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July 1, 2021

Answer your questions through Horary Astrology


Do you believe in oracles? Such enchanting beings do exist, especially in astrology. Using the cosmic energies and the power of each planet in our galaxy, Horary Astrology runs its course. 

There will always come circumstances in our lives when we face uncertainty. A plethora of questions will arise during those moments of your life. Hence, with our natural instinct to search for answers to our problems, we try to find ways to resolve them.

One of those ways is what we call Horary Astrology. It is a real-life oracle that is a gift from the universe. Whereas the stars and planets assist us when it comes to providing for us grand cosmic solutions.

Do you wish to finally rid yourself of the burden of your unanswered questions?

We’ve got just the thing for you! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • How to Use the Horary Chart to Answer Your Questions
  • Harnessing the Power of the Planets to Achieve Clarity
  • Utilizing the Horary Clock to Obtain Accurate Interpretations
  • Wielding your Astrology Houses to Gain Advantageous Solutions

What is the Horary Astrology Chart?

The Horary Astrology Chart is an astrological oracle you can send a question to. It creates a chart that is a construction of when it is in the process of delivery. The definition of that moment in time is when the question reaches the person who can answer your question. 

We have our astrologers to thank for creating the “chart of the hour”. This is another term to refer to the Horary Astrology Chart. It serves the purpose to give astrology answers to a person’s astrology questions. 

Time is most definitely important when it comes to how the Horary Astrology chart works. The moment when you ask a question and the moment the question reaches the person who answers to you. Those two moments are the focal points as to how this chart functions.

A good example of this is when your astrologer receives your question and understands what it entails. A chart then comes into being for the location of your astrologer and the time of reception.

Unlike your birth chart, this applies the horoscope’s key principles to chart your specific question. Given your birth chart represents your whole life, this provides insight into lifelong trends and a wide range of concepts. Through Horary Astrology, you will gain access to intricate understandings that are directly significant to the question(s) you ask.

What Astrological Questions Can The Chart Answer?

There are numerous questions that Horary Astrology can answer, particularly questions that represent the problem(s) you are dealing with. Whether it is a question about a missing object, regarding career and finance, or about certain relationships you have. However, the most important aspect of the question you want to ask is how important it is to you. The question needs to revolve around a situation that really means something to you.

Horary Astrology can answer questions only if they qualify as sincere and important.

Harnessing Your House and Sign To Get Answers

When asking a question, you refer to your Ascendant sign and your 1st House of Astrology. The ruling planet of your sign in this position becomes your symbol. Your planet then undergoes the process of assessment through a variety of factors such as its sign, placement, and aspects. This shows what kind of condition both you and your planet are in.

In addition, if the question you are asking is about a specific person, object, or topic, your planet represents this. All areas of your life, your possessions, and the people you’re with are connected to the 12 Houses of Astrology. As you deepen your understanding of astrology, you will find that knowledge about house rulership becomes 2nd nature.

For example, if you are asking about your child, you look to the 5th house which is associated with children. Your planet that rules your 5th House is the planet that describes your child in the situation you question about. In terms of your career, you pertain to the 10th house and its ruling planet. And when asking about your romantic partner or any relationship, you refer to the 7th house and its ruling planet.


Deciding Whether You Should “Carry On” or “Change Course”

Throughout our course of life, we meet crossroads of whether or not we should carry on or change course. It is a common question we ask ourselves during the points in our life when we come face-to-face with uncertainty. 

Life-changing decisions are burdensome to all of us, especially when it involves taking huge risks. This causes people to become calculating individuals when making choices that will greatly affect their lives. It’s the meticulous aspect of our human nature to ensure that we experience the best things life has to offer.

During these times, we look to certain means of gaining clarity. There are also instances when we find ourselves becoming desperate for answers during these difficult times. As the saying goes, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Perhaps you are wondering if you should stay with your current job or pursue a different line of work instead. Maybe you are starting to second-guess a certain relationship you are in because of someone else or something they said. You may be contemplating making an immense life-changing decision or choosing to follow the path currently laid out for you.

We all get lost from time to time when it comes to particular circumstances in our life. Oftentimes, we encounter perplexing decisions that tend to bewilder us. This brings us to the style of Horary Astrology that addresses the question through the 1st or 7th House axis. The 1st house, its ruling planet, and the planets that reside in it present the situation and its current stance. 

The Horary Astrology Decision-making Process

Step 1: Keep Up with the Times!

