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March 17, 2022

Channel Your Inner Athena Through the Pallas Astrology


Known throughout history as the goddess of war and triumph in Greek Mythology, as well as of craftsmanship and intelligence, Athena was one of the most significant personalities in ancient Greece. She was known by the surname “Pallas Athene” because she was said to have been born from the head of her father Zeus, who was dressed in full armor. It is because of her that there exists Pallas Astrology.

As a result of the union of the head and the heart, Athena exhibits the ability to think for herself and the inner balance of active and receptive energies. A symbol of craft, she taught utilitarian arts such as pottery, weaving, and embroidery while also guiding workers in the development of their aesthetic vision. Pallas Athene, often known as Pallas, was an asteroid found in 1802 that was the second-largest in size.

Although Mercury and other planets receive a great deal of attention during their retrograde periods, Pallas Athene, along with the other asteroids, is frequently overlooked. It will begin its usual four-month trek backward on May 17 and will continue until September 25, when it will move from zero degrees Aquarius – just next to Saturn – to 12 degrees Capricorn. Curious to know more about this?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How the asteroid Pallas Athena works in astrology
  • How the asteroid goddess influences your birth chart
  • The supremacy of the Pallas Sign and Greek Goddess
  • The significance of the Pallas Athene Asteroid Goddesses

What does Pallas Astrology mean for you?

Pallas – one of the four major asteroids – places a strong emphasis on friendship and androgynous appearance. Many Greek myths and legends portray her as playing a crucial role in issues relating to gender equality and sexism. Pallas shows your feminine warrior spirit, and she bestows upon you a creative form of intelligence that is holistic, inventive, and capable of recognizing patterns in human experience and behavior, among other things.

Pallas is also associated with purity, clarity, politics, social justice issues, and a woman’s capacity to attain success in a man’s world, according to astrological interpretation. Also, Pallas believes in the importance of brilliance in the professional sphere, but she also recognizes the price that both women and men must pay for rationalizing their emotions and selling out to the establishment.

What does the Pallas Sign signify?

This sign isn’t often mentioned in horoscopes, yet it’s as significant to our astrological constitution as any other. It’s one of the celestial bodies in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, together with Ceres, Juno, and Vesta, as well as a few other asteroids that have a significant impact on the natal chart. These cues have more complex meanings about who we really are.

Astrologers could discuss the genuine meaning of these asteroids for hours because they are open to a larger range of interpretations than signs with more obvious implications, such as your sun, rising, and moon signs. Nevertheless, the Greek mythos underlying the importance of the word “Pallas” helps to explain everything.

How does Greek Goddess Athena influence the Pallas Astrology?

Athene, also known as Pallas Athena, is the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, encouragement, culture, law, justice, warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, and the arts, crafts, and skill. She is also known as the “mother of the gods” and “mother of men.” Athens, the birthplace of democracy, is patronized by Pallas Athene, who is known as the virgin patroness.

In her function as the goddess of heroic deeds, she was the protector of kings and the welfare of the state, as well as the goddess of wise counsel, sensible restraint, and practical insight, among other things. Detachment and impartiality were important to Pallas Athene when it came to resolving disagreements and making choices.

It’s also worth noting that Athena was also considered a patron saint for ancient heroes such as Hercules, and she was said to have worn the head of Medusa on her breastplate after aiding Perseus in killing her – though that’s another tale for another time.

Being an unmarried virgin goddess, Athena poured her life force into her mental ability and what astrologer Demetra George refers to as “creative intelligence,” which is a term coined by astrologer Demetra George. In ancient Greece, Athena’s symbols of wisdom and combat, such as the owl and spear, spoke to her multifaceted significance to the people of the land.

What is “Pallas Athena” in Greek Mythology?

Pallas Athena is surrounded by myths. Some say the asteroid represents the Titan Pallas, while others believe it represents the goddess Athena. Since Athena has more information than the Titan god Pallas, most of the asteroid Pallas’ attributes are tied to her. Athena killed Pallas in combat, and some say she took on parts of his traits, making the asteroid Pallas a hybrid of the two.

