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March 18, 2022

Angel Number 18: A Powerful Karmic Number


Angel number 18 is one of the signs given by the guardian angels when they want to communicate with you. It’s a special message that represents their guidance and good intentions, as well as what’s about to unfold in the near future. There are different meanings behind this number, and it’s your responsibility to learn what each one of them entails.

It is the number of the angel that will assist you in manifesting prosperity into your life. Also, it is a sign that you have grasped the procedures of the material world and that you are ready to see your wishes come true if you have seen angel number 18 in your experience so far.

Our angels are always communicating with us about our life’s higher purpose, which we may read about here. These messages are frequently delivered in the form of totally arbitrary number sequences, which are referred to as angel numbers. Wouldn’t you like to know what Angel Number 18 has in store for you?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Wielding angel numbers to unlock new beginnings
  • Discovering your inner wisdom, self-confidence, and life path
  • Finding out the secret meaning of the number 18 with positive thinking
  • Warding off negative thoughts with your guardian angel to achieve success

Angel Number 18 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of ­number 18?

When the angels deem that there’s a more situation-specific message to send you, they combine the energies between two or more angel numbers. Angel number 18 is one of those. Mixing the vibrations from numbers 1 and 8 delivers divine insight specifically for your situation.

To understand it fully, look into the meanings of its individual components first. Angel number 1 is a symbol of new beginnings. Its appearance represents a new chapter unfolding very soon. This may be your second shot to correct your mistakes in the past, or it can be an entirely new phase filled with surprising opportunities.

Either way, it’s also an affirmation of your strengths. You have strong leadership skills, you’re independent, charismatic, and persevering. When you fix your eyes on a goal, you’d do everything it takes to achieve it. On the other hand, angel number 8 is a powerful karmic number.

Your present life is an accumulation of all the karmic energy you’ve established in your past life. If you did selfless things and helped other people in the past, trust that the universe will reward you with abundance. On the flip side, if your past self wasn’t able to build good karma, your present self will continue to face challenges upon challenges.

Angel number 18 is an encouragement from the divine beings to empty your karma bucket so you can face the chapter ready to receive their blessings. It also highlights that each of your decisions has a ripple effect from your social circle down to the Universe, all things considered, choosing to be kind.

Is angel number 18 a good sign?

Opportunities are certainly a good sign, but angel number 18’s meaning is more than that. Like science, each of your actions has a consequence. The guardian angels are telling you to put more thought into your actions because the consequences don’t involve you alone.

 This is why they recommend for you shift your mindset and start looking at the brighter side of things. Instead of feeling jealous when a friend achieves their goal, cheer for them wholeheartedly. And instead of quickly losing your temper when the situation goes array, learn to extend your patience.

There may be times when you feel like things are quickly spinning out of your control and there’s no one to help you. It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re facing troubles, but despite the darkness, keep in mind that the angels have your back.

If you need their support, they’re always ready to help you in any way. When looking for solutions to your problems, angel number 18 is also a sign for you to be pragmatic. Find the middle path so you don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your decisions, and above all, don’t be rash in making decisions.

Is angel number 18 a lucky number?

As an angel number, number 18 neutrally bears the message from the guardian angels. But when it comes to good luck and bad omens, humans have different cultures that associate beliefs on how certain numbers bring auspiciousness.

Both individual components, 1 and 8, are considered lucky. People consider number 1 as the winner in races and competitions. Emerging first symbolizes power, authority, and monopoly as well. 


Number 8 is also associated with extremely good luck, especially to the Chinese. Aside from being an even number, its pronunciation is also similar to the Chinese word for “make a fortune.” Its shape also resembles two coins stacked on each other, which signifies wealth and prosperity.

Like number 8, Chinese culture also considers number 18 as good luck for money. The angels are reminding you that you have personal freedom over your life. Despite the current associations with the number 18, you can still make your own definition of luck and prosperity.

This angel number can also be a certain sign of bad luck if all you’ve been building is bad karma. If you don’t empty the karmic bucket, expect that the upcoming changes will bring nothing but bad news for your future.

What does angel number 18 represent?

Based on angel number 18’s message, the guardian angels are telling you time-sensitive things. After receiving this symbol, it’s your responsibility to look into its deeper meaning by reading between the lines.

This number has multiple meanings, but the most important one will resonate with you. The most obvious meaning behind the number 18 is the welcoming of a new phase. With it comes new challenges, experiences, and opportunities that will provide value to your life.

