the limitations of what the individual is content with, particularly in terms of emotional safety or insecurity about financial stability. This house is in charge of both income and expenditure, so it’s easy to see how deliberate decisions about financial flow have a significant impact on a person’s life.

Likewise, if someone has a favorable planet and strengthens it by being willing to share their prosperity with others, the blessing will come back to them even more powerfully. If one decides not to share their prosperity with those around them, their worldly benefits will eventually be reversed.

Material aid is also a way of expressing light and love to the planet we live on. As a result, whoever becomes a conduit and trigger for the well-being of those around them will gradually improve their own situation and also balance the energy flows so that their second house concerns are not drowned.

How does the Second House affect your self-esteem and self-worth?

The second house governs not only one’s belongings but also one’s wishes for whatever they want to acquire and own. At the same time, it also governs self-esteem and the relationship between possessing and feeling deserving. Along with the 6th and 10th houses, it’s recognized as a house that indicates which vocation a person should pursue. The second house is best at predicting which job would bring in the greatest revenue, but it does not always indicate a profession that one would love.

How do the planets affect the Second House?

Venus is at ease in the second house, and Jupiter is also a welcome addition. Jupiter extends anything he comes into contact with, and everything involving money receives a significant boost. Planet  Saturn, if well-aspected, is also a good predictor. On the other hand, the normally malefic planet can offer a lot of money, but only in later stages of life or via a lot of labor that accumulates over time.

The planets Mars and Uranus are arguably the worst to have in the house, particularly if they are afflicted by the zodiac sign or are aspected negatively. They can result in a loss of revenue as well as general insecurity. Surprisingly, having the Sun isn’t a good predictor either.

One might anticipate the Sun to provide a great deal of wealth, but the truth is that it is more responsible for a great deal of expenditure. The individual must use their resources to convey their thoughts, with no regard for saving money for the future or otherwise planning their expenditures.

House Matters of the Second House on a Personal Level?

Earned money and our power to control it, investments, and transportable property are all covered under the Second House (vehicles, outfits, jewelry, and others). Debt is a factor here as well because we are responsible for paying our costs. The Second House governs our attitudes about money, the development of riches (and loans), financial setbacks, saves, budgeting, and financial status.

It’s interesting to note that this adage finds a home in the Second House for those of us who believe that money will make us free. Within this residence, personal freedoms as defined by financial capacity and sensibility are addressed. Our goods and what we do with them help identify us as viable human beings to a large extent.

Will these worldly possessions help us obtain a social position, recognition, friendship, and love, to take it a step further? They could very well work if used correctly. As a result, the ability to use one’s assets honestly, to our best advantage, and for the best outcome could be regarded as the purpose inherent in one’s holdings. What more could we ask if our belongings benefit us and others?


Remember, what goes around comes around.

How the Second House speaks of its most natural position

This is the home that symbolizes the importance we place on ourselves and all we do. We may manifest our energy into something we can feel, utilize, or hold in our hands as if it were a natural result of the energy we keep in our bodies, which is symbolized by our first house.

The second house of our horoscope represents our field of habit, the food we eat to satisfy our hunger, which is fueled by the animal we contain in the first house. It’s really an income source that develops our bodies and leads to higher-quality ideas. This is associated with the Taurus zodiac sign, represents riches, and is also known as the house of worth. “Lucrum,” which means “wealth,” is the Latin motto.

The second house highlights the positive energy we harness. Every success that we are dissatisfied with because it did not offer us what we required in the material realm simply indicates that our energy isn’t very well-focused or employed on matters that are in tune with our bodies and material life. We can be confident we are connected with our genuine selves as soon as it starts producing income.

If we’re all unsatisfied, we have most likely not pursued our true vocation, which will one day make us entire. Whatever our circumstances, the second house represents our sense of individual satisfaction through material things, our acceptance of them, and how they fulfill our inner longing.