Pallas is the astrological strategist. It indicates our ability to notice patterns, identify patterns, and solve riddles. Our intellect can be shown via Pallas Astrology. A writer may utilize Pallas to create new narratives and plot twists, while a manager may use Pallas to handle workplace issues. You presumably use your Pallas to solve problems in interpersonal relationships, everyday life, and even internal ones.

It can be conscious, subconscious, or unconscious. We utilize Pallas to make split-second decisions (that we aren’t aware of), but we also use it to make long-term decisions like where to buy a house or how to earn a promotion. Pallas can also signify our respect for our opponents. It may even be related to how we perceive the men in our lives, but this isn’t true for every placement.


Pallas will show you how to take retribution. In Aries, Pallas gets revenge physically, whereas, in Cancer, Pallas gets mental vengeance. Pallas will teach you problem-solving techniques. In addition, it will show you the spiritual area you should focus on solving problems faster. Air and water signs use psyches and emotions to solve challenges. Pallas Athena will help you strategize, plan, and focus better.

How does the Asteroid Pallas affect your natal chart?

Pallas represents logic, reasoning, and creative understanding, suggesting where you might find solutions to problems through logic, reasoning, and creative understanding. She is a representation of your creative intelligence and demonstrates areas in which you possess genius traits. Also considered are your approaches to learning, creativity, the arts, politics, healing abilities, estrangement from one’s social circle, competitiveness, and the fears of success.

Pallas’ placement may allude to father/daughter relationships, as well as how you respond to modern sex-role challenges, according to certain interpretations. The planet Pallas will be prominent in your life if it forms an aspect of a personal planet or chart angle in your natal chart.

One or more of the themes listed above will be prominent in your life if Pallas forms an aspect to a personal planet or chart angle in your natal chart. Pallas Athene is associated with both the owl and the serpent, both of which are emblems of wisdom. Her glyph consists of a diamond on top of a cross, which represents a spear.

How will the Pallas in your natal chart impact your life?

As your Venus sign represents how you fall in love, Pallas influences how you make tough decisions in your relationships. Although Mars represents your violent, animalistic traits, Pallas represents how you balance those instincts with logic. Pallas outlines the approach you take to navigate new situations if your rising sign speaks a lot about your public image and the first impressions people form about you. Pallas is the bright lawyer who dwells within each of us.

She’s the outspoken military analyst that some of us had no idea we were. She is a fighter for what is just and right in the world, frequently neglecting her own emotional urges for the larger good. Instead of going into battle with vengeance and bloodshed on her mind, she’ll devise a strategy that traps her adversaries before they’ve even begun to sweat.

On a positive note, there is an emotional component to what Pallas symbolizes in our natal charts. As Zeus’s daughter, she also represents our relationship with our fathers and all the men we encounter in our life, as opposed to asteroid Ceres, who exposes our relationships with our moms and other women. Many may harbor prejudices toward or against men.

You may be instinctively trusting of them, or you may be wary of their motives. Your Pallas astrological sign might reveal how you interact with males in general. If your Pallas is in Taurus, for instance, you may approach male relationships with patience and common sense. Men may be a source of inspiration in your life if your Pallas sign is Pisces since you find the way their darkness balances out their brightness fascinating.

How Pallas shows up in Zodiac Signs

#1: Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19

If you do have Pallas in Aries, you are quick to solve difficulties. You’re not adept at ruminating on a problem for hours; the solution would either come to you or it won’t. Oftentimes, the solution appears to be haphazard, but you don’t mind experimenting with different approaches to see what works. You probably don’t like having to wait for Pallas in Aries to solve a problem.

Because your creativity comes in waves, you must act when you have an idea. Competition can be a motivator for your problem-solving skills. When you’re up against a rival, you may notice that your brain turns on. You aren’t afraid to get in and try the quickest answer; you most likely execute your ideas best when working alone or in a group.

Motion brings your mind and comprehension of a situation to life. If you’re stuck, get up and move or do something different; merely thinking harder won’t get you anywhere. One issue you may encounter with Pallas in Aries is an absence of follow-through. It is simple for you to generate dynamic responses, but it is far more difficult for you to see the project through and actually execute the solution.