Keep in mind that you’ve already surpassed multiple challenges in the past. Have the confidence that you will overcome a new one, and more importantly, apply the wisdom you’ve learned from the previous experiences. It’s also a warning for you not to fall into the same problematic patterns as before. If you’ve truly learned from them, you’ll recognize the signs at first glance.

Second, the angels are reminding you of all the skills you possess.

When you feel like you’re losing yourself during this transition, focus on every single thing that makes you who you are. Fix your sight on your purpose, and use your skills to your advantage. There will be many situations wherein you will use them, especially when you enter the chapter lying ahead.

Third, number 18 is a nudge for you to keep cultivating good karma. It’s one thing to focus on self-development, but it’s also another thing when you cross other people’s boundaries for the sake of moving forward. As the old proverb goes, what you sow is what you reap.

You don’t have to go all the way and devote yourself to public service. If you’d like to start small, start with nurturing positive thoughts. The good energy you put out there will also attract positive energy in return.

Angel Number 18 and Love

Angel number 18 has significant influences on your romantic life. Whatever relationship status you’re in, you can learn a thing or two from its meaning. If you’re single and ready for love, the shifting tides will bring the right person to your doorstep. 

There may not be a specific date on when this will be, but at this point, clarify what you want in a partner and manifest it to the Universe. More importantly, trust the Universe in this process, especially when the chapter paves the way to meet different people that will make romance more confusing. 

When you embark on a new relationship, avoid comparing every single thing with your past relationships. Don’t dig up past issues on this new one, and don’t expect that every single thing is going to be the same as before. Give chance and extend patience as this new thing blossoms.  

If you’re in a relationship, the new phase is going to bring new experiences for you and your partner to explore. Navigating this chapter together will not only add spice to your relationship, but it’s also an avenue for you to get to know both of yourselves together. 

Be more honest with how you feel, and be more open to communicating with your partner. They’re your partner for a reason. Allow them to understand where you’re coming from, and give them the space to explain their perspectives as well. 


Why do I keep seeing angel number 18?

The guardian angels are showing you angel number 18 for a special reason. Not everyone is privileged enough to receive a number in their whole lifetime, and for those who do, not everyone pays attention to look into its meaning. But here you are, reflecting on it. 

Seeing number 18 is an encouragement from the diving beings to set your intentions straight, especially your thoughts. It’s the benchmark of your emotions, which precede your actions.  Allow positivity to shine through your aura. Let it be seen in every single thing you do. Perhaps the more obvious reason why you keep seeing number 18 is for you to be more mindful of karma. 

Evaluate your relationships with other people, and what can you do to improve them. Be more sensitive when someone needs your help. Likewise, the guardian angels are reminding you that it’s okay to ask someone for help, especially when you need it. 

Asking for help doesn’t make you less strong, keep that in mind. Instead, strength lies in having the courage to acknowledge that there are things you can do and being vulnerable enough to admit it to others. 

Facing New Challenges and Life Lessons

The hardships you are about to endure may be the subject of a possible communication from the Angels. Whether it be about your job, your connection with your partner, or your family, the Angels are reminding you that you are up to the task of dealing with any situation you find yourself in.

You’ve been through a lot, and you’ve gained a great deal of insight that has helped you to grow stronger. You are capable of overcoming any obstacle! While new challenges may present themselves in the shape of opportunity, this does not necessarily imply that unpleasant things are about to transpire.

The Universe has your back, no matter what. Be secure in your skills and venture out into the world to discover more. Remember, in this material existence, what will get you by is to entertain only positive thoughts. With a positive mind, it doesn’t take professional advice for you to harness self-leadership and self-confidence in your life’s purpose.

Embracing your new beginning

This message should give you a reason to be optimistic and put a big smile on your face! There is always a reason to rejoice and to look forward to a more promising future as a better chapter begins. Being greeted by 18 is a cause for celebration because it signifies that you are being warned to be present and prepared for the changes that are about to take place.

If you have been in the same position for a lengthy period of time, you should expect a promotional proposal from your employer. Expect your romantic connection to progress to the next level, maybe resulting in you moving in together or even marrying one other! As you can see, all positive things seem to be in store for you.

Nonetheless, this numerical sequence has a high vibrational frequency, and seeing it signifies that you are about to embark on a new life chapter, hopefully,  a more fulfilling one. Pay attention to the Angels and prepare yourself for the changes that are going to take place. Who knows? Those inner voices that come from the divine realm might even help you in manifesting wealth.

Final Word

Angel number 18 is a powerful karmic number sent by the guardian angels. If you keep seeing this sacred number, it means that at this point in your life, this is the best advice that you need. 

What do you think of this number’s meaning? How did it resonate with you? 

Share your thoughts with us!

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