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August 16, 2021

Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 55 And What It Means For You


Numbers are special symbols when it comes to communication between the material and spiritual realm. Because there is a gap between the two, the divinity draws us towards certain numbers and sequences to convey their messages. These are angel numbers, and they bear important lessons that you should not overlook or brush off. Angel number 55, together with angel number 11 and angel number 66, is one of the most common angel numbers. It is a reminder from your guardian angels that you will experience a life-changing opportunity and you should prepare yourself for such.

Angel Number 55 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 55?

When you combine the individual digits in angel number 55, the sum is 10. 

To unfold its underlying spiritual energy, look into the single-digit influences of the sacred number. 

Thus, the combination of 1 and 0 sheds the power behind angel number 1.

Both numbers 1 and 5 tell of change. 

Angel number 1 is a representation of fresh beginnings and new chapters, while angel number 5 signifies positive change. 

It is a message from the angels that if you want freedom and independence, you need to play on your strengths, such as your leadership skills, creativity, and intelligence. 

You will go through different adventures. Some of them are fun and light-hearted, others will test your core.

Repeated numbers have a stronger spiritual vibration and twice the spiritual energy.  

In the Christian scripture, number 5 is the symbol of God’s grace and glory. 

Moses wrote the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Old Testament, namely Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

Also, there are several miracles in the Bible that proved God’s power through this number, such as turning 5 loaves into something enough to feed 5,000 men.

Is angel number 55 a good sign?

Based on the bigger picture, angel number 55 is a good omen sent by the divinity. 

It is a sign that your guardian angels approve of the path you’re taking and the path you are planning to take.

One’s attitude towards change and their adaptability skills define the way they handle it. 


Mindset will set you apart. 

As long as you keep an open mind, positive outlook, and resilient stance, you will go far in life. 

The divine masters are blessing you with their favor and your guardian angels never think ill of you. No matter what you do, they believe in your potential. 

No matter how many mistakes you make, they believe that you can change for the better.  If you need help, don’t hesitate to look up and ask for it.

Angel number 55 is also a sign from the heavens that the direction you’re taking is going to lead you to your twin flame. 

A twin flame is more than your soulmate. While a soulmate shares the energy that’s similar to yours, a twin flame is your soul’s mirror. It’s your soul’s literal half before it became a part of your human body. 

Angel number 55 is a sign that you are about to meet your twin flame soon enough, along with other changes in your life.

Is angel number 55 a lucky number?

When it comes to its individual digit, a lot of cultures consider number 5 as a lucky number. In China, it represents the 5 elements – earth, fire, water, air, and metal.

The 55th angel number is a sign of good favor, positivity, and abundance from the divine forces. 

Your life has been pleasing to the divine beings’ eyes. They want to see you outgrow your limits, break your barriers, and expand your potential.

Mercury, the planet associated with communication and rational thinking, governs this sacred number. 

This combination can make or break relationships. When it comes to love, be mindful of your means of communication. 

Prioritize a healthy communication by expressing your feelings, confiding your emotions, and sharing your vulnerabilities to your partner.

Tame your pride and don’t raise your voice in anger. 

Try to see things from their point of view to hear them out. Looking for the middle path is better than a compromise. 


One challenge that often accompanies love is commitment. 

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to take the relationship to a higher level, ask your guardian angels for guidance. 

You can count on them any time.

What does angel number 55 represent?

The 55th angel number is a strong indicator of greater things in the future. 

It carries symbols that you should pay attention to so you can take control of your life.

The first thing you need to do is to create your own reality. Do not let the past burden you anymore. 

You may not be able to undo your previous mistakes, but you cannot live a life filled with regrets either. Be accountable for your actions and grow from your mistakes. 

Only when your footsteps become lighter will you be able to prepare for the upcoming changes.

When you cultivate discipline and improve yourself, you will easily recognize opportunities that will help you follow your life’s purpose.

Start to pay more attention to the now, rather than getting hung up on the past or being anxious for the future. 

So much of your happiness and progress bank on your daily actions. 

Seek the balance between enjoying the present moment and preparing for the future. This way, you can enjoy the small things in life and find happiness.

When it comes to opportunities, gather the courage to take more risks. 

You hold more strength and skills than you think, but it would be a waste to keep holding them in. 

If you want to take a higher role in your job, ask for it. Do not be the first one to question your abilities or doubt yourself. 


Instead, have more faith in your capabilities. Cheer yourself up and work towards your dreams.

You’re one decision away towards another kind of life. 

Angel number 55 is a testament that the guardian angels are looking out for you. 

Be mindful of the opportunities you’re going to choose, especially when you’re on your way towards success. Keep your feet on the ground at all times, no matter how high your achievements are.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 55?

Not everyone in this world has the privilege to encounter an angel number in their lifetime, and among those that do, not everyone of them is lucky enough to encounter angel number 55.

You are chosen by the Higher Forces to be shown this number because they see something special in you that you need to see for yourself too. 

It’s common to encounter the 55th angel number on your way to work while waiting for a colleague, or when you check the clock. 

Sometimes, you may find yourself drawn to it as you look over timestamps.

The guardian angels have something important to say to you. Since they cannot communicate with you directly, they send their message through angel numbers.

Angel number 55 is an indicator that transformative things will happen in your life once you welcome the idea of change. 

It is both a good omen and good fortune. 

Its spiritual energies are immensely strong and its symbolisms are filled with good news.

This change can also be external or internal. 

There may be changes in your career, relationships, or circumstances, but they can also happen from within. 

When you start to see the world from another point of view, when you start to become more patient in other’s opinions, and when you start to have faith in yourself, you’ll become a whole new person. 


This new version of you is going to be calm, steadfast, and more ready to accept what life throws at you.

Final Word

Numbers have multiple meanings than what meets the eye. 

In the spiritual realm, numbers are used as means of communication by the guardian angels to human beings. 

Because there is a gap between the spiritual and material realm, we cannot see the divine masters face to face, but we receive their messages through angel numbers.

One of the most common sacred signs is angel number 55. 

This is a positive note from the guardian angels that they are supportive of your path, as long as you follow your life’s purpose. 

Success and abundance will be upon you in your journey through life.

Also, the 55th angel number is an indicator that massive changes will happen to you soon. 

It is important that you realize your role in your own life, and you should start to take action according to that role.

You are a person blessed with leadership skills, creativity, communication skills, and so much more. 

None of the divinity’s favor will matter if you don’t work and rise up. Have more faith in yourself and believe in your capabilities. 

You might have stumbled in the past and you might stumble more in the future, but your mistakes don’t define your worth.

If you keep seeing angel number 55, open your mind to its meaning. Think hard of the lesson and apply it to your life. 

What changes are you looking forward to? 

Manifest your hopes in the comments! 


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  1. Elizabeth Guevara

    Well I was thinking of moving closer to my brother. We did not grow up together ,I was put up for adoption at birth. I searched one day on the internet and found my original birth certificate and saw my families names for the first time. Long story short we have become sis and bro somewhat. We live 3 hours away from ea other. There’s a nice apt. Complex I can move to and it’s in the same town.
    Every one of my horoscopes say the same thing, that a huge positive change is happening and that I’m going to find my soulmate . I’m not certain about the soulmate , but we shall see!! Thank you so much for your site. I love it , it’s true!!

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