When you’re stuck, you could find it simple to forget about a problem totally. Your Pallas astrological knowledge does not extend to planning, which is most likely not your strong strength. Pallas in Aries is undeniably powerful. You have a strong determination to battle and win; you are mentally robust.

#2: Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20

If you do have Pallas in Taurus, you don’t always solve problems right away, but you generally get to the bottom of the problem eventually. You require some time to plan and approach a problem, but you will not quit until it is addressed. With Pallas in Taurus, you’re methodical and patient. Your problem-solving talents and IQ are typically based on simple common sense.

Patterns emerge over time because things begin to make sense to you. Consider Pallas in Taurus to be a judge. You rely on precedent (much like a judge) and are fairly cautious in your approach to problem-solving. When in doubt, consult history. You also make extensive use of your senses to solve difficulties.

Pallas in Taurus is very terrestrial and grounded; if you’re having difficulty solving a situation, consider working through it using your senses rather than mere logic. These people can be very skilled at working with their hands at times, depending on the rest of the chart. When Pallas in Taurus feels physically safe, it is much easier for them to address problems. These individuals must work on recognizing the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down in the specifics.


#3: Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21

Pallas in Gemini indicates a bright mind. You may not be the sharpest person in the room, but you can approach an issue from all angles. Pallas in Gemini can be a bit dispersed. Remember, Pallas in Gemini doesn’t make the most intelligent person (go elsewhere for that), but it does make them keen and sometimes devious.

These are the ones who will keep working on a problem until it is solved. You can multitask well with Pallas in Gemini. A lot can be learned at once. You can feel bored, or even unhappy, juggling several intellectual and creative challenges. If Pallas is in Gemini, you may be skilled at solving word difficulties. This can take various forms.

Several Pallas in Gemini do a lot of studies, some write about it till they get it, while some just talk about it with the help of the third house. They can spot patterns in language that others cannot, albeit they may lack scientific aptitude. Pallas in Gemini isn’t bothered by opposing ideas. They like examining problems from all perspectives until they are resolved.

Boredom can cause Pallas in Gemini to turn to drugs or alcohol, although this also depends on other placements. Pallas in Gemini needs mental stimulation. Pallas in Gemini means you respect your creativity and intelligence. You may be drawn to these values in others. Freedom of expression may be vital to you; words may be very significant to you. Pallas in Gemini indicates a gift for writing, speaking, reading, literature, etc.

#4: Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22

You’re skilled at finding sympathetic solutions to difficulties when you have Pallas in Cancer. You have a strong ability to read other people’s emotions and understand emotions in general. Because of your emotional intelligence, you can easily detect patterns in other interpersonal relationships. That might be a natural skill for you, or it may have been taught to you as a child.

With Pallas in Cancer, you may believe that by examining the emotions at the root of the situation, you can solve practically any difficulty. You surely do not employ straight-up logic; it simply does not work for you. With Pallas in Cancer, you may also use your intuition to solve challenges. When you have a gut feeling about something, you are often correct, and acting on that gut feeling produces outcomes.

Those who have Pallas in Cancer are emotionally intelligent and comprehend empathy, but this does not imply that they have it. This placement can be a little deceptive at times, but at its finest, the individual is full of emotional and social intelligence. Because of their instinctive understanding of human behaviors and emotions, these people may easily make others feel valued or rejected. At their best, they are vigilant and receptive to the most fundamental human needs.

#5: Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22

Pallas in Leo is a fantastic placement to have. Whether you have Pallas in Leo, your learning is dependent on your ability to read people and respond with your own charm. You might be adept at making others laugh or amusing them. However, you may quickly understand what others want and deliver it to them without becoming obvious.

These people are sometimes artistically intelligent or interested in some type of creative expression. Pallas in Leo gives you a strong desire to learn and, more than likely, to control yourself socially, but it is not a natural intellect placement. It may be difficult for you to observe patterns objectively and rationally outside of your own perspective.