Although you know a great deal about the way things are, it’s still crucial to have an open mind. Stay up-to-date with the status quo as it can help you understand whether there’s more potential in your present situation. It can even affirm that your situation is as challenging as you think and a change can be beneficial.

Step 2: Weigh out your Pros and Cons!

Consequently, this information then goes through the process of comparison with whatever alternative option or scenario you have. The alternative, being the “new path”, is shown by the 7th house, its ruling planet, and its planets. These contrasting 1st and 7th house factors are put on a scale to determine which option presents a favorable outcome.

Step 3: Confirm the Scales!

If it turns out that your 1st house ruling planet is a lot more powerful, carry on as you are. However, if your 7th house ruling planets is stronger, it’s time for you to change course. You should also take into account the condition of your planets within your 1st and 7th house. Whichever house holds the stronger planets will provide part of the answer to your question.

Step 4: Connect and Interpret!

Ideally, the ruling planet of your 1st House and the planets that reside within it gives the same message. They connect to the 7th house and its planets. But there will be times when you receive unclear messages, this shows that there are pros and cons to consider. This suggests that whichever path you choose doesn’t matter.

Tips and Techniques of Horary Astrology

Using Horary Astrology is easy-as-pie, but you need to learn a few things in order to efficiently use this method. There is the need to know the strong signs of each of your planets, especially the ones within certain houses. Identify which of the planets rule which signs of yours for you to choose which planets to focus on. Nevertheless, this covers accurate inspections of all these factors.

Planets and Houses in Astrology

Each house in astrology consists of plenty of layers of information. All of them associate with different and distinct topics. Thus, if a planet rules a particular house, it will, in turn, influence the topic of that house. 

Each planet in our solar system symbolizes something or someone in our life. Considering the universal experiences that we have which also has a significant correlation to the planets in astrology. They also rule over the different aspects of our psyches, a notable facet of the way we live life daily.

On the other hand, we also have to consider the importance of houses in astrology. These houses in astrology entail specific areas of your life that your horoscope is referring to. They govern every aspect of your life, specifically the people you’re with, the places you visit, and your experiences.

One factor to consider is that different houses are more functional and effective than other houses. Say your planet is in an active house, this means that it’s easily able to express its yearning for progress. There are also limits when it comes to the planets within the houses that consist of various hindrances. 

Planets in a divergent house deem houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 as strongly functional and active. On the other hand, the planets within houses 6 and 12 encompass limits and restrictions. The planets that reside in houses 2 and 8 have few restrictions, however, there is a better chance at prevailing. Meanwhile, planets in houses 3, 5, 9, and 11 are active to some extent, you just need to exert effort.


The Motion and the Moon

Given that the moon is the fastest moving planet, the moon constantly shows movement. The aspects of the moon in your Horary Astrology Chart can clarify whether moving forward will be positive or negative. 

Keep in mind that the moon represents your basic habits, personal needs, and your conscious and unconscious reactions. One should also note that the moon leaves a huge impact on all living beings. It has a reflective, receptive, and responsive nature as well as an instinctual and spontaneous essence.

In a way, the moon is a lot more powerful than the sun due to the deeper connection we have with it. For a lot of people, their moon seems to have more of an effect on them compared to their sun. This is why we consider the moon to have neither too much nor too little significance in our life.

If the moon is moving towards a strong planet of yours, you are more likely to receive favorable outcomes. But if your moon is moving towards a weaker planet of yours, you may receive rather challenging results.

Brighter and Broader Perspectives in Horary Astrology

When it comes to how you approach obstacles, with the horary chart, you will become a lot more careful. There is no need to take into account every planet in your Horary Chart, you should only consider few planets. Specifically, the planets that represent the people or objects connected to the question you asked. You may disregard the rest.

It is imperative to find a strategy that best suits the resolution to the challenges you are facing. The use of Horary Astrology can help you and your astrologer better perceive the problems you are dealing with. In the process, your insight, knowledge, and wisdom broaden and enhances. Nothing beats a brilliant way of overcoming the obstacles you confront, more or less the improvement of your judgment.

Final Word

The Horary Astrology is an astrological chart you can send a question to and answers you in return. Learning a more efficient decision-making strategy through this chart and improving your judgment and intellect comes as a bonus. 

With that, which among the 5 horary astrology decision-making steps are you most eager to try out? 

Share your insights and let us know in the comments below!

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