How the Second House affect zodiac signs in the zodiac wheel

#1: Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19

If the second house opens with Aries, we may deduce that this individual is following their intuition to create something tangible. This is a powerful hunger that frequently speaks of automatic overeating or undereating, both of which are firmly linked to one’s concerns. That’s the position that promises financial returns and a strong focus on self-worth and the significance of everything in life.

This also refers to a person’s tendency to eat too quickly, to prefer foods high in red meat, and to eat cuisine that is often too spicy for their stomach to manage. The reluctance to appreciate things that are leisurely, cozy, comfortable, or soft might be attributed to Aries on the second house cusp. Unless feminine planets and the Moon are prominently positioned in their horoscope, this can be a rough position that develops a rough personality.

#2: Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20

The most natural place for this house is the second house cusp in Taurus. People with it are born with the ability to cherish all things, relationships, other individuals, and personal experiences. This might refer to a specific challenge in which a person is expected to learn about their own worth through a succession of degrading situations.

Furthermore, this is a rare occurrence that must be validated by a demanding Venus position in one’s birth chart. This is someone who can make money if their perception of the tangible world isn’t polluted by other people’s beliefs and viewpoints.

If they succumb to any form of guilt, the nature of their interactions will suffer, and they may find it difficult to recover from taking on too many obligations. These people were created to appreciate our material world, and they need constantly remind themselves of this.

#3: Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21

If the second house is in Gemini, we can assume that the person will make money through rapid, freelance pursuits rather than a real career that will provide a lot of deep, stable happiness. This is a person who can make money through writing, journalism, frequent movement, extemporaneous abilities, or good trade capabilities.

If planets in this house or Mercury pose a problem, we can see how shallow attitudes to the value of things cause conflict and make a person restless and agitated, while they are unable to build anything stable or large enough to suit their demands. When Mercury is retrograde or in the sign of Pisces, this can also signify a “con artist position” or someone who makes money from questionable practices.

#4: Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22

Unless the second house starts in the Cancer sign, it is a strong indication that a person will be able to make money through a family company or their own private corporation. This is someone who can work from home or who goes with the flow and trusts in fate to provide for them. Overall, if the Moon isn’t in a good place, this isn’t a good sign, but it does provide you the capacity to discover immense pleasure in eating, cooking, and family reunions.

This is a viewpoint that emphasizes one’s inward search for appreciation and compassion, and it frequently mentions genetic susceptibility as a source of personal gain. It can also refer to an inheritance they’ve been spending ever since they were born, in contrast to inheritance matters in the eighth house, when someone must die or give up something for prosperity to occur.


#5:  Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22

We can notice the ability to pose for money if a person’s second house cusp is in the sign of Leo, which is typically found in models, performers, and those who have to be artistic to get anything for themselves. This is the second house position, which speaks of great success when it comes to material matters, but it may also make a person subject to other people’s perceptions when it comes to their personal value, relying on the dignity of its ruler.

It’s a tough position for the second house since it is so closely linked to one’s ego, and the outcome of every scenario is linked not only to one’s self-worth but also to one’s self-respect. This can be difficult if a person lacks the courage or strength to face all of the difficulties that may arise from other individuals and society.

#6: Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

If the second house begins in the Virgo sign, it’s safe to assume that this person is still learning about fulfillment. This is a sign that brings Venus to its lowest point, and since Venus is the natural ruler of the second house, we can see that the goal here is to respect one’s deeds and accomplishments rather than looking for flaws in what they do.

We can observe someone logical and capable of fixing whatever that comes their way if powerful Mercury colors this situation. Nonetheless, it’s still uncommon to meet someone with this setting who is content with their possessions. Money is earned via hard labor, devotion, and meticulous attention to detail, and it is carried out by someone who rarely gains anything fast or earns what they do not deserve.