You, on the other hand, are exceptionally gifted at leveraging your charisma to solve difficulties. You have the ability to spin a scenario in a manner that makes sense to you. With this location, self-expression, art, creativity, or love may be highly significant to you.

#6: Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

Pallas in Virgo means you’re analytical and practical. You excel at deconstructing and organizing disorders. Problems are solved by analyzing them, coming up with solutions, and implementing them one by one. You’re also skilled at establishing a protocol to prevent a recurrence. With Pallas in Virgo, you can easily discern good from bad and see patterns.

Pallas in Virgo helps you bring calm to the workplace. If you can see the larger picture, you typically run a tight ship. You may get too caught up in the nitty-gritty, making it tough to lead. Pallas in Virgo can make an effective leader if other placements enable them to see the overall picture. Others are better as the boss’s right hand.

These people are skilled at recognizing others’ strengths and putting them in the correct jobs. Pallas in Virgo can excel in many fields. Those with fastidious natures appreciate manual labor or craftsmanship, while others excel at managing mental tasks or building new structures. Others succeed in the sixth house because they can easily identify flaws.

Pallas in Virgo can be judgmental at times. They typically believe there is a right and wrong method to tackle a problem, and they criticize those who do so. Pallas in Virgo helps you spot trends and gather data. You’ll excel if you work in a field that requires these abilities.

#7: Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23

Pallas in Libra is a very intriguing setting. You seek intellectual balance if you have Pallas in Libra. You must always consider both sides of the coin and cannot make a decision without first considering the probable repercussions. Pallas in Libra people usually handles problems by deciding what’s reasonable. Despite their ability to read emotions, they will avoid involving their own emotions in decision-making.


You may be inclined to suppress your demands for the sake of the group if Pallas is in Libra. If you understand harmony, you may readily detect social tendencies and exploit them intellectually to your advantage. When Pallas is well-aspected in Libra, you have a well-balanced mind; but, if you observe a lot of unfavorable aspects, you may struggle to find intellectual harmony and problem-solving.

People born with Pallas in Libra may have an aptitude for painting. They can comprehend how an artwork might be harmonious mentally. These people may be innovative in other disciplines as well, though much depends on the house position.

#8: Scorpio (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

Pallas in Scorpio allows you to see past “smoke and mirrors” to the core of any situation. You’re skilled at deciphering difficulties that don’t seem to have a rational answer. You have a talent for deciphering hidden meanings and patterns. Pallas in Scorpio is unquestionably the archetypal puzzle solver; Pallas in Scorpio causes you to focus your entire being on a problem.

The solution to your difficulties is typically hidden deep within you. Solving a problem can frequently assist you in retreating until the answer comes to you. It’s almost as though the solutions are delivered directly from the Universe. Your IQ is less than rational, yet you are frequently correct. When you apply your mind to solving a task, you’re practically unbeatable.

Those who have Pallas in Scorpio can readily read what is written in between the lines to uncover the truth. They can rapidly get to the bottom of a problem. These people are sometimes born healers because they heal the underlying problem rather than just the symptoms. In other circumstances, these people solve puzzles, work in the occult, or just use their intuition in a different way.

They may also have a talent for handling funds, though this is not a hard and fast rule and will rely on the combination of previous placements. When Pallas is in Scorpio, it can be quite difficult to conceal anything. Even when dealing with a good liar, they always can detect the truth.

Pallas in Scorpio is unusually stunted in retrograde compared to other Pallas astrological signs. Their gut impulses may be obstructed, or they may believe that they will never know the whole truth. Instead, they believe they lack standard logical intelligence yet are unable to compensate.

#9: Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21

You seek wisdom through philosophical thinking if you have Pallas in Sagittarius. Unless something makes logical sense, you won’t be able to comprehend it if it doesn’t feel right to you. You enjoy looking at the larger picture. Philosophy, spirituality, or religion are intertwined with your intelligence and problem-solving ability. The arts and sciences simply cannot be separated.

