angel number 939 preparing for goodbyes

December 23, 2021

Angel Number 939: How to Prepare for Goodbyes


Have you ever experienced seeing a number over and over that it starts to get into your nerves? 

As the divine beings are looking over you, they also make the effort of communicating with you. 

This experience is their doing, and these numbers are called angel numbers. 

Like angel number 939, each one has a special meaning meant for you to rise above your current situation. 

When you see one, see to it that you immediately look into its meaning since time can influence the relevance of this sequence. 

So, now, what does angel number 939 mean? 

Angel Number 939 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of this angel number?

Angel number 939 is a strong combination of highly spiritual single-digit angel numbers. 

In this specific sequence, angel numbers 9 and 3 come together to create a unique meaning specifically for what you’re going through. 

It’s important to note that number 9 appears twice, therefore doubling its influence on this sacred number. Also, its repetition means that it’s more urgent to look into how angel number 939 can help in your life. 

First, angel number 9 signifies spiritual awakening, lightwork, and growth. 

Since number 9 comes last in the order of single digits, it symbolizes that a certain chapter in your life is about to close. With that comes the preparation for something new. 

Second, angel number 3 relates to intuition, courage, creativity, and communication. 

In Christianity, it symbolizes the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Though they’re three persons, they are still part of the oneness of God. 

When the energies of these numbers blend with one another, 939 angel number’s spiritual message is telling you that significant changes are going to happen in your life pretty soon. 

For a more spiritually fulfilling life, it’s your responsibility to align all these changes to your calling. 


Allow the guardian angels to communicate with you by strengthening your spiritual side. 

Is it a good sign? 

As a message sent by the guardian angels, angel number 939 is purely from good intentions. 

This sacred sequence is proof that you have an independent soul. When you feel like you want to get away from everything every once in a while, the guardian angels are telling you, reassuring you that it’s totally normal. 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way. 

Not everyone understands your creativity. There’s no use in explaining yourself to people who aren’t willing to listen. 

This is one of the hard truths that the guardian angels are trying to let you understand. 

Not everyone will see you eye to eye, and that’s totally normal. 

Don’t push yourself into a place that doesn’t accept you. More importantly, don’t feel bad about cutting off attachments that no longer serve you. 

As much as 939 angel number is about endings and saying goodbye, it’s also about the internal preparations that you have to make to acknowledge the natural transitions in life. 

Don’t dwell on the challenging aspects. Instead, focus on what you can learn from each chapter. 

Allow the guardian angels to help you in any way they can. When they see how much you’re growing as a person, it would be their privilege to share more divine insights. 

Is it a lucky number?

Even though the guardian angels mean nothing but goodness in sending angel number 939, humans still paint different meanings to numbers. 

For this sequence, different cultures have different interpretations for numbers 9 and 3. 

While the Chinese think that number 9 is a lucky number because it’s pronounced the same way as the Chinese word for “long-lasting,” the same number holds the opposite reputation in Japan. 

Since the Japanese pronunciation for nine is the same as how you say the Japanese word for “suffering,” Japanese people tend to avoid this number. 


Like 9, cultures have different opinions on number 3 as well. 

In the West, people use the phrase “third time’s the charm.” This comes from the belief that if you continue to persevere on something despite failing on your first two tries, you’ll finally get it on your third. 

On the contrary, they also believe that bad luck comes in threes. Death, natural disasters, and calamities are said to follow this pattern. 

While these may or may not be true in your life, the guardian angels are reminding you that your present actions dictate your future. 

Choose to do good every day. 

Strive to be kinder

Work on your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths. Being more self-aware can lead you to a life that’s better than a lucky one. 

What does angel number 939 represent?

Angel number 939 carries a significant meaning that could make or break the next chapter in your life. 

First, the guardian angels are encouraging you to pursue lightwork. When you see a person in need, your natural altruism drives you not to turn a blind eye to them. 

Second, as a symbol of goodbyes, angel number 939 is also a sign that something better is about to happen soon. 

Evaluate which aspect of your life is bound towards its deadline. Whether it’s a relationship or a career, find the courage to let go before it’s too late. 

When you allow things to intertwine for too long, you’ll only get caught in the whole mess. 

That said, if your work no longer feels satisfying, this is a sign for you to send your notice and focus on a humanitarian career. 

If the people you once considered friends are now becoming strangers, perhaps it’s better to leave it that way.

By the time you get past all the hurt and challenges, you’ll be ready to face all the good things that life has to offer you. 


Angel Number 939 and Love

For romance, you should read more into angel number 939’s meaning. 

As a person with a soft heart, you don’t hesitate to reach out a hand to whoever needs it. This rare pureness allows you to be an easy target for those who are only looking to take advantage of you. 

Not everyone needs your help. 

Also, not everyone will accept your help. 

If you’re looking for love, be more open to meeting new people. Some will catch your attention, but go for the ones who understand your uniqueness. 

The ones whose eyes sparkle when they listen to your stories — those are the ones you should look out for. 

If you are in a relationship, 939 angel number’s meaning can bear different consequences on your love life.

This might be a signal towards the end of a problematic relationship, but this can also act as a nod from the guardian angels to take things to a higher level with your partner. 

On which road you should take, only you can tell the answer. 

If it’s the former, keep in mind that if you can’t find a compromise, gather the courage to break up. And if it’s the latter, see to it that your partner is on the same page as you before you suggest anything. 

Why do I keep seeing angel number 939?

The guardian angels are sending 939 angel number because they believe that this unique sequence is the most appropriate message in your situation. 

It’s either you see this number a couple of times that you start to pay attention to it or see it once, but you feel so drawn to it for some reason. 

This is the divine beings’ effort to tap into your consciousness. 

Angel number 939 is reminding you to rely on the divine beings to guide your path. The world is highly complex, and it’s easy to lose your way just from a couple of bad decisions. 

At this moment, it’s important to rethink what you want to do for the rest of your days. 


You don’t have to engage in humanitarianism as a full-time career, but if your current work is not fulfilling, then what’s stopping you? 

Fear is a normal part of the process but know this: just take the leap of faith. 

Everything aligns when you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. 

Life is easier when you’re not resisting your calling. 

Even if you follow the road of altruism, it’s never going to be an easy thing. You will continue to experience challenges, but at the end of the day, everything is going to be so worth it. 

Final Word

Angel number 939 is a special message from divine beings with strong implications. 

Each angel number that comprises this sacred sequence has a huge influence over its meaning, which increases its urgency. 

When you notice the appearance of this angel number, don’t delay it any longer. 

Just as the guardian angels are sure of its influence in your life, you should take calculated risks in applying its meaning. 

Which part of 939 angel number spoke to you the most? 

Are you ready to make the necessary changes in time of its appearance in your life? 

Let us know your thoughts! 

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