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July 15, 2018

5 Free and Simple Ways To Attain Wholeness and a Deep Sense of Peace Right Now!


Attaining a sense of wholeness is our divine right and probably one (if not the) primary purpose of our entire existence. A strong statement that may be but its one that is very true.

There is a story about wholeness that you’d probably like to hear. Whether it’s the truth or not remains unknown but it certainly is an enlightening story, and we’d be delighted if you’d allow us to share it with you.

It goes something like this; our creator once was whole, and because it was whole, there was no possibility for growth, no opportunity to gain experience and no understanding of anything else other than what it was. Whole and perfect.

So, to learn all about what our creator is not so that it can determine what it is, it sent out parts of itself far and wide into an experience that we call life so that it could learn and grow.

And if you can remain open enough to acknowledge that this story is entirely possible, then you will be pleased to realize that we are said to be those parts. We are supposed to be pieces of our creator right here experiencing the humdrum of everyday life.

Some people have realized that they are part of something magnificent, which is beyond their capacity to understand, who are learning about themselves, reconciling their conflicts, and seeking wholeness. And they are doing so in greater numbers every single day.

They are probably unconsciously driven toward such action motivated by heir innate drive to do so. Because we are all (at least in the context of this story) destined to return to where we started from, but we will possibly return to a more expanded version of what we were before in every way possible.

Whether this story is true is something that we might never know, but the idea that we were once part of a whole, and have split away from it, does align with many aspects of nature, including how our minds work. And since most things that are true align with nature then we can safely assume that there is an essence of truth in this story.

So if you feel incomplete, conflicted, and unsettled in any way, you should know that you are not alone and that the above story might hold some clues as to the reasons why.

But what is unquestionable is that you can change through attaining wholeness in a way that you probably think is unimaginable. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, called the need to achieve wholeness the process of individuation and deemed it to be an incredibly crucial psychological process, that in some instances we naturally engage in, but that we can also influence to our advantage.

There are many people and arguably most people who, if they were to stop and reflect would acknowledge that they are seeking something, dealing with conflict in some form, feeling as though something is missing or lacking. Even if they are extremely great at casting their inner thoughts aside, or have taught themselves not even to go there, it doesn’t mean that they are not seeking wholeness, they are either unconsciously unaware of this process, or they’ve just become stuck or are dealing with their issues secretly.

As you can see, the attainment of wholeness is a big deal. So how can you start to move towards attaining wholeness in your life right now?

Here are six ways that can help you take some profound steps toward wholeness that you can start to work on right now.

1. Learn How to Manage Your Emotions and Heal Trauma

If we don’t know how to manage and release our emotions effectively, we will repress them. Which is what most people do. Until one day they will decide to present themselves for you to resolve at a time when you are strong enough to handle them.

However, the way that the emotions present themselves can be illogical and disruptive and can make you think that you have problems or conflicts in your life that are only there because of the emotion.


This makes the attainment of wholeness difficult because you won’t be feeling whole if you have excessive emotion and you won’t know what aspects of your psyche are impacted by your emotion and what issues have roots in other problems. So it makes perfect sense to clear up the emotions so that you can see what you have to work with afterward.

Clearing up emotion will also reduce a significant amount of issues and conflict that many people carry with them without realizing how easy it is to let them go.

Trauma has the same or stronger implications on our psyche than built up emotion because trauma is essentially excessive repressed emotion. It is possible to heal trauma but working on it alone will require some form of guidance, courage, and patience and it’s definitely worth hiring a Hypnotherapist, or Psychotherapist to help you process that trauma.

2. Cultivate Self Love

There’s not a person on the planet who couldn’t benefit from learning to cultivate self-love. It’s something that isn’t often encouraged or taught in our society regardless of where you are from, but it is something that makes the spirit soar and is well worth focusing on.

The side effects of cultivating self-love are joy, forgiveness, gratitude, confidence, resilience, better health and a deeper sense of wholeness. And if those reasons were not enough to encourage you to get started, then we don’t know what is!

3. Practice Acceptance

There are some things in our experience of life that we cannot change, whether it’s a family dynamic that is problematic and it’s not your fault, a lost love, a disability, illness, our childhood or adult experiences that we wish never happened.

There is no point wasting time and energy concerning yourself over things that you cannot change because you will not change them. You waste energy on internal conflicts that you cannot resolve, which doesn’t make sense.

Instead, learn to practice acceptance so that these issues stop being problems in your life, which will give you more headspace and self-awareness to focus on the things that you can change and as soon as you manage this, you’ll reduce a significant amount of conflict which can only help you move closer to wholeness.

4. Create the Life You Want

Look at people, or characters that you are inspired by and notice what characteristics you like and what you dislike about them now look for these qualities in yourself. In doing so, you’ll learn that you have many more qualities about yourself than you realize and that you also might have some hidden patterns that might not serve you well, which, now you know about you can work to resolve.

Finally, if you are inspired, start to create some of the behavioral patterns you see in your idols (the realistic ones of course) and begin to work on bringing those traits into your life through the process of modelling (which is an NLP term) or by consciously developing habits.

5. Banish Fear

Fear prevents us from living our fullest life and is always unwarranted unless you are in real physical danger.

If fear prevents you from doing something, it’s a huge clue that this is precisely what you need to be doing (unless it’s physically dangerous). Usually, when you open the door of fear, you’ll realize that behind that door was something incredible. It’s a strange contradiction, but there is a reason why so many successful people always say to walk in the face of your fear – it really is liberating.

And when you do face your fears, you’ll uncover parts of yourself that you didn’t even realize was there.

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