#7: Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23

When the second house is ruled by Libra, it offers a person a sense of self-worth based on their interactions with others. In some ways, this can be troublesome, as it can lead to jealousy and other types of evaluations that the Soul isn’t ready for, while also offering financial blessings through relationships or a selected marriage.

In a poorly positioned position, this can cause a person to observe their partner thinking about their stuff in vain and turning to other people’s belongings. Fortunately, this does not happen quite often, although it’s difficult to appreciate oneself in the face of all the influences from the outside society. This is an inclination for making money in collaboration with others, in a group, or through connections, alliances, justice, or the pursuit of truth.

#8: Scorpio (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

Whereas if the second house has a cusp in the sign of Scorpio, it indicates that our ancestors have left us money. This can be a benefit or a curse, depends entirely on our genetic factors, as it is highly reliant on people who lived before us. Once this setting takes over, it may appear that we have little control over our own well-being.

This is a viewpoint that encourages a person to find delight in change and understand that energy must flow and circle at all times to find joy in the material world. In practice, this signifies that one must give in order to get and that a gift will never arrive without garnering it by various deeds, personal decisions, and lineage. This can be a stance that can imply a debt that must be paid back, and it isn’t always simple to understand or cherish.

#9: Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21

Let’s say that the second house cusp is in the Sagittarius sign, then it will be difficult to keep wealth or adhere to tried and true methods of earning it. Despite the fact that this is clearly someone who can prosper from education, philosophies, or tourism, the profit made will be difficult to contain and spent rapidly.

Sometimes there is a lot of success where beneficent Sagittarius is, but there are also a lot of idealistic methods and a tendency to exceed whatever the house symbolism is concerned. This is precisely why these people eat excessively, spend outrageously, and earn obnoxiously, or to be unrealistic about their own value and the benefits it can bring and successes.

Here is the root for true contentment and earthly happiness, as long as their approach has adequate depth and good judgment.

#10: Capricorn (Goat): December 22–January 19

If the second house cusp in Capricorn is present in one’s horoscope, it is frequently interpreted as a fated cross that cannot be altered. The most serious issue here is guilt, which is held deep into one’s psyche and leads to unpleasant circumstances and financial or eating habits blunders.

This is not a posture that is forgiving, notably if one is not prepared to assume full responsibility for one’s life and money or material possessions. A key takeaway in Capricorn is usually best learned through rest, and one cannot see what they’re worth only if they are well-rested.

They won’t be able to see the healthier lifestyle they need to be pleased with what they have as long as they are in a perpetual constriction, caught in their incapacity to feel accountable for their own wellness.

#11: Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18

Matters of worth will continually change if the second house originates in the Aquarius sign. The person’s only continuous value will be found in their friendships and similar societal aims, although it will be difficult to stay stable in one financial method. This is a person who feels compelled to take significant financial risks, just as they will risk their health and all their body can tolerate by ingesting far too many fast and unhealthy snacks for their heart and liver to manage.


In most situations, someone born with this second house placement has Capricorn as their first house, which adds a fresh depth to how they employ their energy when creating anything solid. They are stable and have a solid plan, but they appear to find emancipation through money, which makes them oddly careless and unpredictable in all financial situations.

#12: Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

Many items will go missing from time to time while the second house is under the Pisces sign. This can be evident in someone who can’t find their keys or who is unsure of where or when they will be able to generate money on their own.

The tricky part is that with Pisces, delusions can take control, and one might feel sincerely and deeply content without possessing much, just as they can exaggerate their ability in specific professions, losing sight of their main mission and focusing on material ambitions.

Additionally, the key objective of a person in this situation is to pursue their vocation and a purpose that they are destined to perform in this lifetime, as that’s the one thing that will provide them with enough genuine happiness.

Final Word:

Each zodiac sign has a significant purpose under the Second House of astrology. You can successfully channel your material reality, stable income, and value system at an exact moment.

Which among the zodiac signs under the second house struck closest to home to you?

Comment your answers!

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