Pallas in Sagittarius causes you to focus on the broad picture while ignoring the minor nuances. You will rise to the occasion to tackle any situation, no matter how big or small. Also, you frequently have a strong sense of justice, which stems from the philosophy on which you base your morals.

You may like undertaking research to address difficulties, but you tend to seek advice that feels correct rather than guidance that is reasonable. Those who have Pallas in Sagittarius often always attempt to impart their wisdom. They want to shout from the rooftops what they have learned, whether the counsel is wanted or not.

#10: Capricorn (Goat): December 22–January 19

You are skilled at following rules and making plans if you have Pallas in Capricorn. You value law and order, particularly in the area where your Pallas astrological sign is located, and you function best in an organized setting. Pallas in Capricorn likes to work on realistic, material concerns that can be entirely solved.

You frequently understand problem-solving matters better when you can see them in person, and you’re great at problem-solving by using your senses. In order to tackle a problem, you will require an organized mental perception regardless of the house.

You also require a lot of time to properly plan and then overcome, but you’re good at following through. If you have Pallas in Capricorn and are stuck, you will find wisdom in your history. Look at history, philosophy, law, science, and so on to see what has worked in the past and then expand on it.

#11: Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18

Pallas in Aquarius is a particularly intriguing setting. Your mind is very different when Pallas is in Aquarius and you solve problems in unconventional ways; your intelligence isn’t linear, yet you can frequently come up with the correct answer out of nowhere. You are usually logical and one-of-a-kind if Pallas is in Aquarius. These placements can come across as either brilliant or insane.

You come up with clever, unusual answers that others can’t seem to grasp. Pallas in Aquarius can be subjected to a great deal of societal pressure. If you feel too unusual or strange, especially in academics or as you grow older, you may begin to shun the term “smart.” Your methods are obviously out of the ordinary.


Half of the time, these placements are intrigued by science and technology on some level. The other half of Pallas in Aquarius people shun anything that makes them think of intelligence. Pallas in Aquarius people can sometimes look into the future. To tackle problems, they may employ psychic abilities or futuristic energy.

#12: Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

If Pallas is in Pisces, your intellect is linked to your emotions. This can sometimes imply that the way you reason about a subject is tied to your emotional wounds. You are more emotionally affected by your past than most people. You prefer to daydream rather than act. With Pallas in Pisces, you may discover that you handle problems in ways that please people or that make you feel better psychologically.

Your problem-solving isn’t really logical. The answer must make you feel good in some way, whether it is for the sake of others or for yourself. Work on peeking into the unconscious self to solve deeper concerns. When you solve a problem with your outward emotional emotions, you are usually always incorrect, but you also have a strong unconscious self that is virtually always correct.

Pallas in Pisces has the capacity to heal via empathy and affection, but it may also cause the person to become disorganized, distracted, and even greedy. Focus on your understanding and sensitivity, and remember that you must harness your feelings rather than shove them down in order to work with Pallas in Pisces.

The Pallas Retrograde

Pallas retrograde is frequently the result of a prior life experience with Pallas-like characteristics. In my experience, most persons with Pallas retrograde rushed into things before properly resolving concerns in a previous life, thus they now seek to remedy these faults. People with Pallas retrograde tend to work much harder than those with Pallas-like traits.

They will attempt to improve their patience, strategize, and plan before making a move. Occasionally, instead of naturally possessing the knowledge they require, these people have an instinctive passion for learning (particularly in the fields of their Pallas astrological sign and/or house).

If your Pallas astrology sign is retrograde, you may encounter hurdles in your life that force you to pause and develop the attributes of your Pallas astrological sign. Even if it feels challenging, this Pallas retrograde is for your ultimate good.

Conversely, Pallas retrograde can indicate that you are less visible to others when you are solving an issue. You may only work through problems internally and appear to arrive at a solution out of nothing.

Final Word

Out of all four asteroids, Pallas astrology shows that your sign placement in your chart shows how you can solve problems. Feel satisfied with the fact that you are able to come up with inventive solutions with linear thinking in a structured way using your creative intelligence thanks to it.

What was a helpful piece of information you’ve found out about Pallas Astrology?

Tell us in the comment section below!

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